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Press Cycle #26 - Recall of MPs
Labour: 22
You could’ve contributed a little more, the comments here struck me as half-hearted or as not providing the kind of critical eye (even if it’s constructively or cooperatively critical) that would usually be expected of the government when the Opposition has announced a policy. The Tories were their own main opposition here – and when the Tories are their main Opposition without the opposite party also gunning against them, that can weirdly be a good sign.
Conservatives: 28
Well done. Looks like you’ve struck some political consensus and you’re doing really well at bigging yourselves up here and promoting the policy. Too bad your backbenchers had to bite – otherwise the win would’ve been that bit more decisive.
Influence Points Awarded to:
Aubyn Myerscough: “Building trust in politics requires more MPs who are willing to stand up for their principles, not more MPs willing to sell out to avoid a recall petition.” Snazzy tagline, and a good point – that is effectively countenanced by the point it’s not just a petition that gets MPs recalled, but the sentiment still reflects that something deeper has to be done to rebuild trust in politics.
Simon Calvert: “This is not an idle, populist tool that has been suggested by some. It is a surgical knife to cut out the cancer of indolent and lazy politicians who serve their own whims rather than the needs of the people. This is not a club in which to exact retribution, but a tool to fix what is broken when it is broken.” Strong rhetoric and an interesting (if not slightly grim) metaphor that bigs up the policy and deflects from some of the critiques of the policy.
Andrew Summer: “We can and must do more to make politics more transparent and politicians more accountable to the voters and this is a good place to start.” Summer liked recall before it was cool. Summer makes this clear. Summer gets an influence point.
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