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RE: Press Cycle #36: Economy & Manufacturing - Steve - 05-25-2018

Issue profile: high - 40 momentum points

Labour: 17.5

You started off okay. But look - "we didn't avoid recession, we're great!" isn't the bombastic message that sells. It was better when you were emphasising stability; and the Chancellor's swipe at Tory spending plans worked well given that successive budgets and shadow budgets have handed Labour an economic credibility badge. But your contributions weren't as sharp and tight as the Tory ones on balance.
Conservatives: 22.5
500,000 jobs is a good stat, and you hammer it. I was sick of reading it, but that means that it got through to some ordinary people. You were slightly put off track by the Chancellor at the end. And be careful about euphemisms for cuts like "alter spending plans".
Influence Points:

Richard Ross: "Here's an idea for the next budget: let's create growth by actually listening to what companies need and then providing." - Common sense, duh

Alwyn Thomas: "Under the Conservative Party the deficit would skyrocket, our debt would become unmanageable, and our economy would collapse." Oh no Tory debt!

Michael Kirton: "Here's a fact for the Chancellor: since 1998—the first full year of Labour government in this country—the United Kingdom lost 500,000 manufacturing jobs." Good stat