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  The round
Posted by: Dan - Yesterday, 10:02 PM - Forum: The Tannoy - No Replies

Dear All,

It has been noted that the game at the moment is struggling a bit, so the A-Team would like to make a statement on the current round.

This round has been one where we have seen a vibrant Conservative Party (for once Smile ) in Government in an alternate timeline , the falklands loss, Michael Foot as PM, UK with no nukes etc etc. Whilst the A-team and I am sure you all have had a good time playing this round, the A-team feels in consultation with party leaders that this round in its current form is unsustainable and now unworkable.

There are three main reasons why the A team has decided to call this round a day, which i will go on to explain:

1) The problem is this round is unworkable without an effective opposition, with a lack of Labour support it is incredibly difficult for the Conservatives to be challenged. Labour has gone through two leaders in a short space of time in the round, leaving a situation where the game is heavily one sided to the Government without a credible opposition. 

2) The timeline. As the timeline is so different from RL it is difficult to research and to give    the player base answers on the economic outlook, unemployment figures, current education spending etc etc. It is true that this round has been the most diverse from what we have done before, We are disappointed that the round has come to an end as it showed a lot of promise. However, In all honesty we underestimated the amount of work this would take when we launched the round, whilst we have been fully committed all 5 of us in the A-team just cannot keep up with the workload, that either says something is wrong with the A-team personnel or the round. I don't believe the former to be true, as you could have any 5 people from this game in the A team and you would end up with the same result (ie, where we are now). That leaves me to believe that the problem was with the round, it just very quickly spiralled out of control and the A-team have been playing catchup since day 1 due to the sheer difference that a Foot Government would have made - it has made our job very difficult, and we know it has made your ability to play difficult too.

3) I do not believe for one second that this round was flawed, I think that it was well thought out but as explained above we just didn't have the resource to get everything done. It is my honest opinion that the round could have succeeded with a larger player base and greater preparation before the round started on answering questions about the changes this alternate history would have resulted in. This can be demonstrated in the success of the round prior to the departure of several members of the Labour party and the fact that the majority of the time many of us have spent as admins has been dedicated to answering questions about the alternate history dimension, something that has been an unnecessary distraction.

So what happens now? the A team has decided to take PolUK “back to basics”. By that we mean, a modern round, as simple as possible and something that does not diverge too much from RL. Whilst there may be minor changes, there will not be a significant change such as Britain losing a war etc etc. Over recent times the A team in its various forms has tried to be clever and make PolUK interesting through new concepts and new scenarios, when actually we feel that in order to make the game enjoyable, why not bring it back to something everyone can relate to? That’s why we have decided to go for a modern round, back to 2017. With our depleted player base this will mean we can reduce the size of the admin team to add new players into the mix - something that is necessary at this time and will ensure that the game goes on rather than spluttering out as some may have hoped it would.

While this may come as a disappointment to some, i hope it is seen as an opportunity too. It is better to move on, build on what works and ensure that we maintain the game that we all enjoy and commit our free time to than risk its failure. Yes, mistakes have been made this round, mistakes were made last round too - but our hope is that through additional preparation, commitment on the behalf of the admin team and changes to the way the game works to make it easier for all of you to deal with your daily lives while keeping this game as part of it we can continue to enjoy the game that we have all built fond memories from.

As such, further announcements will follow in due course about the new round which the admins have spent the evening designing and from past experience know it has the potential to be a great one. The A-team now shall wind down the game, and prepare for the launch, stay tuned for more details and *any* questions do not hesitate to  contact any admin. Thank you for sticking with us through this rough patch - we know it has been frustrating for all involved, including us, so let’s come out of it better.

Thank you for your support and dedication to the game

The A-Team

Dan, Ed, Ben, Keynes, Sinan

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  Govt PR:
Posted by: Rt. Hon. Dylan Macmillan - Yesterday, 01:16 AM - Forum: Foreign Affairs and Defence - No Replies

[Image: 20140730130943-Hubpage%20logo.jpg]

Speaking from the Palace of Westminster the Prime Minister, Sir Vincent Graham, addressed the issue of the United Kingdom's re-joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).

Since the Government of Michael Foot withdrew us from NATO we have been left with less influence, less capacity to defend our allies and less ability to be defended should the worst happen. I fiercely believe that this decision was one of the worst decisions made by any Prime Minister in the United Kingdom's history, a list very heavily populated by Mr Foot's policies. Therefore I am pleased to re-iterate to the press the announcement I just made to the House, the United Kingdom is officially seeking to re-enter the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

Whilst some would call this move ill-advised or would otherwise seek to have the United Kingdom freeload off of the security NATO provides its members in Western Europe this Government was elected to make Britain a World leader. That means we don't coast, we don't rest on our laurels and we do not leave our national defence in the hands of other nations. The other nations of NATO want us to return because we are stronger together, the ideologically motivated division that Labour drove between us and our European and American cousins do not need to remain, we can retake our place on the global stage and we will be welcomed back with open arms.

This policy of reintegration makes the UK safer, enlarges our role on the World stage and gives us admission to the largest defence organisation in the World. The priority of any Government has got to be protecting its people and this policy does just that. We are following through on our manifesto pledges to make Britain great again and to get the United Kingdom standing on its own two feet. This is a gigantic step in the right direction and I look forward to further debate in the House when the Bill to rejoin NATO is put to the floor in due course.

Title should be "Govt PR: NATO Update"

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Posted by: Rt. Hon. Dylan Macmillan - Yesterday, 12:41 AM - Forum: Ministerial Statements - No Replies

Mr Speaker.

I rise today to update the House on the matter of our membership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, otherwise known as NATO. Mr Speaker, I firmly believe that one of the worst mistakes of the previous Labour Government was withdrawing us from NATO. I believe that this decision has diminished our influence on the World Stage, reduced our capacity to defend ourselves and the ideals we hold truest to our hearts and made the World a less safe place to live in. One need only take a look at current events with the Soviets seemingly shooting down a West German passenger plane to see that the Soviets believe this even if the party opposite do not. Therefore Mr Speaker I can stand here proudly today and declare that this Government has begun the process of the United Kingdom rejoining the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

Mr Speaker, I have just left Downing Street where I had a telephone call with the NATO Secretary General, Mr Manfred Wörner, and officially declared the United Kingdom as an entry nation. The Foreign Secretary, on his tour of the Americas, has spoken with the Prime Minister of Canada and the President of the United States about this and both have indicated that they support the move. The Foreign Office and our diplomats across Europe have been sounding out our continental brothers about us rejoining and so far it has been universally approved of. In short Mr Speaker the United Kingdom will, pending a legislative item to be proposed by this Government in the coming months, will be rejoining NATO.

No longer will the United Kingdom shirk its responsibilities on the World stage, no longer shall the security of the European Continent be left in the hands of others and no longer will we be sidelined and left marginalised in the West's defence. The United Kingdom shall shoulder its fair share of the responsibility for the safety and defence of the free world. This Government was elected to make Britain great again, this Government was elected to turn the United Kingdom into World leaders and we are following through on those pledges with actions like this. Some would see us continue to freeload, continue to turn our backs on our friends and allies, those individuals are wrong. Britain has always stood for more and for better, we have always stood against totalitarian regimes and we shall do so again as a part of NATO.

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  James Black
Posted by: James Black (LAB) - 10-15-2017, 06:26 PM - Forum: New Players - Replies (1)

[Image: 12-01-13-young-Tony-Blair.jpg]

Age: 35-40 [5 points]
Race/Ethnicity: White [0 points]
Gender: Male [0 points]
Sexuality: Hetero [0 points]
Religion: Protestant Christian [0 points]
Family: Married with 1 child [0 points]
Class: Born to upper middle class family [5 points]
Secondary Education: Private School [5 points]
Higher Education: Bachelor's Degree in Jurisprudence (Oxford University) [10 Points]

Party staffer [5 points]
Councillor [3 points]

33 points used

James Black was born on 25 June 1953 in Beamish in County Durham. He was born to Andrew, a barrister, and Karen. Black completed his secondary education from the Durham School in Durham, where he excelled in his studies, and graduated in 1971. In 1972 he enrolled in St. John's College, Oxford and studied Jurisprudence where he graduated with first-class honours in 1975. In 1976 he became a staffer for the local Newcastle Labour Party. In 1980 he ran for the Newcastle City Council and won. He was elected on a platform that included fighting crime based on a platform that the more people are socially excluded the more likely that crimes will be committed. It was during this first term that he married his wife Julia and had a son, Liam. In 1988 he ran for Parliament in Durham North and won. 

Party: Labour
Ideology: Pro-Nato, Third Way

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  CON PR: Frankfurt Air Incident
Posted by: Aubrey Fairfield-Whitmill (CON) - 10-14-2017, 11:07 AM - Forum: Foreign Affairs and Defence - No Replies

Quote:Aubrey Fairfield-Whitmill today gave his thoughts on the developing tensions between East and West Germany in the wake of the alleged shooting down of a Lufthansa passenger jet near Frankfurt by Soviet forces. Having asked the Foreign Secretary in Parliament to confirm the existence of British efforts to defuse the situation, Mr Fairfield-Whitmill sought to reassure constituents that he felt “extremely confident that the Government is acting proactively and with integrity in order to ensure that cool heads prevail.” He further commented that “any evidence of a Soviet attack upon this civilian flight must be shared openly with the international community in order that its veracity may be beyond doubt, and any Soviet counterclaim must be made with equal transparency. The correct mode for the resolution of this crisis is the field of international law; not the spectre of international conflict.

The Rossendale & Darwen MP, who recently spoke in favour of a House of Commons motion calling upon the UK to rejoin the NATO military alliance, has also indicated that the developing situation provides “yet another example of why multilateral cooperation in respect of defence matters should be an absolute imperative for any sane Government,” and told constituents that the risk of tension overflowing into open conflict “can only be lessened when the nations of the free world are prepared to unite in a single front against the forces which seek to endanger that same freedom.”

Mr Fairfield-Whitmill commended the Government for its work thus far in working to mediate the crisis, and appealed for international leaders to show similar restraint - calling the crash of the Lufthansa flight “an unparalleled tragedy, but one whose memory would be done a great disservice were it allowed to serve as the biting point for an even greater tragedy of our own making.”

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  CON PR: Govt Takes Decisive Action On BSE Outbreak
Posted by: Rt. Hon. William Johnson (CON) - 10-13-2017, 11:53 PM - Forum: Public Services - No Replies

The Secretary of State for Energy, Environment and Agriculture, William Johnson (North Wiltshire) has issued the following statement to the House of Commons immediately upon being informed of an outbreak of Bovine spongiform encephalopathy at three reported farms in Suffolk.  The Secretary notes that while the media reported on the outbreak, it has inexplicably not reported on the government's action to address the outbreak, in spite of being informed directly.  The Secretary is hopeful that this is a one-time lapse on the part of the BBC, and he wishes to assure the people of the United Kingdom that the government is taking decisive action to protect their health and safety:

Quote:Mr. Speaker,

It is my duty to inform this House that there has been an outbreak of Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) affecting cattle on three farms in the Suffolk region.  At the same time, four dairy farmers have unfortunately contracted Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

While we are not certain that there is a causal link between these concurrent outbreaks, nonetheless I have ordered, on behalf of Her Majesty's Government, the destruction of all cattle belonging to the three farms where the outbreak has occurred.  I have also ordered any beef products shipped from those farms to points of sale to the public to be immediately recalled and destroyed.  

The Department of Agriculture will continue to closely monitor the situation and take whatever additional action may be needed.

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  Friday the 13th......
Posted by: Alex Carey-Lewis (CON) - 10-13-2017, 11:46 AM - Forum: The Red Lion (OOC) - Replies (4)

......and Finair flight 666 to Hel is currently in the air.......

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  CON PR: Labour Wages War Against Green Energy Transition
Posted by: Nigel Bolton (CON) - 10-13-2017, 10:58 AM - Forum: Public Services - No Replies

Nigel Bolton, former Energy Secretary, has released a press statement regarding Labour's hostility toward nuclear weapons and highlights how the Conservatives aim to use nuclear energy for the benefit of the environment.

Mr Bolton said, "At this stage more than ever in history, the need to find a environmentally sustainable and abundant sources of energy is greater than ever. With usage of coal skyrocketing in developing nations like India, China and Mongolia all resulting in catastrophic consequences for the environment, as developed countries, Britain needs to take a stand and become the shining city on the hill and set a new direction for the world to follow in terms of energy policy." He said that, "The Labour Party's consistent opposition to nuclear energy is directly contradictory on their supposed green politics agenda, because there is a consensus that nuclear energy needs to be the transition phase from fossil to green energy. Unfortunately, Labour intends to stop any form of progress with their self-centred agenda and halt further progress for a greener Britain."

Mr Bolton also called Labour out for their vehement criticism on Conservative energy policy, "Labour has repeatedly criticised Conservative energy policy as overly harmful for the environment and also criticised their North Sea oil policy for being too pro-business. Unfortunately, Labour fails to realise that it was the Conservatives that have developed North Sea oil resources in a sustainable and profitable manner, balancing ecological responsibility with financial responsibility, and that it was the Conservative Party under Margaret Thatcher that called on the world to begin common-sense environmental protection. Labour wants socialism masquerading as environmentalism to be their policy, the Conservatives want green conservatism to be the bulwark of our party agenda. And this has been the Conservative policy, to introduce a sustainable transition from dirty to clean energy and a progressive, steady approach to using cleaner nuclear energy to power our homes and cities before green energy catches up in affordability and abundance." He concluded that, "Labour rejects all that, unfortunately, and that is why it is the Conservative Party that provides the true environmentally-friendly policies that will make Britain a shining example for the world once more, and that is why the Conservatives will continue to lead Britain into a brighter future for all."

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  CON PR: Lufthansa Tragedy Displays Greater Need For NATO
Posted by: Nigel Bolton (CON) - 10-13-2017, 09:17 AM - Forum: Foreign Affairs and Defence - No Replies

Nigel Bolton, a Conservative backbencher, has released a press statement regarding the Lufthansa tragedy at the Conservative Party Headquarters.

Mr Bolton said, "I would like to first and foremost express my greatest condolences to the German people in the light of the terrible tragedy that has occurred. The Lufthansa tragedy was nothing more than an act of Soviet expansionism and terrorism against the good people of the Western world. It underscores the immense need for the Western world to unite and stand against such aggression and breaches of international law, and highlights the importance that NATO plays in maintaining European and American security." Mr Bolton also said that, "In the light of this tragedy, I think it is very clear that what the Conservative Party has in mind, a rejoining of NATO, is the best way forward, for the good of Britain and for the good of Western civilisation. The threat posed by Soviet antagonism and aggression has never been greater, and is exemplified by this disaster, and the only way for the West to remain strong is to stand together. And that is what NATO is here for, it is to ensure that Europe remains collectively united for security reasons and united in their stand against a rising threat posed by Communism and left-wing extremism supported by Soviet Russia and their cronies."

Mr Bolton said that, "Labour mentioned that the rejoining of NATO was careless, but I think what's more careless is allowing our own backsides to be exposed to the threat of more Soviet missiles and acts of aggression by withdrawing from NATO in the first place! It is evident that this tragedy fully lends weight to the Conservative Party's forward-looking, Britain-first governance strategy, and it is time to rejoin NATO, rebuild our nuclear arsenal to arm ourself adequately against the looming threat of the Russians and the Communists. Unlike, Labour, who wishes only to get into bed with their leftist Russian friends, the Conservatives truly are concerned about British security, and we will rejoin NATO and stand with our other European allies united against the USSR and their allies behind the Iron Curtain."

Mr Bolton concluded that, "The Left has divided Europe with the Iron Curtain, now Labour wants to divide Britain further and allow Britain's security to lapse by opposing a re-entry to NATO. The Conservatives seek to protect British sovereignty and the rights of our people, and will thus embark on a re-entry to NATO and a re-established commitment to Atlanticism and the security of the British people. To prevent another Lufthansa incident from happening here in Britain, I say, it is time to rejoin NATO and take a stand against the Soviet barbarians who seek to divide and conquer us, and we must show them that we will never yield."

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  Govt PR: Response to Lufthansa Tragedy
Posted by: Rt. Hon. Dylan Macmillan - 10-12-2017, 11:36 PM - Forum: Foreign Affairs and Defence - No Replies

[Image: YdnCTrCU.jpg]

Speaking from the Palace of Westminster the Prime Minister, Sir Vincent Graham, issued a statement regarding the ongoing events in Eastern Europe.

Quote:Good Evening everyone.

Earlier today a Boeing 737 plane crash landed near the East German/Polish border, the flight originated in Munich, West Germany, and was due to arrive in Helsinki, Finland. The precise details are still not quite known but reports from West German investigators indicate that Soviet equipment was involved in the crash which would suggest that the plane was shot down, in addition to the reports of the west german investigators, eyewitnesses on the ground also state that it appears the cause of the crash was induced by the actions of unknown actors. It is my sombre duty to inform you all today that a total of seven British nationals were on that flight, all confirmed dead. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the seven, all of whom have been informed of their tragic loss. The British people stand with the West Germans and all nations who have lost loved ones in this tragedy.

Since the crash there has been a great degree of unease on the international stage. There are reports that East and West German troops are mobilising in and around the border between these nations. I would like to take this opportunity to call for calm and restraint on all sides, let dialogue be the way of the day, not violence of any kind. As a precaution the families of the British Embassy Staff in West Berlin have been evacuated for their own safety as a temporary measure by my colleague the Foreign Secretary.

I shall provide further updates as and when they become available.

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

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