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Press cycle: Firefighters Pay
The work which firemen do is dangerous, necessary and life-saving. I will be the first to stand up and thank them for their selfless work. While the Liberal Democrats believe that firemen are personal employees of the tax payer, the Labour party takes the cynical view that these heroes do what they do for the money. By contrast, I believe that firemen work hard every day primarily out of a love for their communities and that their pay is a secondary consideration. It isn't so long ago that we had volunteer fire departments across the country and there was, even in those days, no shortage of brave men and sometimes women who would run into burning buildings to save homes and, more importantly, lives. However, these men are now professionals and, on the whole, we are better off for it. Being that they have devoted themselves to this kind of dangerous task, it is only right that they should be properly remunerated for their work and that pay should be given according to the needs and abilities of local communities. I believe that local councils should be responsible for negotiating pay and organizing fire departments across the country, not some bureaucrats in Whitehall. This will ensure that fire departments are organized according to local need and that they are remunerated for their service according to what is reasonable in their area.

The firefighters' union representatives have made clear that my solution is the appropriate one: the cost of living in London being significantly higher than anywhere else in the country, and firefighters there being so busy by comparison, is the exact reason that firefighters must be paid and organized by local councils. The current pay structure for firefighters is the way it is because of its centralized nature; if we distribute this authority to local communities, as we have done with many other vital services to excellent effect, then we will see firefighters receive a fairer wage across the country.
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