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Press Cycle #21 - Attacks in the US
Labour: 26
Really good, powerful set of contributions that poignantly offer words of hope and unity when those emotions are probably most needed. Also not very partisan, mostly, which is good. People can look to the government as a source of hope following these awful attacks.
Conservative: 24
What I said with Labour, really, applies to the Tories too. Most of the contributions this press round were really stellar. The only reason you lose out is because you’re not quite as loud as the government in your response.
Influence Points Awarded to:
Barbara Bond: “We must not, not even for a second, allow them to divide us. We must stand together – shoulder to shoulder with our European and American brothers and sisters – against this threat.” Really summarises what a lot of people on the left, and in Britain as a whole, are feeling. It’s a message of strength and unity in one, delivered by Bond really well.
Elizabeth Atwood: “We must pull together, stand united in the face of adversity with our allies and send a clear message to the murderers who seek to do us harm: the values of freedom and democracy will always win over darkness and fear.” Who’d have ever thought Elizabeth Atwood and Barbara Bond would deliver such similar statements? But it is the mood music of the country, and Atwood also delivers it poignantly.
Atwood is becoming a well-known and probably well liked character. The Tories’ problems have, until now, been economic, but the economic problems still remain: should Atwood begin to build an economic platform, she may have Labour truly on their toes.
Aaron Pitt: “We need a robust and shared response to these attacks, taking action where we can hold those responsible to account. We will not flinch in calling out those responsible for what they are, murderous and callous savages. They will not succeed in their twisted quest for change, democracy and peace will win through.” It’s all nice to talk about unity, but there’s also a tone of anger – and the desire that justice has to be actively pursued. Pitt reflected that most effectively in his statement. Although the wonky grammar at the end may make some people think you’re saying the terrorists were calling for democracy and peace! Woops.
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