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  Ernest Brown
Posted by: Ernest Brown (CON) - 10 hours ago - Forum: New Players - Replies (3)

Character Name: Ernest Brown
Avatar: Van Morrison

Date of Birth (age as of 1974): 3rd June 1900 (74),  [5p]
Race/Ethnicity: White British [0p]
Gender: Male [0p]
Sexuality: Heterosexual [0p]
Religion: Church of England - Protestant [0p]

Class: Working Class [10p]
Spouse: Lucy Palmer (b. 1901); m. 1918
Children (if any): Linda (b. 1919), Adeline (b. 1922), Harold (b. 1924;d. 1943), David (b. 1927), Aaron (b. 1927) and Richard (b. 1930) [3p]

Education: State comprehensive, no higher education


British Army; 1916-1918, Middlsex Regiment - 3rd Battalion (signed up underage, served in Salonika) [0p]

Milkman; 1918-1927 [2p]

Green Grocer; 1928-1939 [2p]

British Army; 1939-1945, Middlsex Regiment - 8th Battalion (served in the Normandy campaign, notable battles include that of Caen) [0p]

Green Grocer; 1945-1950 [0p, repeat of prior job]

MP For Barnet; 1950-1974 [0p]
MP For Chipping Barnet; 1974-Present [0p]

Party: Conservative
Constituency: Chipping Barnet

Ideological Beliefs: Pro EEC, believes in cooperation between nations as a necessity to avoid war. Economically right wing, socially centre right.

(It's Maz, just restarting)

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  Charlotte Rennoll
Posted by: Charlotte Rennoll - 11 hours ago - Forum: New Players - Replies (3)

[Image: kZqQIcT.jpg]

Character Name: Charlotte Rennoll
Avatar: Joan Crawford

Date of Birth (age as of 1970): April 16, 1912
Race/Ethnicity: White
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Religion: Protestant Christian (Anglican)

Class: Upper middle class
Spouse: Hugh Rennoll
Children (if any): Three children. (Marjorie, Charles, and Hugh Jr.)

Education: Attended a private school; then went on to get a bachelor's degree in chemistry from Oxford.

Career: Famous actress. Starred in 6 well-received films. Prolific stage actress.

Political Career: Elected Member of Parliament for the City of London and Westminster since 1970.

Party: Conservative and Unionist Party

Ideological Beliefs: Pro-free trade, free marketeer, pro-EEC. Ideally, wants to eventually see a massive free trade pact in the Commonwealth of Nations too.

Honours & Bonuses: None.

[Image: qZAHNl0.png]

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  Jacob Cartier
Posted by: Jacob Cartier (CON) - Yesterday, 06:42 PM - Forum: New Players - Replies (3)

Character Name: Jacob Brewhill Cerrig Cartier

Avatar: Connie Mack III
Age: 53 (Born February 4th, 1921) [0 points]
Place of Birth: Neath, Wales
Race/Ethnicity: White
Gender: Male [0 points]
Sexuality: Heterosexual [0 points]
Religion: Episcopalian/Anglican [0 points]
Class: Born to middle class [0 points]
Family: Married with three Children 
Other Personal Traits: 

-Stanford University (1942)

-British Arm (1942-1948, was a Basic and then a NCO) (5 Points)
-Businessman (1948-1950, Banker) (5 Points)
-Conservative Candidate for Parliament (1950, defeated)
-Author (1950-1953, 12 Points)
-CEO, Cartier Petroleum (1953-1957, 20 Point)
-Councillor (5 Points, 1957-1964)
-Member of Parliament for Cardiff North (1964-)

Political Career:

Party: Conservative & Unionist

Ideological Beliefs:
Moderate Conservative
Member, the Tory Reform Group

Changing constituency to Denbigh.

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  PolUK 1974 General Election Prediction Thread
Posted by: Dan - 08-18-2017, 08:42 AM - Forum: The Red Lion (OOC) - Replies (9)

The PolUK Prediction thread returns

1. Largest Party

2. Majority or hung?

3. Casualties of the election

4. Estimated Number of Seats

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  The Retcon
Posted by: Dan - 08-17-2017, 07:49 PM - Forum: The Tannoy - No Replies

Dear All,

Over the last few days the A-Team has taken some decisions which, in hindsight, may have caused more harm than benefit and has caused some issues IG.
I am of course talking about the EEC for a start, naturally the A-Team wasn’t expecting a certain faction in the Tories to vote against it, the A-team of course made sure at the time the vote was fair based on the faction numbers. As you know, the EEC vote passed narrowly.

This then led to the resignation of Edward Heath and the subsequent Tory Leadership contest with Enoch Powell. Heath felt that the rebels couldn’t carry on jepoardising the work of the Government. This storyline again raised tensions in the Tories.

. In light of these two decisions the A-Team today retconned these scenarios.

In essence, the leadership contest never happened. There was no election between Heath and Powell.

The A-team does accept that Tory Rebels were a major story on the EEC and this will be highlighted in the press.

Unfortunately, all of this was a case of human failure and overreaction on our part. Reacting under pressure, without thinking all things through, we felt it was going to fail and in a lapse of judgment called the leadership contest. However, after it had been called we realised we hadn't considered everything and the calculus showed the vote would pass, leaving one unlogical leadership reaction.

In light of the above and on behalf of the A-Team we would like to apologise for any errors which have been caused by this.

I can confirm that polling is now being reviewed also and this will be published soon.

We thank you for your understanding.


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  A Concise History of British Mainland Events 1972 - 1974
Posted by: Dan - 08-16-2017, 06:53 PM - Forum: The Story So Far - No Replies


09 Jan - Miners strike against Government in dispute over pay
20 Jan - Government figures released showing UK unemployment tops one million. 
16 Feb - The ongoing Miners dispute turns off the lights across Britain, many homes and businesses are without electricity for up to nine hours a day.
25 Feb - Miners agree to end strike and vote for a pay settlement after the 7 week strike.
31 Mar - British State owned Travel firm Thomas Cook & Sun sold to a consortium of private businesses headed by Midland Bank
14 June - Hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers face flight delays and cancellations after pilots threatened to strike over hijack fears
23 June - The Chancellor, Sir Keith Joseph, has announced his decision to temporarily float the pound.
6 November - The Government freezes pay and prices in an attempt to halt spiralling inflation.


1 Jan - The United Kingdom becomes a fully-fledged member of the European Economic Community
19 Jan - Super tug has been sent to protect British trawlers from Icelandic patrol boats as the dispute over cod fishing rights intensifies
1st May - 1.6 million workers joined the Trades Union Congress' call for a one-day strike in protest at the government's pay restraint policy and price rises
20 May - Britain sends in Royal Navy ships to protect trawlers in the disputed Icelandic 50-mile zone as the so-called "cod war" escalates
10 September - Two bombs at mainline stations in London injure 13 people and brought chaos to central London, IRA admit responsibility.


4 Feb-  Eleven people - including eight off-duty soldiers and two young children - have been killed, and 12 seriously injured, when the coach they were travelling in was blown up by a bomb. IRA claim responsibility.
7 Feb -  Prime Minister Edward Heath has called a snap general election and appealed to miners to suspend their planned strike action during the three-week campaign.

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  A Concise History of Northern Ireland, 1972-1974
Posted by: Richard - 08-16-2017, 02:35 AM - Forum: The Story So Far - No Replies

30 January: The "Bogside Brawl" occurs, with the army firing in "self-defence" against republican protesters, killing 32 civilians. (link)
2 February: Irish protestors in Dublin attack the British Embassy, destroying it. (link)
February-May: Various bombs and shootouts occur, mainly caused by the PIRA.
30 March: In response to the failure of the Northern Irish Government to own up to their inadequacies in the area of justice, HM's Government suspends the Northern Irish Parliament, replacing it temporarily with direct rule from Westminster.
22 April: 11-year-old Francis Rowntree is the first to be killed by a rubber bullet.
29 May: The Official IRA announced a ceasefire.
June-December: The PIRA and British Army continue their skirmishes and bombs.
21 July: On a day known as "Bloody Friday", the PIRA exploded 22 bombs in Belfast, killing nine.

7 February: The United Loyalist Council strikes, and their paramilitaries stop those attempting to go to work and businesses that are open.
8 Mar: The PIRA conducts their first operation in England, planting four bombs in London. Ten members of PIRA are arrested at Heathrow.
May-July: Under the terms of the Northern Ireland Constitution Act, the Northern Irish Parliament is replaced with the Northern Ireland Assembly. The Assembly chooses an Executive headed by Brian Faulkner of the UUP and Gerry Fitt of the SDLP.
9 December: The Sunningdale Agreement is signed, reaffirming the creation of the Assembly and Executive, as well as creating a Council of Ireland. Opposition comes from militant republicans and a minority of unionists.

4 February: On a British Army and RAF bus, the PIRA places a time bomb. Twelve people are killed.

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  Momentum and Summaries
Posted by: Dan - 08-15-2017, 10:32 PM - Forum: Constitution and Devolution - No Replies

Conservatives -10 (-10)
Labour   -12 (-12)

Tories and Labour played the battle of who can get the other party into the lowest momentum in this section, Tories won.

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  CON PR: With lives at risk, Labour laughs
Posted by: William Blumenthal (CON) - 08-15-2017, 08:30 PM - Forum: Party Politics and General - No Replies


WESTMINSTER -- SoS for Industry and Trade, William Blumenthal, took Labour MPs Sean Manning and Dilys Stackpole to task for their response to the miner's strike and the Conservative motion on the matter. Calling them 'puppets of the unions', Blumenthal ripped the way in which the debate has unfolded.

"I welcome a debate on ideas," Blumenthal said. "But so far the only ideas are coming from the Conservative benches on how to deal with the miner's strike. And make no doubt about it, it is a serious debate: lives are at risk if power shortages occur, and instead of standing for the most vulnerable, Labour is content to make snide comments about the temperament of those they disagree with. Not once has Labour offered an idea beyond 'cave to the union', and why is that? It's simply because the Trade Unions own the Labour Party."

Blumenthal commended the backbench motion on the miner's strike, and said that he would push for a fair solution at the cabinet table.

"The NUM should return to the table, and the miner's should return to the pits while a new deal is negotiated and put to them for ratification," Blumenthal said. "And while I'm making recommendations, I have one for Dilys Stackpole: offer something substantive to the debate or perhaps make way next election for someone who is able to adequately represent the constituents of Cardiff West. While she's busy making a fool of herself, I and my Tory colleagues will be protecting the lives of the British people by working hard to bring an end to this harmful job action."  

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  Lab PR: Tories go off the reservation on unions
Posted by: Lt. Col. Sean Manning (LAB) - 08-15-2017, 07:57 PM - Forum: Economic Affairs - Replies (1)

Shadow Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, Sean Manning, today said that the Tories are "going completely off the reservation" when it comes to trade unions in the wake of the miners strike. In Parliament and in the press, the cadre of hard-right Tories, led in spirit by the disgraced Dylan Macmillan, has among other things implied that trade unions should not be seen to represent their members or the working classes of the country; others have said that strikes should not be allowed to hold employers or the economy "to ransom" - implying a belief that strikes themselves are wrong or should be disallowed.

"The Tory Party used to believe in close co-operation with trade unions and with industry in this country," Manning said. "Now increasingly it just seems like they want a convenient scapegoat for their ire."

The miners are the scapegoat of the hour, with Conservatives in and out of Parliament ignoring the facts - including that miners pay has fallen unreasonably behind other industries - accusing them of holding the country to ransom and going on long rants about the impact on inflation. Meanwhile, they claim they want to negotiate - but in the same breath make it clear that they wouldn't give any ground: which, Manning commented, would be "probably the most ineffective negotiation since EEC entry."

"Rather than listening to the legitimate grievance of the miners, the Tories want to blame them for all the economic ills in this country - recession, strikes, inflation, you name it."

"The truth is - there's one door you can lay these sins at. That's No.10 Downing Street."

Manning said that Labour and the unions collectively agreed the need for wage restraint and a concerted fight against inflation. That is why Labour has proposed a grand bargain between both sides of industry, based on co-operation and unity in the face of the country's economic challenges. But that should never stop us negotiating when it comes to genuine economic challenges and problems like the poverty pay of Britain's coal miners.

"The fact is that the Tories seem stuck in a time warp to the 1920s," Manning said. "They don't want to talk to the unions. They just want to ignore them and the more than 11 million people they directly represent."

"Well here's a fact for Dylan Macmillan's hard right cronies. The unions, and the working class people of this country aren't going away. And the more you ignore them, the louder they are going to shout. So get yourself to the table and start talking."

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