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Press Cycle #24 - Fox Hunting - Nathan - 04-09-2018

"The government have pushed to ban fox hunting - do you support this move?"

Closes 11:59 on 13/04/18

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RE: Press Cycle #24 - Fox Hunting - Charles Kinbote - 04-09-2018

Absolutely not!  Nothing better than the thrill of the hunt. Foxes exist to be hunted.

RE: Press Cycle #24 - Fox Hunting - Moray Mac Gill Fhaolain - 04-09-2018

Our Democracy is based on one thing and one thing alone, freedom. The freedom to do things such as hunt, and to make it illegal to hunt an animal not only is a threat to our democracy but our environment as well. Time and time again studies show that when any animal population is left without any hunting or predators to stop it they will become a nuisance, especially foxes who already give much headache to our farmers in rural areas who rely on hunters to ensure they aren't fighting armies of foxes by themselves. So in order to protect both our environment and our freedom of choice, we must vote against and defeat this bill.

RE: Press Cycle #24 - Fox Hunting - David Crawford - 04-09-2018

I'll be honest: I dislike the idea of fox hunting.

However, it is a horrendous insult to democracy and to freedom to suggest that a ban on fox hunting is the way forward. Not only do foxes lack natural predators in the UK - which therefore necessitates human intervention - but it is quite simply none of my business what some of our more rural friends choose to get up to in their spare time. It is laughable to suggest that this Labour government might hold a monopoly over one's hobby or pastime: it is simply ludicrous, and frankly outrageous. 

We must always defend the right of others to do something which we may personally find distasteful -- if we do not, then individual liberty and freedom becomes nothing more than a sham.

RE: Press Cycle #24 - Fox Hunting - Dame Oona Millar - 04-10-2018

For every proponent of fox hunting that you'll find in the UK, you'll find another two people who support a ban on fox hunting for sport. The critiques I'm hearing from the Conservatives suggest they aren't even reading the bill: it doesn't talk about hunting birds and pheasants; it doesn't stop a farmer from protecting their crop; it doesn't stop us from preserving the ecology of the area. Any suggestion like that is simply not true. Roll back the hype: This is not a blanket ban. This is a ban on the hunting of wild mammals for sport. Blood lust isn't a basic liberty. It's animal cruelty, without any direct benefit or purpose other than to give a thrill to the Member of Hexham. We in the government take concern over the welfare of animals, and we will pass this bill.

RE: Press Cycle #24 - Fox Hunting - Aaron Pitt - 04-10-2018

Blood sports are sport only for those chasing. Anyone who cares about animal welfare should care about this bill. Postbags will be full and a majority of people will support a ban.

I find fox hunting distasteful and uncomfortable. If we care about animal welfare, and I do, we must support this bill. As long as I am a Member of this House I will vote against cruelty.

RE: Press Cycle #24 - Fox Hunting - Charles Kinbote - 04-11-2018

I'm quite sure that farmer's and owners of land will be quite happy to have people fox hunting, keeping the fox population down. And if we can have fun hunting foxes at the same time, what's the harm?

RE: Press Cycle #24 - Fox Hunting - Ted Winter - 04-13-2018

Certainly not, and even with the provisions and caveats of this bill it is still an unnecessary, highly intrusive piece of legislation that at the same time manages to look down and ignore the concerns and feelings of farmers, rural communities and other affected groups. Even further, we're faced with a legislation that will be hard to implement, that will distract the efforts of our police offices from the real priorities and allow search and arrest without warrant of people that are simply following their traditions and way of life. The message from Labour to rural areas is simple: they don't care about you.

RE: Press Cycle #24 - Fox Hunting - Sir Dylan Macmillan - 04-13-2018

I 100% support the move to limit fox hunting in the manner the Home Secretary has outlined before the House. Vile blood sports that gain enjoyment from the torture, dismemberment and destruction of animals in as inhumane a way as possible, including having them shredded by dogs, do not have any place in modern British society or indeed any civilised nation. There are plenty of ways to enjoy a rich and fulfilling life in the countryside in the modern era without resorting to these vicious blood sports, the sooner the practice is stamped out the better in my opinion. I am appalled by the number of Tories willing to come out and support such methods and hunts, but I would be lying if I said I was in the least bit surprised.

RE: Press Cycle #24 - Fox Hunting - Charles Kinbote - 04-13-2018

Labour say that it's vile to have foxes shredded, and torn to bits, and dismembered, by dogs - but at least that way we know they are dead. What is actually vile is Labour's proposal to flush out a fox and have it shot. A bullet shot at a fox is not a definite way of killing it. If a bullet doesn't kill the fox outright, then it will crawl away to die a long, painful death - being "ripped to shreds" by dogs is a sure way for them to be killed outright.

RE: Press Cycle #24 - Fox Hunting - Nathan - 04-13-2018

Press Cycle closed.

RE: Press Cycle #24 - Fox Hunting - Nathan - 04-17-2018

Labour: 25
So, as you can see, this was a tie – your soundbites were good and you tapped into the public consciousness well. However, the Tories also performed strongly and raised some practical, environmental and other concerns that you didn’t respond to as effectively as you could’ve. So it’s a tie.
Conservatives: 25
Another tie, which surprises me because the odds were against you guys. In a way, you also failed to respond to Labour’s fundamental points on how fox hunting was cruel (I think Kinbote attempted to do this in his last PR in an… interesting way), and on top of that Kinbote’s glee for killing foxes probably wasn’t great image wise. If those two issues had been addressed you could’ve won significantly, you addressed environmental, practical and moral (insofar as liberty is concerned) issues effectively.
The thing is, though, a tie isn’t much – it keeps the scales the same as they were before. The public are against fox hunting then, and I’m pretty sure they’ll remain against it now (and would've still, in the short term at least, been against it even if you won the press round overwhelmingly, probably).
Influence Points Awarded to:
Sean Kapur: “So in order to protect both our environment and our freedom of choice, we must vote against and defeat this bill.” – The environmental case is interesting. Also, the freedom point probably resonates. Have an influence point.
Andrew Summer: “The message from Labour to rural areas is simple: they don’t care about you.”  An influence point for the tagline, which will probably turn a lot of rural voters against the Labour Party (… Although, I’m unsure if many were on board anyway). The wider statement was also good, raising some pragmatic questions.
Lillian Nichols: “Roll back the hype: This is not a blanket ban. This is a ban on the hunting of wild mammals for sport. Blood lust isn’t a basic liberty.” Possibly ties with Summer for the strongest PR in the round – it really reflects the public mood: blood sport isn’t a liberty, it’s just cruel, no matter how you try to spin it.