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Conservative Leadership Election Cycle
Media Cycle:

“Who is best suited to lead the Conservative Party as leader, and what do you make of the campaign so far?”

This press cycle will be closed at 23:59 GMT on 28/01/18.

Remember to put the “tagline” of your statement in bold.
Acting Head Admin
Speaker of the House of Commons
Advisor for the Labour Party, the Cabinet Office and the Home Office
Poll wrangler and election psephologist

I forget Andy has political opinions. I always just think of him as a Civil Servant in real life - Mac
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In this election we need a leader that is going to go forward and beat the Labour party in the next election we need to unify the party behind the leadership. I believe the best candidate to be the leader we need is Sir Harold Saxon. With a balance between new ideas and traditional Conservatism, Sir Harold Saxon is the most capable leader our party into the future. While the other two candidates represent one of the three main factions and don’t try to put forward a plan to unify the other factions behind them. For instance Saxon’s plan to go forward with Europe but make sure to keep a healthy dosage of skepticism to balance the Eurosceptics in the party. Whereas Summer takes a staunch Eurosceptic plan, and Asher-Grey doesn’t take a stand on either side of the issue.
MP for Aberavon
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I unequivocally support Sir Harold Saxon to be the next leader of the Conservative Party. He has consistently shown the sort of steadfast, down to earth, common decency we need in charge. The Conservative Party is in need of top quality leadership that ensures that we will be able to provide a capable alternative to the Labour Government. Strong leadership is needed now more than ever and Sir Harold Saxon is just the leader that Britain needs now. 
Philip Porter
MP for Orkney and Shetlands (1983-Present)
Leader of the Liberal Democrats (1992-Present)
Liberal Democrats Spokesman for the Treasury (1992)

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Very Disappointed to see so many leadership candidates present such a very anti-EU platform. At the very least we shouldn't rule out joining the euro, should there be a point in the future where the case for joining it is stronger. Only a Leadership Platform which remains open-minded on Europe can and will be able to unite and bring together the party on this very divisive issue.

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Without a doubt, I support Sir Harold's bid to lead our Party. He has proven his ability to lead and serve both in Westminster and his career prior to politics, and that is something any of us Tories should be looking for. He is a uniter, not a divider, and will provide strong, stable leadership for the Party, and, hopefully, will get to be our next Prime Minister. Ladies and gentlemen, it's not a question at all for me - I support a safe pair of hands, so I support Sir Harold utterly, no dilly dallying about it!
Francis Paris PhD (Londin) MP
Member for Arundel and South Downs
Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and the Environment
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I'm giving my full support to Sir Harold in his campaign for party leadership, I think Sir Harold is the best person for the job as he can unite this party, making it and effective opposition to whatever reckless path Labour takes this country down.
His fresh ideas combined with the defence of traditional Conservative principles and policy shows he can reach across the divide of the Conservative party's members and make this party strong. 
I am convinced more so now than ever, after looking at the options Labour have put forward for Leadership that this country needs a Conservative Government and the best chance we have of securing that is with Sir Harold as our leader.
Calum Douglas Wilson MP
Fmr. Shadow Home Secretary (1992)
Fmr. Conservative Party Chief Whip (1992)
Conservative and Unionist Party
Monday Club
MP for Windsor & Maidenhead

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What is very telling about the current leadership races is the big divide between how Labour and the Conservatives deal with open debate. While the Tories have, and I hope you'll excuse the slight self-indulgence, a good crop of high calibre candidates having a frank and honest debate about their visions for Britain, Labour have descended into factional warfare. The Conservatives are having a professional discussion about national leadership and are presenting politics as its best while Labour are outdoing themselves to show how empty and shallow it really can be.
Aaron | Coaching Admin
Civil Service roles: FCO, MoD, Environment
Press roles: Foreign coverage
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If there is something to be said about our current contest for the leadership is that, unlike the Labour Party, we can have a contest of issues without our egos getting in the way. Britain deserves a dignified, united and strong opposition in place, and even if we don't always agree, I'm confident Hilda, Sir Harold or myself will lead a united party that will provide the strong, capable government this country needs. If you seek a responsible, principled alternative to Labour misrule, division and chaos, look no further than the Conservative Party.
Rt. Hon. Edward Winter MP / Conservative and Unionist Party
Member of Parliament for Ashford (1979 - Present)

Shadow Foreign Secretary (1992 - Present)
Leader of the House of Commons (1990-1992)
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I've been amused by the amount of attention that the Tories have been putting into the Labour leadership election rather than their own. I suppose it's because they don't have much to talk about, considering there's been little-to-no real debate within their party. I mean, do we really know what any of their candidates even stand for? Are the same Tory MPs who have been saying that they've been having a professional leadership election going to go in to the 1922 Committee and vote for people who haven't so much as outlined their vision for the country? You can hardly call that "leadership".
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*To press pack*
Come on then, boys. Who's going to man-up and break it to Limann that the Tory campaigning period hasn't started yet? I'll draw him a diagram if he's confused.
Aaron | Coaching Admin
Civil Service roles: FCO, MoD, Environment
Press roles: Foreign coverage
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...No I've already given my comment on the race, thank you. Hmm?

You know, for the amount of time that Hilda and others spend talking to you guys to take a swipe at Labour, they could give a whole speech on the future of this country and the issues that matter. You'd think they'd have something better to do with their time.
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Only one candidate has the experience, vision, and knowledge to lead our party into the future: Sir Harold Saxon. I had the pleasure of serving with him in the Major Cabinet, and I fully trust him to lead our party back into Government and lead this country to a better future.
The Rt. Hon. Sir Jonathan Horncastle, GBE PC MP Ph.D. (Cantab)
Conservative Party, Tory Reform Group
Shadow First Secretary of State (1992-Present)
Shadow Secretary of State for Regions, Nations, and Devolution (1992-Present)
Chairman of the Conservative Party (1992-Present)
MP for Chelsea and Fulham (1979-Present)
Secretary of State for Education and Science (1990-1992)
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I am pleased that we are able to have a debate in the party about how we should take not only the party forward, but how we can make the country better. 

I believe this country needs strong leadership and there are challenging times ahead for this country. We need a strong leader who can form and lead an effective opposition against this Labour Government and take us back into Government at the next General Election. We need a leader who can stand up for Britain and lead a Government that can deliver the positive changes for this country, I have no doubt that the Conservatives can deliver and will form the next Government at the next election. 
James Allen

MP for Leeds Central

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Thank you very much for all of the support that has been shown for me during the Leadership race. It was right and proper that it was an honest and open debate but also professional and orderly. I set out my platform and my vision for what I hope to see from our party in the next five years and unfortunately it was not enough to convince my parliamentary colleagues that I was the right fit for leader this time.

I do believe it a shame that the party members never got the opportunity to vote on my platform. I shall, therefore, push to give them that ability through changes to the party constitution in the coming period.

In the meantime, I encourage the whole party to rally around Sir Harold Saxon and give this party and country the leadership that the current Government cannot provide. Harold will make, I believe, the most unifying leader and offer the very best opportunity to see in the next Conservative Government quickly. Thank you.
Aaron | Coaching Admin
Civil Service roles: FCO, MoD, Environment
Press roles: Foreign coverage
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Will Probably be supporting Harold Saxon for the Leadership. Far From Perfect, his views on Europe and the EURO leave a lot to be desired. But the rest of the Candidates for the leadership are even more hopeless. But the Rest of His platform is very good. By far the best one. But The Party must be smart in regards to Europe and the euro and leave the door open.

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With the first round of the leadership election over I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my colleagues in the parliamentary party for a very strong result, and pay tribute to Hilda and Sir Harold for what has been a respectful, informed contest thus far. There is true appetite for leadership that stands strong on its Euroscepticism, on British and family values and on the economic ideals which accomplished so much for Britain, and I hope to be able to represent and stand for that vision. In the meantime, I very much look forward to campaigning among the party members to make my case for principled leadership and principled conservatism, and I look forward as well to the exchange of opinions and ideas with Sir Harold.
Rt. Hon. Edward Winter MP / Conservative and Unionist Party
Member of Parliament for Ashford (1979 - Present)

Shadow Foreign Secretary (1992 - Present)
Leader of the House of Commons (1990-1992)
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I am proud to announce that I am endorsing Harold Saxon for the leadership contest. He will be an experienced leader for the party and will keep the party's identity. I believe Conservative Party is the party to put Britain first. However I will look forward to working the future leadership, who may it be. We'll keep working toward to make another Conservative government in the near future.
Henry Stanbrook MP | Conservative
Member of Parliament for Finchley (1992-1997)
Member of Parliament for Finchley and Golders Green (1997-)
Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Welfare (2000-)
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It is my belief that the party must elect Sir Harold Saxon as leader to continue the Conservatives march towards government. I hope that the contest continues to be conducted in a respectful and civilised as it has been so far and I look forward to working with whoever the members of our party selects to lead us into government at the next election.
Thomas Joseph Lowe | MP for Mansfield (1979-Present)

"We are not just here to manage capitalism but to change society and to define its finer values." - Tony Benn
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As the end of the Tory leadership coronation draws to a close it is important to reflect on how they arrived at this point. It was the Conservative Party who brought their leadership situation on themselves, pushing out their former leader due to his personal life. Despite claiming a united front for their incoming leader he must be wary he shows no weakness or sign that is anything but a perfect representation of party ideals or he too will find himself thrown to the curb, politely of course in the party interest. 

It takes a strong person to lead the pit of vipers that is the Conservative party, as every previous Tory leader will attest to, if not in public then in private. Let us also not forget they wouldn't be in opposition if it wasn't for the rift in the Tory ranks on Europe and their ability to turn on their own kind that saw them loose the ability to govern effectively. So while Sir Harold Saxon is being hailed already as their saviour, the same people proclaiming his virtues are already sharpening their knives and waiting. It is not a matter of if, just a matter of when the blow will come.
MP for Cambridge (1992 - )
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Press Cycle closed.
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