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  Short Announcements
Posted by: Edward - 12-08-2017, 12:55 PM - Forum: The Tannoy - No Replies

Here you can keep up to date with any short announcements made by the admin team about the game and it's future

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  What's Going On? (Read Me)
Posted by: Edward - 12-08-2017, 12:51 PM - Forum: Game Information & Rules - No Replies

Hello, welcome to PolUK

We are currently on a bit of a hiatus following a general lack of activity in the game and a number of structural issues in game that need addressing to ensure the game's long term survival. This is a shame as we would love to be providing you with top quality UK Political simulation to enjoy - something we intend to once again continue doing in roughly a month (mid to late January 2018).

Until then we will be giving you updates on how things are progressing, we will be going through the process of selecting a new Admin team that should be completed shortly after which we will begin addressing the structural flaws and issues in game along with the creation of a new advertising strategy.

If you have stumbled upon this game feel free to take a look in our archived forums to see how the game works and operates, our most recent round was the "2015 Round" which lasted between May of 2015 and January of 2016 (a shorter game than usual). We intend to build on that kind of design for the next round so if you want to keep in touch with the game feel free to register an account under a name that will not make us think you are a spam bot as we occasionally have and we will keep in touch with you via email and tell you when we start up again.

Thank you for bearing with us during this period of reflection in the game, our community is still active on Telegram if you wish to join us which is an easier means if keeping on top of how things and progressing and we'd love to see you around.

Kind Regards
The A Team

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  Advertisement For the Game
Posted by: Edward - 12-08-2017, 12:26 PM - Forum: Game Suggestions & Ideas - Replies (9)

How did you find us? what can we do to ensure we get a steadier stream of new players into the game and generally how can we better advertise the game?

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  Player Engagement
Posted by: Edward - 12-08-2017, 12:24 PM - Forum: Game Suggestions & Ideas - Replies (1)

How best can we ensure that you feel like you want to commit time to this game? One of our greatest problems is stamina of players who turn up at the start of rounds but disappear later, how can we change that?

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  New Round Suggestions
Posted by: Edward - 12-08-2017, 12:22 PM - Forum: Game Suggestions & Ideas - Replies (5)

Have any bold ideas for a new round to restart with? Feel free to fire it into here - be as detailed or simple as you want

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  The New Tyrannical Dictatorship of Ed - A Team Applications
Posted by: Edward - 12-07-2017, 06:38 PM - Forum: The Tannoy - Replies (1)

[Image: lAjOEVo.png]

Welcome to the Dictatorship of Ed

Due to the chaos PolUK now finds itself in i shall henceforth proclaim myself as 'transitional God' and 'Overseer of the National Transitional Council of PolUK'.

Basically; i'm managing the show now. Congratulations.

The first task you have as players of PolUK is to join my glorious revolution - shall be hiring my new commandants.

If you wish to apply to the A Team please fill out the following:

Quote:1. Actual IRL name:

2. What experience do you have in adminning polsims?

3. What areas of the game do you think you could improve as a member of the A Team?

4. How much time can you commit to the game?

5. What do you believe is the cause of the Game's troubles

6. Do you have any ideas in terms of how we can better attract players to the game?

It should be noted that to join the people's revolution you will be prohibited from leading other revolutions in PolSims abroad so as to avoid conflicts of interest.

May the force be with you.

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  If you could pass three laws...?
Posted by: Edward - 11-13-2017, 03:09 PM - Forum: The Red Lion (Out of Character) - Replies (12)

Obviously we play a game where you can try do to this, but equally we are all in real life from very broad and different political viewpoints. So after seeing this on the Young liberal group on Facebook i wanted to ask - if you could pass three laws in real life today, what would they be? Be as detailed or undetailed as you want! 

Also thought this could be a fun way of pooling ideas in general too for perhaps later use in game

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Posted by: Ben - 11-05-2017, 09:11 AM - Forum: The Red Lion (Out of Character) - Replies (3)

Post here if you're expecting to be absent for a period of time.

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Posted by: Ben - 10-23-2017, 10:13 PM - Forum: The Red Lion (Out of Character) - Replies (5)

[Image: XM4iPGz.png]

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  Announcement: The Press System
Posted by: Edward - 10-23-2017, 12:40 AM - Forum: The Tannoy - Replies (1)

Hello peeps,
As many of you may know for a long time now the game has used a system called the "PR system" to create competition between political parties, by using a marking system to quantify how successful one party is at engaging with the media we created a measure that could then be reflected in the polls as well as in rewards. It meant that players had to fight in the media for their party's voice to be heard, as they would in real life, and that parties that did nothing would be punished where parties that did everything would succeed.

This system worked for some time, however for the last five rounds or so (since the 2017 round) has become inadequate for the game. It encourages and rewards quantity, rather than quality, encourages players to believe that if they spam out as many press releases as possible their momentum score will make their policy look good - even if sometimes the arguments of the other side were more convincing, merely drowned out. The system was flawed in that it meant players spent more time writing press releases about policy than actually making it. It meant that players had to dedicate often hours of their time writing often quite draining responses that often just became arguments between two people more than over two policies and having been in that position i know exactly why it puts people of the game. In a game that is supposed to be light and enjoyable it was a very heavy, often daunting task that felt more like a chore than actually playing and enjoying a game, and encouraging people to help on that front often became hard as a result. Unfortunately the system has been so worked into the game for so long that little has really been done to fix the problem other than minor tweaks that didnt fix the core of the problem; that it just wasn't intelligent structurally.

However this round we aim to fix that. It is my personal belief that one of the biggest de-motivators to play this game is that it takes up so much time, and as such i have been looking for ways to lessen the burden not only on players, but also admins - and the press office is by far the biggest burden. That is why henceforth we are entirely scrapping the "PR" system for good. You have written your last press releases, their time has come, and you will never have to do it again (Sorry Summer). The Momentum system will remain however - only how you get it will be changed.

The new system is going to be simple, less time consuming and easier for admins to mark and should also much better reflect the realities of what politics in the media is like. No more random spamming of press releases about things journalists are not interested in, instead we simply want short statements. The new system will be based on the system some of you may have used in recent rounds that we trialed for various purposes known as "Press Scrums" with some amendments. In previous rounds it has been used as a way too give the media short lines to use, though it was rare that these lines would ever come of anything and the system largely was designed as a replacement for twitter. Players who used it were often quite good at it, using short but snappy lines to hit the opposition on an issue that the admins put in the forefront of the debate. However the reality is that these never actually seemed to have much effect on the game and thus investing time into them didnt change much. We have decided however to make them matter.

The new system will look like this, so forget all you know about how the old PR system worked;

The "Press Cycle" System
From now on, at least once a week (though not on a fixed timetable meaning some will come more often) the admins will introduce a new press cycle for you players to dig into. It will start with a theme such as "what is your view on the Queen's Speech?" therefore allowing you to respond in detail or just with a catchy headline. Players and parties will have to coordinate their message however as individual responses will not be marked as you would with a PR, instead if a party says for example "the Queens Speech was great" then they need to back up that line of argument. This can come from important frontbenchers backing it if the issue is related to their portfolio, as well as backbenchers being the repetitive backup to spread the message. The main crux of your comment on each press cycle issue however will be a one liner included in your response which we suggest you highlight in bold or underline. These responses will then all be marked together at the end of the press cycle and the party that put forward the best message will have that message carried by the media and win the most momentum points. 

Momentum will be won based on a fixed scale, the party that proposes the best press message will win 10 momentum points from that line, the party that gets the second best message will win eight and the rest will follow like this;

Best line: 15 Momentum Points
Second Best: 12 Momentum
Third: 10 Momentum
Fourth: 8 Momentum
Fifth: 5 Momentum

What is important to note here is that a party can win more than one line, if their message is good enough they might win them all and win a total of 50 Momentum in one round. However equally each line could be divided up between many parties restricting how much each wins. Due to this any party could potentially win a lot of momentum, however no party can run away with the game unless you let them.

Now because some of this might be confusing to you all, i have created an example.

Quote:Press Cycle Theme: The Budget (This will be started by admins on a thread in the Press Subforum)

Tory Response 1: The budget introduced today will cut taxes, increase investment into our nation's police forces and move us closer to a balanced budget that will ensure we are paying our way through the aftermath of this financial crisis. The Chancellor's decision to raise the personal allowance while increasing pay for our policemen and women will mean that not only does every Briton get a bigger cheque in their pocket at the end of the month, but they can also carry it home safe in the knowledge that our streets and secure once more.

Labour Response 1: This budget is a shambles, not only has the Chancellor promised nothing for nation's infrastructure, but equally he has failed yet again to provide adequate funding for our national health service in a time of crisis. This Government has failed to cough up the money for our hospitals, and not even given us the roads to get us to them. That is the legacy of this budget. We could do better though, in our shadow budget we announced today Labour has made it clear we would open up billions of pounds for investment into the constriction of new hospitals, hiring of new doctors and nurses and shown how we can do that in not only a fiscally responsible manner, but also a socially responsible one.

UKIP Response 1: Once again this Government has failed to provide the right amount of funding for our border control officers who each day struggle to control the stem of uncontrolled migration into this country. With thousands of illegal migrants accessing the UK through illegal means, travelling under buses and lorries to get across the border our nation faces a crisis of confidence. While the Government speaks of securing our nation's streets, we cant even secure our borders.

Tory Response 2: While UKIP may scaremonger about the threats of illegal migration they ignore the facts, by providing further funding for our nation's police forces we are taking the issue of crime on our streets seriously. It is time to bring an end to the petty squabbling about the security of our people that UKIP feeds off and instead focus on delivering real support for our citizens who need it, that is what the Government is doing today.

Tory Response 3: Labour might preach about fiscal responsibility, but lest we forget who put us in this mess in the first place. The reason why we cannot give the NHS unlimited funding is because of the position Labour left our nation in five years ago; with no money left to give away. The best way to build a strong NHS is through a strong economy, and Labour cannot provide that where the Conservatives can.

Labour Response 2: The Conservatives may try to dodge the point, but for everyday Britons it is clear that the recovery they rant and rave about is no longer working. Wage growth is at it's lowest level in decades, we have missed multiple growth targets for the last year and our national debt is still through the roof with this Government missing it's debt reduction targets every year. If a million people still need to use foodbanks to survive, is that success in the eyes of the Conservatives?

Tory Response 4: Keeping at heart what matters to the people of this country our Government has acted today to ensure that not only are your pounds more secure in your pocket, but also they are more secure from crime on our streets and from financial troubles that may come as a result of poor fiscal responsibility. We are ensuring that not only does every Briton get a bigger cheque in their pocket at the end of the month, but they can also carry it home safe in the knowledge that our streets and secure once more.

-- Press Cycle Marking --
Best: Labour with "This Government has failed to cough up the money for our hospitals, and not even given us the roads to get us to them" +15 Momentum
Second: Labour with "If a million people still need to use foodbanks to survive, is that success in the eyes of the Conservatives?" +12 Momentum
Third: Tories with "not only does every Briton get a bigger cheque in their pocket at the end of the month, but they can also carry it home knowing that they can walk home with that cheque safe in the knowledge that our streets and secure once more." +10 Momentum
Fourth: Tories with "The best way to build a strong NHS is through a strong economy, and Labour cannot provide that where the Conservatives can." +8 Momentum
Fifth: UKIP with "While the Government speaks of securing our nation's streets, we cant even secure our borders." +5 Momentum

Labour: 40 (+27)
Conservatives: 43 (+18)
UKIP: 10 (+5)

In summary, Labour won this round because they had solid lines of attack and very relatable and damaging taglines. The attack on foodbanks hurts because it is a serious stain on the Tory economic recovery that this budget has not done much to change, and it hits a tory stereotype that the public understands that, while not necessarily true, plays the right tune. The winning line won because not only does it's wording speak to the issue even including words that relate to health like "coughing up" money, but furthermore it hits a vital nerve in the eyes of the country and relates two seperate areas of the budget to portray an overall message; transport and healthcare. The Tories came out swinging with their responses highlighting how this will make Britain more secure, in terms of personal income, national finances and in the streets - this is a good line that was well exploited and makes the public feel like the Government has their interests at heart. UKIP had some lines of attack that worked on migration, but a tory response to that attack and the fact that the Government is investing in further policing somewhat dulled it. Instead they might have gone after the Tories for a lack of investment in infrastructure or defence.

In a real press cycle i would expect more than six responses, however as a demonstration this should show a few things. The first; quantity isn't everything, you can put out more responses but if they do not hit home or pack a good punchline they are not going to catch the eye of the media. The press want headlines to run with and short quotes, not essays. Second; the focus of your message (the underlined section) is very important, if a media outlet like Sky wants to run with what one of you say about the Budget they dont want to be reading a lecture, they want something that the viewer can relate to. Third; While the focus of the press cycle might be the Budget, as long as it relates you can run with any aspect of that issue. The budget is a very wide and all encompassing issue, you can speak about virtually anything on it and because of that it allows for a lot of different headline opportunities to catch the media's eye. Foruth; you can respond to criticism, if you are being hit for a decision hit back like Tory three does. Finally; not every message will be used by the media, but if yours isn't then dont fret about it as often the success of one message is dependent on support of multiple people, if multiple people use the same line and back up their arguments it is more likely to succeed much like in real life when you hear politicians using the same taglines as one another.

Overall, this is a big change and it is very different to the old system. We are doing away with the spamming and unrealistic aspects of the game that actually take up a lot of your time and ours for little real gain and instead focusing on a realistic aspect of the game we've neglected for a long time. If this sounds confusing we totally understand, especially if you did not take part in the scrums system we have used before that this is somewhat built from, however feel free to ask us admins - especially me, Ed, as i designed it - any questions you wish about it. Once we start using the system i can guarentee you it will feel more comfortable and much more understandable - as well as simpler to get the hang of and understand. The best way to learn it is to follow the lead of others once the first press cycle is posted and throw yourself into it, you may stumble at the start, but at the end you may be better at it than PRs!

Anyway i hope you guys think this is a welcome change to the game, we felt it has been needed for some time and the pre-implementation feelers i gave people with the various ideas for change were generally very positive about this system so i hope it makes your lives easier too. Any questions we're here to guide you. 

Kind Regards

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