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Full Version: Press Cycle #34 - Afghanistan 2.0
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"Following the death of Osama Bin Laden, what comes next?"

Closes 11:59 13/05/18

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Well first of all i believe it is only right to congratulate the British Armed forces on a successful mission, there was a clear threat to both the UK and it's allies and our proud armed forces successfully terminated that threat - for that we must applaud them. Our bravest and our best have once again delivered for the United Kingdom and our allies, and we couldn't be more proud.

The most vital step moving forward however is to recognize that this is merely the beginning of our mission in Afghanistan - we may have got the boss, but there are plenty of cronies to deal with, along with the main Taliban force that is led by separate leadership to Al Qaeda which must also be destroyed. We have completed a vital first step, but we must not become complacent - Afghanistan must be stabilized and their people given a Government and future of their choosing outside of the conflict they have been emerged in for decades. I have full faith in the British Armed forces in this mission, and a Conservative Government - and opposition - will support them at every turn and on every request to help them achieve their goal.

Agnes Hamstead

Good riddance. But let's not kid ourselves, there's much more to be done and I trust in our Armed Forces to do the job. We cannot abandon Afghanistan at this critical time. We must continue to have a presence in the region to root out Al Qaeda, the Taliban and others who wish to inflict damage and horror to those who don't agree with their narrow and misguided ideology. I do not mourn Osama Bin Laden. 

It is now up to the Labour government tell Parliament what comes next. What our mission turns into in Afghanistan and how they see a plan for success. All of us want to see a better world. This government must tell us what it and allies are planning.
First and foremost this is fantastic news, we have shown that as a nation we are ready to stand up and defend ourselves from threats to our security and deliver swift and effective justice. We should all be proud of our brave service personnel, not only those who served during this operation, but of all who are serving in Her Majesty's Armed Forces.

We must now work to ensure that our mission in Afghanistan continues and work with our allies in the region and across the globe towards a free and securer Middle East. Earlier, the terrorist, Mullah Mohammed Omar released a statement criticising our nation and her allies for our actions, but we have delivered justice for our nation and people and we will not kowtow to his empty threats and we certainly will not forget about him. We may have taken out Bin Laden, but he can bet we'll be coming for him next and anyone else who helps him.
The death of Osama Bin Laden has rid the world of a danger to its peace and security. He was a man responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people, he was a man responsible for spreading fear and terror around the world and his elimination will ensure his reign of terror comes to an end. However, we must be vigilant in our next steps. While the Taliban have been weakened considerably they are still at large and any next steps must include the pursuit and capture of further Taliban insurgents. I would like to pay tribute to the men and women of our Armed Forces. They have shown their professionalism and ability in their pivotal role in this mission's success. We have wrested control of Afghanistan out of their hands and now we must ensure the establishment of a peaceful, democratic government and the start the task of rebuilding Afghan society. It is imperative that we ensure that Afghanistan grows into a strong and stable society.
Today is a pivotal moment in the mission in Afghanistan. While many of tomorrow's headlines will focus on the mortal fate of one man, I turn my mind to the fate of the 21 million people in that country. I celebrate with them tonight, in seeing an end to an authoritarian theocracy that denied people their rights, bound communities in poverty, and made the world less safe place for us all. The British involvement in Afghanistan has not finished, but it will not be the same tomorrow as it has been for the past few months. We must commit with resolve to support Afghans in leading their own nation out of poverty, towards democracy, and towards safety for every individual within its borders.
Before I begin I would like to pay tribute to our forces in Afghanistan, risking their lives for a safer Britain and a safer World. They routinely act above and beyond the call of duty and it is only right that we recognise and thank them for that.

The news out of Afghanistan is a tremendous success for British foreign policy and a great reminder that international law is to be respected at all times by all nations. This action shows conclusively that Britain leads in international affairs with a strong network of alliances backed up with soft diplomatic power and hard military power to stand up for the international status quo and for our national interest. I commend the PM and the Foreign Secretary for taking decisive action and ensuring that the terrorist Osama Bin Laden was brought to swift justice. With regards to the future of the mission it is important that we stick the landing and build Afghanistan into a strong and independent state, this will require time and funding which this Government is committing to providing ample of.
I absolutely congratulate the men and women of our armed forces for a job well done, and I hope that the success of this serves as an example both to the western world of what a successful military counter-terrorism operation looks like, and to terrorists everywhere that they are never out of reach of the long arms of justice. Let the Taliban and anyone else who wishes us harm be put on notice: if you attack Britain or her allies, you will be found, and justice will be done. Now is the time to help Afghanistan become its own nation and stand on its own two feet. We must show Afghanistan favored trade status and work to grow the country's economy and make its people prosperous.
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Well this is nice. And no one attacked each other at all.
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