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Press Cycle #33: Railtrack
Issue profile: high - 40 momentum points

Labour: 24

A decent win - a much better performance in the press than in Parliament. Here you pretty effectively argue that the Tories are the ones responsible for Railtrack and you're fixing it up: which opens the question of why you didn't do anything sooner (more on that later). But this is an issue people will naturally side with you on, and you hit the right points to win the argument.
Conservatives: 16
The argument that Labour ran railtrack for the last 5 years worked quite well but to be honest you could have done more with it. Why was how Labour ran it bad, and why isn't reversing Railtrack the right policy given that? What was really needed was - as in Parliament - to address the central question of how a non-nationalised alternative would be okay or better for safety. Because that's what has people most worried when it comes to the railways.
Influence Points:

Evelyn Lynwood: "The Nationalisation of Railtrack is an expensive, unnecessary, bureaucratic response to tragedy that will change nothing about how the rail system works."

Richard Ross: "A rail monopoly is a rail monopoly, whether it's private or public. It's time to end the revolving door of monopolies failing or rail system and introduce some competition for a change."

Alwyn Thomas: "The Tories are looking out for their rich city friends who would pick up the contracts and make a fat stack of cash whereas Labour are looking out for commuters' safety and the national interest."
Will be doing things soon
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