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Press Cycle #7 - Saxon on Newsnight
"After Harold Saxon's exclusive Newsnight interview, what do you make of the man that wants to and could become Prime Minister?"

This press cycle will be closed at 23:59 on the 15/02/18.

Remember to bolden the "tagline" of your statement. 
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Frankly like a lot of Conservatives who hide behind "family values" as an excuse Harold Saxon is little more than a bigot leading a party so against equality that it forbids the topic of homosexuality from even being brought up in schools and public places. But beyond the bigotry it is clear that the man cannot be trusted to become Prime Minister. Harry supports and encourages illegal protests with an attitude that would drive us back to the 70s, he clearly has no plan for the economy and would devastate the education and healthcare systems by cutting university funding and by privatising ambulances.

'Emergencies' have always been the pretext on which the safeguards of individual liberty have been eroded. - Friedrich Hayek
Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself. - Milton Friedman
Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program. - Milton Friedman

Mac the Great and Powerful
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Many people in this country have simply had enough of this tired, weak and incompetent government who aren't prepared to listen to the British people. The Conservative Party are prepared to take the decisions that are needed to ensure we have a safer and a prosperous Britain. It is time for change, change where we can all live in a safer and a happier society.
James Allen

MP for Leeds Central

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The voters have a clear choice to make at the next General Election who they want to be Britain's next Prime Minister.

If they vote Labour and Elizabeth Tanner, we can expect more of the same from this Government, a party that encourages excessive spending and a party that has no answer on how to tackle the increasing level of violent crime, a leader who is indecisive and refuses to listen to the British people.

If they vote Liberal Democrat and Rebecca Flair, we can expect a European Superstate and the United Kingdom under the single currency, which is unstable and jeopardises our economic position and future. We can also expect rising taxes, putting everyone who commits a crime on community service and a leader who is more concerned about rising sea levels than serious issues like crime and the NHS.

If you vote Conservative and for me, Sir Harold Saxon, you can expect a strong, prosperous and safer Britain. You can expect the right investment into our public services without the burden of major rises in taxes, which is what Labour and the Liberal Democrats can offer. Under the Conservatives you can expect a Government that takes a tough, no nonsense approach on crime and a Government that listens and makes the right decisions for the British people. 
James Allen

MP for Leeds Central

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Oh, he absolutely could and will be Prime Minister. I've watched these interviews and if you just look at the difference between him and, say, Rebecca Flair, it's crystal clear he is the only man that has the kind of no-nonsense solutions Britain needs. When Harold got challenged on supposed divisions in our party, he highlighted our absolute unity on things ordinary people encounter in their daily lifes: education and serious crime. By contrast, Ms Flair started talking about Europe and Section 28. While these issues are important and the Liberal Democrats might feel they trump everything, they're not on the same level as education and serious crime. These are things I hear about on every street corner, and we're acting on them and more with purposeful policy. There's only one man and one party who have their priorities right here and that's Harold Saxon and the Conservative Party.
the Rt Hon. Angus "Gus" Quigley MP | Conservative MP for Crosby (1992-present)
Opposition Chief Whip (2000-) and Shadow Infrastructure and Transport Secretary (2000-)
Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (1999-2000)

"Get Netflix at the PM's Office."
- Sybrand Buma, when asked what his first act as Prime Minister of the Netherlands would be.
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Press cycle closed.
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Labour: 0
Thankfully you’re not seen as silent on the issue because of comments you made before, but still – this was an opportunity for you to really rip into the Conservatives. Instead, you gave Tory spinners the chance to make this interview seem like a comfortable success. Not good.
Conservative: 32
I mean, does the interview really show Harold Saxon is the best man to lead Britain, is prepared to make the tough decisions? That’s up to the British people watching to decide. But when they’re only hearing one side of a story after Labour’s silence saying it, and the only opposing voice is the Liberal Democrats, they’re going to buy it.
Liberal Democrat: 18
Nice, solid attack on the Tories that hurts. Making section 28 a centrepiece of the attack means it doesn’t resonate beyond your base, but the attacks related to the 70’s does sting a bit.
Influence points awarded to:
Rebecca Flair – “But beyond the bigotry it is clear that the man cannot be trusted to be Prime Minister.” By virtue of contributing.
Harold Saxon – “The Conservative Party are prepared to take the decisions that are needed to make a safer and more prosperous Britain.” By virtue of contributing.
Gus Quigley – “There’s only one man and one party who have their priorities right here and that’s Harold Saxon and the Conservative Party.” By virtue of contributing.
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