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Labour Leadership (and Deputy) Election Cycle
Media Cycle:

“Who is best suited to lead the Labour party as leader and deputy leader, and what do you make of the campaign so far?”

This press cycle will be closed at 23:59 on the 28/01/18. 

Remember to bolden the “tagline” of your statement. 
Head Administrator of PolUK
Special Advisor for the Prime Minister, Cabinet, Foreign Office, Defence and the Chief/Shadow Whip
Advisor for the Labour Party

"If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there'd be a shortage of sand." ~ Milton Friedman
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I am very happy to have been asked to be the chair of Elizabeth's campaign. None of us wanted this leadership election - we want to be governing and implementing the manifesto on which we were all elected and getting on with the job. To me, it's a simple question. Who do I think is best placed to carry forward John's vision? Who has the will and the experience to build on that vision and build a better Britain? The answer for me is Elizabeth Tanner. Elizabeth has the experience to deliver, she has the passion to take that legacy forward, and she has the guts to take the difficult decisions that we all know government involves - with her we can get on with the job of building a better Britain.
Rt. Hon. Sean Manning MP

Chancellor of the Exchequer (2000 - )
Labour MP for Bristol East (1992 - )
Chief Secretary to the Treasury (1997 - 2000)
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I think how Labour have dealt with this has been dismal, quite frankly. Selling off cabinet slots for leadership votes, factional infighting...It's just all so outdated, isn't it? It's not the modern, professional image Britain deserves. The Tory contest has been as it should be; adult candidates discussing their visions for the brand and country, just as recruitment goes in industry every day across the country. Labour are not presenting the credible, professional politics the public are calling for.
Aaron | Coaching Admin
Civil Service roles: FCO, MoD, Environment
Press roles: Foreign coverage
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You would think leadership candidates who desire to serve this nation as Prime Minister would be rushing to give a good example and lead a contest of ideas, but it seems an embarrasing spectacle of egos suits them best. I for one don't believe people will feel motivated by politics when they see the candidates to become the next Prime Minister resort to leaking, allegedly offering cabinet positions and ripping themselves apart in public to obtain higher office. One has to wonder how Elizabeth Tanner or Ben Maulty  hope to gain the trust of the country if they require such undignified behavior to win the trust of their own colleagues.
Rt. Hon. Edward Winter MP / Conservative and Unionist Party
Member of Parliament for Ashford (1979 - Present)

Shadow Foreign Secretary (1992 - Present)
Leader of the House of Commons (1990-1992)
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Look, Labour is having a robust debate on the issues that face the country and how we best carry on John Smith's legacy. If the cut and thrust has been occasionally rather sharp then frankly I think that represents the strength and passion that all of Labour's future leaders and its MPs feel. And let's remember that all parties have leadership contests and they are - at the end of the day - elections and they are designed to be competitive. But Labour will, as it always does, unite behind whoever is elected. And for the Conservatives - their leadership contenders no less - to be talking as if they know anything about unity or loyalty after having basically forced out their last leader for a personal matter in his past, well let's just say I won't lose much sleep on their criticisms. To be frank, I am chuffed that Labour has three passionate contenders for the leadership with ideas and passion for our country while the Tory contenders' only passion seems to be jumping in front of every camera to comment on the Labour Party.
Rt. Hon. Sean Manning MP

Chancellor of the Exchequer (2000 - )
Labour MP for Bristol East (1992 - )
Chief Secretary to the Treasury (1997 - 2000)
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I am pleased to announce that I will be endorsing Elizabeth Tanner for Labour's leadership election. In the end she has proven herself to be the best candidate to keep the promises we made in 1997, and then build on them as our country moves into the new millennium. I would also commend the campaigns of Ben Maulty and Harri Pollitt for giving our party the opportunity to the issues that hard-working people care so deeply about. In the end I hope to work with our new Prime Minister, who ever it may be, and help aspire the hope and change that prevailed in 1997.
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On balance, one of John Smith's greatest qualities was his ability to unite people. It is this same quality that we must have in our next leader. Yet the discussions happening now in different leadership camps show that Socialism is indeed under threat and the Labour left is needed now more than ever before to keep our leaders honest and accountable to the people they serve. It will take more than flashy placards and graphics to win the hearts and minds of the British people - it will take vision, strength and a radical agenda focused on peace and prosperity. That is the type of leadership we need and the type I will be supporting.
Rt Hon Harriet Roth MP
Member of Parliament for Stoke-on-Trent North (1983-)
Former Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Energy and the Environment
Former Secretary of State for Housing and Urban Development

Socialist Campaign Group - Eurosceptic, Peacenik, Bennite
Labour Party

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It appears as if the election of the next Labour leader will be the "Night of Red Knives". I have never seen a more obtuse, divisive, and frankly rank political fight in my life. Rather than offering a long term vision for an ambitious future for every Briton Labour has descended into a hellscape; a mad dash fight to seize power rather than to lead. Labour will struggle mightily to unify their party after this mess, much less unify the country around whatever vision they eventually emerge with, battered and bruised and far beneath the dignity of our great nation.  
Philip Porter
MP for Orkney and Shetlands (1983-Present)
Leader of the Liberal Democrats (1992-Present)
Liberal Democrats Spokesman for the Treasury (1992)

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I have put my name forward to continue our party's legacy as the party that fights the corner for our  nations working families. As the new century marches on we faces challenges that we must face as a nation, environmental degradation, an aging population, aging infrastructure, and globalisation but to a name a few. I believe with all my heart that the Labour party, the peoples party is the best choice to guide our nation through these challenges. 

My focus if elected leader will be to focus on jobs, the environment, health and making the UK a force for peace in the world.

In regards to the recent squabbles involving the tete a tete of the two Progress candidates we are seeing an ugly side of politcs that no one wants to see. We are a party of government and a party that needs maturity and honest open debate not backroom deals and intercine warfare.
Joseph "Uncle Joe" Flanagan
Member of Parliament for Easington 1983 - Present
Secretary of State for Natural Resources & Environment 1992 - Present

Shadow Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food 1987-1992
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I am disappointed in people who think the way to win this leadership contest is to leak anonymously. What they have done is to damage this Government and weaken the Labour party in undoing the damage inflicted by the Conservatives. If we are to continue to be a strong Government these leaks must stop immediately. If you disagree then put your name to your comments instead of cowardly leaks.
Rt Hon Oscar Hattingly QC MP
Member for Truro
Leader of the Liberal Democrats
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I think there's lots of people better qualified than me to comment on these rumours - John Prescott, for instance. For now, I'd like to zoom in on the fact that the members of the Conservative Party can now for the second time pick a leader from two candidates after a good, healthy debate about the values that bring our party together. On content, their contest should have been rather dull. Relating how Labour managed to make it the talk of the town is something I'd rather leave to the media, since you've already done it so well.
the Rt Hon. Angus "Gus" Quigley MP | Conservative MP for Crosby (1992-present)
Opposition Chief Whip (2000-) and Shadow Infrastructure and Transport Secretary (2000-)
Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (1999-2000)

"Get Netflix at the PM's Office."
- Sybrand Buma, when asked what his first act as Prime Minister of the Netherlands would be.
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Party unity has always been one of the most important parts of British politics. What we are seeing is a shocking and brazen display of backstabbing and disloyalty. A party that cannot control its members does not deserve to control the government.
The Rt. Hon. Sir Jonathan Horncastle, GBE PC MP Ph.D. (Cantab)
Conservative Party, Tory Reform Group
Shadow First Secretary of State (1992-Present)
Shadow Secretary of State for Regions, Nations, and Devolution (1992-Present)
Chairman of the Conservative Party (1992-Present)
MP for Chelsea and Fulham (1979-Present)
Secretary of State for Education and Science (1990-1992)
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While I will be eager and ready to work with any of our strong leadership candidates should they win, I am today endorsing Elizabeth Tanner for the Leadership of the Labour Party. She will form a government that will be compassionate and competent in leading Britain forward into the new millennia, something the Tories weren't able to manage in 18 years of mismanagement. I can think of no better person to continue the legacy left by John Smith.
Eric Landry Labour Party
Secretary of State for Heath (2000 - Present)

Member of Parliament for Edinburgh Pentlands (1997 - Present)

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It is with sadness and anger that I am seeing, at a moment of national mourning, the unity that John built, as leader, falling apart. From talk about backroom deals, to leaked leadership manifestos there is no room in Labour for such behaviour. Labour after all is not the Conservative Party. Despite all this, I remain hopeful that our next leader will be able to move the party on from this dark period and reassure people that the talk of corruption is just that; talk. I continue to believe the best person to lead us is Elizabeth Tanner but whoever is elected will have to show the public a Labour Government is an open government and an honest one. 
MP for Cambridge (1992 - )
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Press Cycle closed.
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