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  Goodbye PolUK
Posted by: Alex Bevan (Unmasked) - 11-19-2018, 03:35 PM - Forum: The Red Lion (Out of Character) - No Replies

It was with some sadness that I recently noticed that PolUK was coming to a natural end and I thought I would pop in to say goodbye. This game was hugely influential on me between 2005-06 and made a big difference to my outlook on politics in general. I'd go as far as saying it is because of this game that I don't get swept away with one extremist madness of another that we see in UK politics today! Yet at the same time, I sadly no longer have time to play and have not done so in well over a decade.

I can see the same in the current player base and what I really wanted to say is that this is a testament to the game not of its failure but of its success. A lot of these forums suck people in and they waste their lives away in front of a screen. PolUK was never like that because what this game did was it took people with raw intelligence in and it sent out intelligent people with ambition. PolUK has been the training ground for a number of councillors and prospective Parliamentary candidates, it has improved the English language skills of people from all over the world and it has been a place where young people can get away from the pressures of life to just be themselves. And the end product is always someone more articulate and more ambitious with a life too fulfilling for forum based gaming!

On top of that, PolUK kept the flame of political engagement alive during an era of increasingly depressing managerialism. The Blair years were to many boring and offputting but this game, through its historic rounds, reminded people that there was room for ideas and room for debate. I don't like the extremism in politics today, but I am delighted that more people are engaged and in some small way games like PolUK influenced that.

What makes me sad is that PolUK won't shape the next generation. Whether the game could be saved is contentious and I agree with the AVs in the end that it's just not sustainable. Beyond a more contemporary round I can't think of anything anyway.

In which case what I would conclude with is this. PolUK helped all of us; it's our responsibility now to use those skills for good in the real world. Goodbye and good luck!

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  would it not be worthwhile trying a merger????
Posted by: Genie Lacroix (CON) - 11-08-2018, 10:36 PM - Forum: The Red Lion (Out of Character) - Replies (9)

Haven't played for a long time, but I still liked to pop in every now and again to see how the game was going, so very surprised and shocked to see its ending, Even though the warning signs have been there for a while. 

The last few years have been brutal for these forum-based games. So many of the long-running ones have died. Few remain. 

I did see RB was mulling over trying a new round again though. 

So I do wonder if it would have been worthwhile trying one last time to save the game, with one last roll of the dice with trying a merger with RB. 

At worst we have one last round which we could do as a celebration of Poluk and RB. 

And at best we manage to save these two long-running games, which many players love. By having one united game.

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  Sadness Circlejerk
Posted by: Benjamin (CON) - 11-05-2018, 09:17 PM - Forum: The Red Lion (Out of Character) - No Replies

I want to keep this short, but thought i’d start this thread for a little sadness circlejerk where people could talk a little about what the game and the community has been to them. Also fun memories go here in the thread Ian’s started!

For me, the game has meant a lot. As a math’s quirk, i’ve been playing it for a quarter of my life. 

From a personal perspective, it’s had its ups and downs. I want to briefly apologies to those i’ve fallen out with over the last few years - whilst it’s unlikely we’ll ever see eye to eye over the details or who should take blame for what, I am truly sorry for what happened and hope that now is the time for us to unreservedly move on.

But from a more positive light, the game’s also yielded a lot of friends, and i’m ever grateful for that. It’s this that's had more of an effect than any might expect coming into this community, and the endless, detailed and rigorous political debate over the years has effectively nurtured my interest in this fascinating world - and left me in a position where i’ve found my passion and am more excited than ever to be applying to university to study it.

This community is extraordinary - thank you all, I hope the main chat never dies.


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  Your favourite PolUK memories
Posted by: Ian - 11-05-2018, 08:45 PM - Forum: The Red Lion (Out of Character) - Replies (4)

Please feel free to share your memories!

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  The End
Posted by: Malcolm Keane (LAB) - 11-05-2018, 07:42 PM - Forum: The Red Lion (Out of Character) - No Replies

Well it's very sad to see the end of the last forum based British polsim. Rule Britannia went, and now so has PolUK. I have to say feels like a friend leaving forever. I've had some brilliant times on these forums, and I'll never forget some of the rounds I've played and people I've met.

I know I shouldn't advertise, but if anyone is looking for a politics community to join in like this, I'd recommend Reddit's Model House of Commons. They sim the British Parliament as well as the legislatures. There is also versions for Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and more. I'm already over there leading a Socialist group - hopefully more of you will come on over! Come to think of it Teddy who played PolUK years ago is over there too.

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  US Midterms Prediction Thread
Posted by: James Keating (LAB) - 11-05-2018, 03:41 PM - Forum: The Red Lion (Out of Character) - Replies (1)

Its that time again, another prediction thread! This time for the US midterm elections.

1. Which party will win the House and with how many seats?

2. Which party will win the Senate and with how many seats?

3. How large will the national generic ballot lead be?

4. How will the Senate tossup races go?

5. Will the polls be wrong, and if so in which direction?

6. Will any notable Senators or Representatives lose their seats?

7. How will the 'high profile' Senate races go? (Eg. Texas, Florida, Missouri, New Jersey, etc.)

8. Will the Republicans gain any House seats and if so where?

9. Will their be an unexpected result in either house of Congress, if so which race(s)?

10. Who will be the new Speaker of the House? Who will be the new Republican House leader and will Nancy Pelosi remain the Democratic House leader?

11. How long will it take the media to talk about 2020 after polls close?

12. Who will be the first Democrat to announce their Presidential bid, and how long will this announcement be after the midterms?

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  Electoral Reform Referendum Act
Posted by: Rt. Hon. Philip Porter (LIB) - 11-01-2018, 10:36 PM - Forum: Second Reading - Replies (10)

Quote:Electoral Reform Referendum Act

An Act to make provision for the holding of a referendum in the United Kingdom on whether the United Kingdom should adopt a Single Transferable Vote methodology for parliamentary elections.

Section 1: The Referendum
  1. A referendum is to be held on whether the United Kingdom should adopt a more representative method for parliamentary elections
  2. The Secretary of State shall appoint the day on which the referendum is to be held
  3. The day appointed under subsection(2) -
              a) must be no later than 30 May 1993
              b) must not be on the same day as any General Election     
              c) must not be on the same day as any Regional or Local Election
     4. The question that is to appear on the ballot papers is -
              "Should the United Kingdom adopt the Single Transferable Vote method for parliamentary elections via multi-member electoral districts?"
     5. The alternative answers to that question that are to appear on the ballot paper are -
     6. In Wales the question in subsection(4) and the answers in subsection(5) are to be available in both English and Welsh
     7. In Scotland the question in subsection (4) and the answers in subsection (5) are to be available in both English and Gaelic

Section 2: Entitlement to Vote
  1. Those entitled to vote in the referendum are -
            a) the persons who, on the date of the referendum, are entitled to vote in any parliamentary, regional, or local election    
            b)In subsection(1)(a) “local government election” includes a municipal election in the City of London (that is, an election to the office of mayor, alderman, common councilman or sheriff and also the election of any officer elected by the mayor, aldermen and liverymen in common hall).

Section 3: Extent and Commencement
  1. This Act shall be cited as the "Electoral Reform Referendum Act".
  2. This Act extends to the whole of the United Kingdom.
  3. The provisions of this bill shall come into force on the day on which this bill receives Royal Ascent.
Mme. Speaker,

I rise today to fulfill one of the pledges my party made in the last election and to fulfill the democratic destiny of our nation. Since the foundation of our constitutional monarchy we have long laboured as a nation to ensure that our true, democratic principles were met. We have abolished rotten boroughs as elitist and anti-democratic. We have extended the franchise now to every Briton 18 and older, not without bloodshed, not without a fight, but extended it we have. We here in parliament and all duly elected leaders stand upon the shoulders of giants including the Pankhursts, Lilly Maxwell, and William Lovett. The right to vote is dipped in the blood of patriots who shed their last full measure of dignity so that we may ensure that our voices heard.

However, too often those voices are stymied by a system that forces the average voter, in order to have a hefty say in how the government is run to vote for the two monolithic parties. This has led to Parliament after Parliament that represent not the true wishes of the people, but the stranglehold of Labour and the Tories. We have a system that is unfair, non-proportional, and undemocratic. It is time to rectify this mistake and I am pleased today to fix this error.

This legislation puts before the people of Great Britain whether or not they want to switch to a more fair, more democratic system based on the single transferable vote methodology via multi-member electoral districts. Now I know that the members opposite will ask and the British people deserve an explanation of why this method. So let us begin.

The single transferable vote method allows for voters to cast a vote for their preferred candidate while ranking the other candidates who also appear on the ballot. Candidates with the least votes are eliminated and those votes transferred based on the preferences given by the voters. This ensures that the leaders elected by the people are chosen based on the wishes of the majority of the constituents in the district rather than on winning a mere plurality as exists in our current system. This system has been used around the world and has been an essential component of proportional representation. 

The other essential piece to this referendum is moving from single constituencies to larger multi-member electoral districts. This lowers the threshold for candidates to enter and compete in the marketplace of ideas. It ensures that minority representatives are not gerrymandered away into political oblivion. And it allows for natural districts to be formed that ensure that the will of the people in that area are represented by leaders with their values.

This legislation and the referendum it entails will ensure that the British people finally have a full, and fair voice in electing their government. It will ensure that Parliament represents the will of the people and not merely the tyranny of the two party system. It is vital, it is necessary, so let us get it done.

Mme. Speaker,

As this is an Opposition Day Bill I ask that this bill be read a second time.

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Posted by: Morgan - 10-31-2018, 09:20 PM - Forum: Yes Campaign - Replies (8)

To be used for Official Campaign and Personal hours.

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  High Profile Event
Posted by: Morgan - 10-31-2018, 09:19 PM - Forum: Yes Campaign - Replies (1)

Post your HPE here.

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  Party Political Broadcast
Posted by: Morgan - 10-31-2018, 09:18 PM - Forum: Yes Campaign - Replies (1)

Post your PPB here.

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