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Conservative Leadership Election Cycle
Marks and summary:

Saxon campaign: 29
Summer campaign: 13
Asher-Grey campaign: 8 (will transfer to Saxon due to endorsement)

Superiority in numbers saw the Saxon campaign take the command of the press coverage. I suppose that's not surprising when over 70% of the contributions were favour of Sir Harold, even if one was perhaps the most half-hearted endorsement I've ever seen. However, the challenge then is in keeping the press's attention. There's only so many times that you can say your candidate is the best and will unite the party and defeat that most awful bunch of rotters in the Labour Party without the journalists' eyes starting to glaze over, so a certain level of diminishing returns starts to kick in. The one-sidedness also put paid to the chance of a policy debate in the press, which is where the biggest plaudits would have come from.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, that's why the three leadership contenders came out on top in the debate. Who better to articulate their own views than getting it straight from the horse's mouth? I felt Asher-Grey articulated well the noticeable difference in tone between the Labour and Conservative contests. I liked how Summer ensured to tie his message back to the principles informing his politics and policies. In Saxon's contribution I saw the path he was setting out from strong leadership to effective opposition to positive change, and I felt that was a strong message. Congratulations to the three of them on a bonus Influence Point

Influence Point Awarded to:

Hilda Asher-Grey: The Conservatives are having a professional discussion about national leadership and are presenting politics as its best while Labour are outdoing themselves to show how empty and shallow it really can be.

Sir Harold Saxon: We need a leader who can stand up for Britain and lead a Government that can deliver the positive changes for this country, I have no doubt that the Conservatives can deliver and will form the next Government at the next election.

Andrew Summer: There is true appetite for leadership that stands strong on its Euroscepticism, on British and family values and on the economic ideals which accomplished so much for Britain
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