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Press Cycle #32 - Queen's Speech - Nathan - 04-29-2018

"Does the government's Queen's Speech offer a positive vision for Britain?"

Closes 11:59 02/05/18

Bold your tagline, folks.

RE: Press Cycle #32 - Queen's Speech - James Allen - 04-30-2018

No, it doesn't. The Queen's Speech offers nothing but questions on the Government's priorities.

Our armed forces risk their lives day in, day out to protect this country and its citizens. They do a remarkable job in the line of duty and we should commend them for their service.

The former Commander now turned Prime Minister had a prime opportunity to show his respect and loyalty to the members of our armed forces who are risking their lives, he's just betrayed them by not even acknowledging them.

RE: Press Cycle #32 - Queen's Speech - Agnes Hamstead - 04-30-2018

Not only does the Queen's Speech not offer a positive vision for Britain, it barely offers a vision full-stop. The Labour Party can't decide on its message: "we have a strong mandate" is what they say. But how they act, with their legislative programme? It's a meek and weak piece of work. The only bold promises they offer are ones that will wreck the economy by integrating closer with the EU, and raise constitutional questions of who has a stronger mandate in making the Lords an elected Senate. No, there is no positive vision here. It is nothing more than a sad attempt to maintain credibility: a test this government has woefully—and quickly—failed.

RE: Press Cycle #32 - Queen's Speech - Alice Robertson - 04-30-2018

There is no limit to the Leader of the Opposition’s desperation in serving his own political ends. Nothing is sacred; nothing is safe from his grasping, leering hands. Now the Armed Forces, who defend his right to make ludicrous statements and jump on bandwagons, are the tool to meet his own political ends. It is for statements like his Queen’s Speech response why the British public don’t want him to be PM. Only a man who hasn’t served in uniform would question the commitment of the Prime Minister to our Armed Forces personnel.

RE: Press Cycle #32 - Queen's Speech - Agnes Hamstead - 04-30-2018

This is the state of the Labour Party: they have nothing to stand on, so they play political games with the Leader of the Opposition's remarks. At a time when our men and women in uniform are out defending us in Afghanistan, their government is using remarks about them as political pawns. Let's return to the issue: a weak government with a lacklustre Queen's Speech. A speech that, when it comes to my own portfolio of education, abandons Labour's manifesto commitments. Why? How much of their agenda did they abandon to try and buy support from other parties? And why is that being kept secret?

RE: Press Cycle #32 - Queen's Speech - Eilidh NicEachainn - 04-30-2018

It is absurd to argue that the Queen's Speech offers a positive vision for Britain - the general election just past showed that the trademark of the modern Labour Party is negativism. Rather than focussing on ideas and real issues, we saw a shift towards American style campaigning with increased focus on individuals and personalities - in particular Harold Saxon. This Queen's Speech offers nothing positive, and goes to show that in the eyes of the Labour minority Govt. led by a man with no mandate, that nothing has changed. The stale, worn out Labour Party policies that were rejected by the electorate in over half of the seats in this country, are once again being offered up by a minority government that couldn't even pass landmark legislation last parliament with a sizable majority.

RE: Press Cycle #32 - Queen's Speech - Alice Robertson - 04-30-2018

Only Hapless Harry, and his Shadow Cabinet puppet masters, would consider stronger public transport, stimulating house building, tackling climate change, and giving security to renters as ‘lacklustre’, ‘the wrong priorities’ and ‘disappointing’. This is from a party that believes the belief in equality is only for the election. The Queen Speech offers a positive and bold vision to increase homeownership, green our economy, and share prosperity. As the new Secretary of State for Housing, Energy and the Environment, I will be shortly introducing legislation to make it easier for local government to tackle empty homes and build more houses. This is something I expect all parties to agree with; it is a crucial part of our Queen’s Speech.

RE: Press Cycle #32 - Queen's Speech - Agnes Hamstead - 04-30-2018

When Alice Robertson is the best Labour can offer up to defend its Queen's Speech, you know things are awry. This weak minority government, headed by the Man with No Mandate, seems more interested in test driving new leaders in the public eye than it does in actually governing. Ironically, of course, their experiment in Leader for a Day leads to different messaging: when the Chancellor is having his fifteen minutes in the sun, he's not sure if Labour won the election or not. When it's Mrs. Robertson, she's first playing political games, then saying she's super focused on legislation. The only thing anybody in the Labour Party is obsessed with is who will be the next man—or woman—to lead the government, because it's clear Mr. Finch is nowhere to be found.

RE: Press Cycle #32 - Queen's Speech - Elizabeth Atwood - 04-30-2018

The only message the British public will take away from this Queens' Speech is Finch is a dead man walking. This is a government which claims to be invigorated by an election 'win', but has failed to set out an ambitious agenda for the next Parliament. It is a speech which does nothing to set out a plan to deal with the big challenges we face as a nation and which the Conservatives talked about in the election campaign - poverty, deprived communities, job creation, social care. Instead, this is an ode to the extremist left that Finch is now dependent on - billion pound commitments to nationalisation, but nothing for social care. A political agenda to join the Euro at whatever cost, but nothing to make our economy fairer for all. An ideological drive to rip apart our constitution, but nothing for our troops who are being asked the defend the freedom that our constitution guarantees us. Labour might thing government is about governing for the extremist left - but we will continue to talk about building a Britain fair for all.

RE: Press Cycle #32 - Queen's Speech - Sir Dylan Macmillan - 04-30-2018

This Throne Speech presents an incredibly positive vision for the UK going forward. Where the Conservatives offer a dystopian vision full of life sentences and Government overreach into ordinary people's lives this Government offers hope, investment and sound policy for our citizens whether they be rich or poor, male or female, hetero or homosexual. Our Throne Speech works for everyone, providing security for the people, opportunity for business, investment for our public services and democracy to our green and pleasant land. This is a throne speech delivered by a newly reinvigorated Government, with a strong working majority willing to work with other parties on a case by case basis where there is the potential to do so.

RE: Press Cycle #32 - Queen's Speech - Eilidh NicEachainn - 04-30-2018

Once again we see Labour at their usual tactics that we saw throughout the general election - with their whole argument coming seemingly down to making jibes at those who do not agree with them. Alice Robertson perfectly illustrates this with her remarks that boiled down to once again trying to focus on negative points and name calling - this week's winner with Labour's focus groups was 'hapless Harry'. This Queen's Speech is an indefensible travesty, which even Labour MPs have shown to be the case due to their refusal to actually defend it - instead opting to take another cheap pot-shot at the Leader of the Opposition. This Labour minority Govt. Queen's Speech presents a potentially bleak picture for this country, where a minority Govt. feels it has the moral mandate to legislate radical social change and ill thought out reforms that are constructed solely to get the Lib Dems on side.

RE: Press Cycle #32 - Queen's Speech - Sir Dylan Macmillan - 04-30-2018

The Tories want to pretend that this Throne Speech has come from the far left of the party but the simple fact is that it isn't. The Throne Speech is very simple, we demand equal rights regardless of race, gender, sexuality and wealth, we will legislate to make that happen in the coming years. The Throne Speech calls for more rehabilitation to free up jail space for the very serious offenders rather than simply giving everyone a life sentence as the Tories would have. We have committed to following through with legislation to elect the Upper Chamber to introduce democracy where previously there was autocracy. The only party beholden to narrow, extremist tendencies is the Conservative Party, Mr Finch has full liberty to appoint his own Cabinet but Hostage Harold is beholden to his own party when it comes to appointing his team, firing and rehiring his Shadow Chancellor to save his own skin. It is the Labour Party that promotes leadership for all, it is the Conservative Party that provides sectional interests and internal power struggles to rival the great royal houses of Medieval Europe, with social views to match.

Ms Khan talks about a lack of pride in our Throne Speech, she is of course lying through her teeth. Every Labour MP is proud to have voted through the repeal of Section 28 before the election, every Labour MP is proud to match that with actual commitments to tackle the ever-growing prison population, the gender pay gap and the continuing oppression felt by members of the homosexual community. This Throne Speech is an extraordinarily positive Throne Speech that will tackle the social injustices that burn at the heart of the United Kingdom, creating a country we can all be proud to call our home. In the election both parties spoke about driving Britain into the new Century, for Labour that meant the 21st Century, the Tories clearly want to drive us back to the 19th.

RE: Press Cycle #32 - Queen's Speech - Oscar Hattingly - 04-30-2018

The Throne Speech is a bold statement of the Government’s plans for the coming Parliamentary session and it is one that will deliver the promises made by Labour during the election; to deliver greater control to the NHS over their budgets, to deliver stronger and more effective rail services for Britain, to tackle crime in our communities, to continue the path to increase international aid, to deliver more power to local authorities to build housing and protect green spaces, to deliver equality for all. While the Conservatives complain in the press, the Government is getting to work on delivering a strong economy and a fairer society for all British people.

RE: Press Cycle #32 - Queen's Speech - Dame Oona Millar - 05-01-2018

This government has a democratic mandate and a clear vision. Its clarity is reflected back to us in the vulgar opposition from those whose undemocratic concentration of power this government has put on notice – it has been provocative with good cause. We are a modern democracy, and this government will act accordingly: we will seek out the abuses of power from those in the financial sector who have skirted tax laws too long and from those in public office there only because of a family name. This will, of course, rattle those who have, frankly, overstayed their privilege. This Throne Speech is an affirmation that this election mattered, and this government will pull us to the front in the new millennium as a modern society.

RE: Press Cycle #32 - Queen's Speech - Richard De Villiers - 05-01-2018

The speech from the Throne conclusively proves what many have been thinking for some time: that the Labour Government is ailing and ready to be put to pasture. While Britons across the country are looking for a government with vision and leadership, the Labour Government are busy rehashing ideas from 1955. The nationalization of the railways is as good an idea today as it was when the Conservative Party privatized it--which is to say, not at all. While I agree that we must address certain issues arising from their privatization, I believe that throwing the baby out with the bathwater is a dreadful mistake which will, in a decade's time, mean that we will have no railways at all.

If the answers of the Secretary of State are anything to go by, the Labour Government are going to pursue the complex and difficult questions of constitutional reform viz-a-viz the House of Lords with a feverish and rash fanaticism. With that in mind, it should be noted that every party for whom Lords reform was a plank of the platform suffered significant losses at the last election, therefore one does wonder what kind of mandate the Government has for this policy. Mr. Thomas seems to be resting his fanaticism on the very wobbly foundation of the public mandate. I, for one, have asked him to consult extensively with the Lords on reform, and to hold a referendum on the issue to give the people of Britain a say in the matter. He has soundly declined. It appears that, to Labour, democracy simply means 'whatever I want, the people be damned.'

RE: Press Cycle #32 - Queen's Speech - Agnes Hamstead - 05-01-2018

The Home Secretary clearly doesn't understand how democracy works. She says that opposition is "vulgar". Unfortunately for her and the whole of the Labour Party, elections matter: and their plummeting seat count shows that voters are fed up. The weak minority government, led by the man with no mandate, is tenuous at best. And the Queen's Speech, despite the Home Secretary's protestations to the contrary, was a lacklustre avowal of failure. Labour has no vision, no mandate and no plan. 

RE: Press Cycle #32 - Queen's Speech - Terry Roberts - 05-01-2018

I was pleased overall with the speech, yes. The most important thing in my book ensuring we're providing a voice for working people on jobs, care, and security, and I believe the Labour Party is more than up to the task. We have the opportunity to lay out the right priorities that will impact peoples' lives for years to come, and I hope that we'll have the full opportunity to do that.

RE: Press Cycle #32 - Queen's Speech - Agnes Hamstead - 05-01-2018

Mr. Cacciatore says that he believes it is vital for Labour to provide people a voice on issues like jobs. That's a noble sentiment but it begs the question: why did the Queen's Speech not mention anything about jobs? In fact, the only person who spoke about jobs in regards to the Queen's Speech was the Leader of the Opposition who, rightly, pointed out that Labour had nothing to say on the matter. Mr. Finch—Labour's man with no mandate—has embarrassed his backbench colleague by sending him out to talk about Labour's jobs plan when, in actual fact, the Queen's Speech says nothing about the very issue. 

RE: Press Cycle #32 - Queen's Speech - Sir Dylan Macmillan - 05-01-2018

The Conservative Party are determined to believe that every single minutia of Government policy must be laid out completely, down to the very bills we will produce, in our Throne Speech. The fact of the matter is that if we were to lay down a five year programme in intricate detail in the Throne Speech, Her Majesty would be there for weeks and the debate would last pretty much the entire length of the Parliament. The Throne Speech lays out exactly how we will create a pro-employment economy, with economic stability being a key proposal to establish this sitting in at line three of the speech. Other measures include massive investment in our public services and our education system, our clampdown on organised crime and our commitment to growing new economic partners with our international aid budget. When reality doesn't meet the Tory narrative they just invent a bunch of new and convenient "facts" that do work with the narrative, they are so totally ignorant of the reality of the situation in this Throne Speech and the United Kingdom that they have to lie to the public to sell their message.

RE: Press Cycle #32 - Queen's Speech - Philip Porter - 05-01-2018

Last year the Labourites in the Queen Speech talked a big game about a new Victim's Bill of Rights that would protect every crime victim. This year instead of reuping on that promise they offer the simplistic and insufficient response of streamlining government services for victims. Time and time again those in charge of our country have talked a big game about building a better future for Britain while promising the bare minimum. This Government has seen fit to dream small dreams that will only leave Britain less safe, less secure, and less well off.