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Full Version: Press Cycle #22: Homosexuals
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"The Government has announced that it is going to try again to repeal section 28 - is that the right thing to do, and does the government need to go further on gay rights?"

Closes 23:59 on 6 April
I have introduced legislation that will repeal the discriminatory and dangerous Section 28 that prevents local authorities from deigning to recognize their lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender neighbors. We have been down the road with this proposal before, and I hope this is the time we do it for good. Let me be clear: this government will pass this bill, and we will exercise powers given to us under the Parliament Acts to enact it if necessary. This government will not be hesitant in protecting and advancing human rights – including those of our vibrant lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. While the Ministry for Women & Equalities remains focused on this present matter before us, we are continuing consultations and research into other appropriate changes to the law.
I am pleased to see that the government after torpedoing the Anti- Human Trafficking Act of 2001 for no reason has decided to push for human rights in a very big way by repealing Section 28. However, we must be weary of forcing the rights of the LGBT community down everyone's throats immediately as some in the government plan to do. And while I agree that it's time to begin to give rights to the homosexual, bisexual, and transgender communities it's time to move into the 21st century and end the bigotry toward those in the LGBT, while still respecting the beliefs and rights of the religious in our country.
Following the governments insistence on blocking the anti human trafficking act they've decided to bring legislation to the house on repealing section 28. In the past I have stood by Section 28 as people will recall, I also believe that this is an moral issue, an issue of conscience. To make this absolutely clear, Conservative MPs will be given a free vote on the Government's bill to repeal section 28, this is an issue where people should follow their conscience.

Aaron Pitt

The Government is right to repeal Section 28 and recognise that all of our citizens should enjoy basic human rights and that includes the right to express themselves and define themselves however they please.

I fully support the Government's advancement of human rights in all forms, in this case the that the LGBT community deserves equality and protection in law. I look forward to supporting this bill in the House.
I commend the Home Secretary for her undisputed courage in protecting all British people with the introduction of reasonable and very necessary legislation. As British society changes, laws must change as well. We have to leave behind the days of intolerance and fear towards others who don't share our same personal and physical traits. These people - these communities - deserve an equal protection and treatment of the law and of the Government as law abiding citizens. Section 28 represented the old days - this Labour Government is committed to eradicate all forms of discrimination, even those that are subtle and seem innocuous. This legislation is only the beginning of Britain's transformation into a more inclusive and integrated society.
If you stand for equality and fairness, it must be for all and not a select group of people you have identified. I am therefore surprised that the Labour Government is now telling us it is the champion of fairness when it marched its MPs into Parliament to vote against compensation for victims of human trafficking and tough sentences for human traffickers - particularly those who traffick children. There is an inconsistency with Labour's record on fairness for those who have been persecuted and their freedoms attacked, as is shown with its approach to the legislation we have brought before Parliament and its action now.
This is not an issue of human rights - and the Government ought to be ashamed - they want child traffickers back on the streets after a short period of time instead of life behind bars, but they do not want the religious to be able to say that homosexuality should not be taught as anything but what it is - a pretend relationship.

It is a pretend relationship - it is bestial and carnal - it can never amount to a family relationship - homosexuals should never be allowed to marry and/or adopt children - this selfishness must end.
Press Cycle closed.
Labour: 30
You seemed comfortable here. The Conservatives seemed scared at best and not in sync at worst. Tbh, if this was purposeful politicking, it was pretty effective.
Conservatives: 20
This was more your loss than Labour’s win. Look, I know this issue is going to be uncomfortable for you in the short term as well as the long – but that’s what politics is about, finding a consensus and getting a line out of the whole party can regurgitate instead of just offering a free vote and then covering your eyes (maybe you’d want to shift the rhetoric more in one direction or another, but Sean Kapur offered a good example of how the Tories can do this).
The attempts to deflect to the Human Trafficking debate also… didn’t come across well. The dead cat tactic can work, but it has to be done right. All you’ve done is annoy people (LGBT voters & possibly centrists) who would be on your side on human trafficking but also want section 28 scrapped.
Influence Points Awarded to:
Sean Kapur: “it’s time to move into the 21st century and end the bigotry towards those in the LGBT, while still respecting those beliefs and the rights of the religious in our country.” Probably a statement that the general population in 2002 can be comfortable with – also, electorally, the most effective statement for the Tories to make, it holds the electoral coalition they need to win a majority together effectively. Too bad Kapur isn’t in a leadership role…
Thomasina Eldred: “Section 28 represented the old days – this Labour government is committed to eradicate all forms of discrimination, even those that are subtle and innocuous.” Labour is a modern party, gone are those old dark days. I got major things can only get better vibes.
Charles Kinbote: “It is a pretend relationship – it is bestial and carnal – it can never amount to a family relationship – homosexuals should never be allowed to marry and/or adopt children – this selfishness must end.” Ok, these statements are controversial – but are going to be slightly less so in 2002. In fact, a lot of voters agree with you and feel alienated by the Westminster mainstream. So you’ve earned yourself a reputation as a socially conservative cheerleader. But damn, this comment is inflammatory and will get some people angry.