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Press Cycle #37: Justice & Human Rights
Issue profile: medium - 30 momentum points

Labour: 15

You got out there and sold a message more effectively, even if most people find your message a little hard to live with. So much for "tough on crime" is the line the tabloids take.

Lib Dems: 8
Your message is somewhat crowded out by the government having pretty much the same line.
Conservatives: 7
You only had one contribution from a backbencher - so you are lucky it is more populist than the Government's. If you don't want to lose out so strongly then you need to get a party line out there on big issues like this.
Influence Points:

Joye Lin: "Britain wants tougher measures against those with a vendetta against law and order, and we have not only the power but the duty to deliver on that." - The Sun cheers

Emily Kennedy: "We politicians are profoudly unqualified to deliver justice, and only a tyrrancial country would allow its politicians to do so in place of the courts. Justice and human rights are two sides of the same coin."

Rebecca Flair: "I wholeheartedly support the decision by the Supreme Court to overturn this archaic practice of allowing politicians to meddle in the sentencing process."
Will be doing things soon
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