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Campaigning - Morgan - 10-31-2018

To be used for Official Campaign and Personal hours.

RE: Campaigning - Michael Nash - 11-03-2018

Canvassing/Mainstreeting – 0.5 hours
1.0 personal hour remaining for Nash

Michael Nash, Chancellor of the Exchequer went mainstreeting in Cardiff to advocate for a Welsh Assembly. Speaking to voters, he said:
  • Welsh Assembly gives Wales a clear voice on the issues that matter to you. A Welsh Assembly will be more representative of the people of Wales and will be accountable to you for the decisions they take. Providing a clear voice, representing the people of Wales.
  • Welsh people know the needs of the NHS in Wales, the needs of schools or the environment here, what the housing situation is. Local people know best what the needs of local people and local services are. A Welsh Assumbly puts Welsh public services under Welsh control.
  • As one of the Home Nations, Wales has a distinct culture, identity, language and history. A Welsh Assembly builds on that to ensure that Wales is run in a characteristically Welsh way, fully aware of and responsive to the idiosyncratic history and attitude of this country and providing a clear voice of leadership for Wales.

He handed out a leaflet to voters.
[Image: Wales-Leaflet1-front.png]
[Image: Wales-Leaflet1-back.png]

Billboard – 1 hour
All Nash's personal hours now used

[Image: Wales-Billboard1.png]

RE: Campaigning - Noah Robinson - 11-03-2018

Canvassing - Pontypridd (0.5 hours).

The Home Secretary, Noah Robinson, travelled around the town of Pontypridd to discuss the upcoming devolution referendum with voters. 

"Hi, I'm Noah Robinson from the Labour Party... you might have seen me on the telly from time to time *chuckles.* I'm here to discuss the upcoming devolution referendum. If you don't mind me asking, how do you intend to vote in the upcoming devolution referendum?"

If voting yes: "That's great! I'm glad you will be joining a cross party coalition that makes it clear that Wales' future lies in Wales' hands, and that devolution not only strengthens Wales but strengthens our United Kingdom. Make sure you get to the polling station and cast your vote on the 5th of November. Perhaps you would like a leaflet to share with friends or family?" 

If voting no: "Ah, okay. That's understandable with a debate as complicated and nuanced as this one. Perhaps you'll be interested in taking this leaflet?"

If unsure: "I understand that this debate is complicated and nuanced. A lot of people I have spoken to have mostly be concerned that devolution would weaken the United Kingdom. But Britain is the most federalised country in Europe. Lots of strong economies, communities and cultures across Europe and the globe know that their community - and a consequence their nation - put local decisions in the hands of local people. Who do you think better understands the needs of Pontypridd, someone from Pontypridd or someone from the North East of England such as myself? That is the fundamental question here, so I hope you'll take and share this leaflet and vote yes on the 5th of November."

If not voting: "I can understand that this debate might leave you feeling torn and frustrated. This is possibly the most important question put to the Welsh people in a generation. Governments come and go, but the power the Welsh people could be given is lasting. Whatever your belief, I encourage you to head to the polling station on the 5th of November - maybe you'll read over this leaflet and consider voting yes to hand local decisions to local people?" 

Leaflet handed to voters: 


[Image: Wales-Billboard1.png]

[Image: Wales-Leaflet1-back.png]

Mainstreeting -  Newport (0.5 hours)

Noah Robinson, the Home Secretary, talked to voters in Newport about the upcoming devolution referendum. 

To one voter, he said: "Accountability should be the beating heart of our politics. With every layer of politics we need to know who holds power, what that power is, and how and when they can be rid of should they misuse that power. But do we have a truly accountable system when most of the decisions affecting you are made in the corridors of Whitehall? When the only opportunity you have to influence Wales' future is every four years and Wales' voice is just one of many louder ones? Newport deserves an accountable politics - and the best way to do that is giving local decisions to local people such as yourself. For an accountable politics you should vote yes on the 5th of November."

To another, he discussed how local issues were better in local hands: "I'll be honest, though I think my accent gives it away - I'm from Hartlepool. I'm sure there's a variety of issues you have and want to discuss that I don't know about. For those locked up in the corridors of Whitehall and Westminster their sense of being out of touch is even worse: they've never even been to Newport in their lives, they don't know how to regenerate Newport into the industrial beating heart it once was, or care about Newport's quest to obtain city status. Those kind of decisions are best made by the people here, don't you think? That's why I think a Yes vote will strengthen Newport, strengthen Wales and ultimately strengthen all of us here in Britain." 

He also discussed how the United Kingdom would be strengthened should Wales vote for devolution: "Before the campaign started we heard some scary claims from the Tory party about how these proposals today would weaken Britain by giving Wales the powers it deserves. We can look across to other strong economies, cultures and countries across the world to know that would not be the case. The UK is the most federalised country in Europe and the proposals we are putting forward to you today are just the baby steps in rectifying that. Local people know how to make decisions that strengthen their economies. A stronger Newport means a stronger Wales and a stronger Britain."

Leaflet handed to voters:


[Image: Wales-Billboard1.png]

[Image: Wales-Leaflet1-back.png]

Speech - Cardiff

"Devolution is so common sense an argument that we have a variety of voices supporting it. As the Tories stand as lone voices, kicking and screaming to keep the archaic, out-of-touch centralised system of government that has failed Britain and the United Kingdom for so long a new consensus is being built, by a coalition across party and ideological lines, supported by those on the left, right and centre of British politics. The Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and the Labour Party and a variety of others have made it clear: local decisions should be made by local people. The future of Wales should be directed by the people of Wales.

I'm sure the Liberal Democrats will give a strong liberal, social democratic or centrist case for decentralising government. I am sure Plaid Cymru, however much I may disagree with the principle of nationalism, could present a nationalist one. But the political home of Wales has always been in the Labour movement: on the socialists and Trade Unionists who have represented the working people of Wales and formed governments for the people of Wales, including now. But it is not enough to hope the Labour Party forms a government that represents the Welsh people in Westminster - and this government understands that now more than ever. It is time we ensure there is a Welsh government, to ensure whatever colour elected into it it exists for the people of Wales.

That is why I must personally make the socialist case for devolution. The Labour case. This government's case. In the Labour movement we have often talked about redistribution of wealth - of ensuring those with extra can spare that wealth to help those born into less fortunate circumstances achieve their full potential and live happy, healthy and meaningful lives. That is not just across individuals, but across communities and nations: not just of Britain, but of the world.

But to help people achieve happy, healthy and meaningful lives, it is not enough to ensure they are handed wealth. We socialists of all people understand there is so much more to money, to happiness, to prosperity, than money. To maximise the potential of the people of Wales we must also redistribute power. That is why wealth distribution is important, as wealth is a material symbol of power. But it goes so much deeper than that. Under our current political model power is concentrated in the hands of the powerful, but in the hands of ordinary citizens who need it. 

And as long as power is in the hands of the powerful the vested interests of Westminster will always prevail and the Labour movement's vision will never be actualised. It is time for the power of the lobbyists, bankers and elitists in London to spare the power they concentrate and hoard and give it to the people best determined to guide the course of their own lives and their own nation: the Welsh nation. You, and you, and you. That is the Labour movement in action and that is what we - with your vote - will do.

For too long a certain party which are campaigning against devolution have viewed Wales as free game: there are no votes here, and they do not need your voice or your consent to unleash the policies of their choosing upon you. Is that fair? It is time for an accountable Welsh politics, where every vote ultimately comes down to you - a Welsh government whose primary interest is for the Welsh people, and who need Welsh votes. That is the opportunity the Welsh people have on the fifth of November. I implore you all to vote for that vision, for the opportunity for the Welsh people to finally pursue their vision. Thank you."

RE: Campaigning - Michael Nash - 11-03-2018

Leafleting – 0.5 hours
9.5 hours remain for the official campaign

[Image: Wales-Leaflet1-front.png]
[Image: Wales-Leaflet1-back.png]

RE: Campaigning - Janet Marshall - 11-03-2018

Official Campaign - Leafleting (0.5hrs) and Canvassing (0.5hrs)
8.5 hours left for official campaign on day 1

Janet Marshall took to the streets of Swansea to discuss the devolution referendum with local people. In her discussions, she talked about:

- The fact that currently, so much power over the future of Wales is in the hands of Westminster and decisions are taken by MPs who are mostly from England. Why should English MPs be able to make decisions for Wales that the people of Wales potentially don't want?
- Devolution would result in many more decisions being taken for Welsh people by Welsh representatives. Not only do Wales' own representatives have a better understanding of what Wales needs, but they would be democratically accountable only to the people of Wales. You can't get rid of English MPs who make decisions you don't like, but Wales would be able to have its say over a Welsh parliament.
- Historically, there have been differences between Wales and the rest of the UK - differences in law, in how public services are delivered - and Wales' unique identity flourishing has only strengthened the United Kingdom. Devolution would strengthen Wales and as a result strengthen, not weaken, the United Kingdom as a whole.

A leaflet was distributed. The leaflet was printed on a green background with white text, reminiscent of the Welsh flag. On the front side, it says "Wales' future... In Wales' hands" and then under this heading - "Vote for devolution on 5th November"

On the back the leaflet has the text:
Wales has the opportunity on 5th November to take control of its own future. Right now, all of the biggest decisions are made for Wales in Westminster, by MPs who are mostly English. Even if all of Wales wants to go one way, English MPs could force them down another path. Does that seem right?

We can change this. You have the chance to vote for devolution - a Welsh parliament to make decisions for the Welsh people by the Welsh people. This would mean a lot of power over Wales being taken away from Westminster and given back to you. Welsh representatives would know what is best for Wales much more than people in London - and they would all be accountable to you.

On 5th November you have the chance to seize a brighter future for Wales in Welsh hands. Vote for devolution.

RE: Campaigning - Morgan - 11-04-2018

Day 2

RE: Campaigning - Agnes Hamstead MP - 11-04-2018

Canvassing - .5 hours
8 hours remain

Prime Minister Hamstead was in Cardiff, campaigning in support of a pro-devolution and pro-taxation powers vote.
  • Devolution and taxation powers will ensure decisions for the Welsh people are made by those most affected.
  • A pro-vote will help make decision makers more accountable, while also protecting public services from right-wing cuts from future Westminster governments
  • Doing nothing is not an option; a vote against devolution and taxation powers means no change for Wales - Westminster governments will continue to impose decisions on Wales if devolution doesn't win.

RE: Campaigning - Agnes Hamstead MP - 11-04-2018

Canvassing - .5 hours
7.5 hours remain

Prime Minister Hamstead was in Bangor, campaigning for a pro-devolution, pro-taxation vote.
  • Devolution will put more power in your hands, hold decision makers more accountable and ensure that decisions about services in Wales will be made with the best interests of the Welsh people at heart.
  • A pro-taxation vote will ensure that devolution is a success. Devolution without taxation will mean the Welsh Assembly will rely on Westminster to deliver on what the new Assembly legislates on
  • Devolution and taxation will insulate Wales against future governments in Westminster that try to impose austerity measures.

RE: Campaigning - Janet Marshall - 11-04-2018

Billboard - 1hr
6.5hrs of official campaign time left

Billboards were displayed across Wales featuring the text:

Give Wales a brighter future on November 5
Vote for devolution
Vote for taxation powers

White font on green background.

Canvassing - 0.5hrs
6hrs left

Janet Marshall walked the streets of Swansea campaigning for a vote in favour of taxation powers

- Giving a new Welsh Assembly taxation powers gives it the chance to make the biggest impact and respond most closely to the needs of the people of Wales, which gives it a better chance of making your life better.
- Without taxation powers, Wales remains more reliant on Westminster and the whims of the UK parliament and whichever government happens to be in charge. A government which is out of line with the wishes of Wales could stifle the Welsh Assembly's attempts to improve life in Wales.
- Bringing taxation powers to Wales puts more power over Welsh people in Welsh hands. That means you have more power and the decisions which impact your life are more accountable to you.