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Press Cycle #25 - Manufacturing
Labour: 23.5
Being in government sucks – because when something goes wrong, even if it’s nothing to do with you, people are going to blame you. This is really decent damage control. However, sadly, damage control has to be done when damage has been done. You also could’ve done well to respond more directly to the Tories’ claims and called them out, otherwise if left unchallenged people are going to eat them up.
Conservatives: 26.5
You really went in for Labour here – perhaps unfairly, sure, but it resonated. What an alternate could be would’ve resonated more, and your win would’ve been more decisive, had it been someone from the actual frontbench giving an offer of what that alternative could be.
Influence Points Awarded to:
Alwyn Thomas: “I can announce that this budget will include substantial increases in investment towards Adult Skills, the New Deal and Job Centres to ensure that unemployment is not the end of the line for the thousands who are affected by this news, or the millions left behind by Tory mismanagement.”  The Chancellor offering a way to avoid this happening again always rings well. Also, the little strike against the Tories was effective – if only it was done more.
Simon Calvert: “Their best ideas are retraining grants while doing nothing for the dignity, honour or economic needs of the families who will be negatively impacted. This plant closing, and the loss of nearly 3,000 jobs shows that Labour policies are bad for Britain’s economy and our economic standing around the world.” Is this a fair accusation? Probably not. Do the public buy it? Yes, probably. The accusation that the government aren’t doing enough for the actual people involved is also a fair point.
Sean Kapur: “What we need in order to survive the new world is low corporate taxes, and investment in trade schools, without these essential things we cannot survive in the global economy.” The first and only Tory to offer a solid alternative theory as to how this situation could’ve been avoided – too bad he isn’t a frontbencher.
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