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The Daily Star
[Image: daily-star-logo.png]

A low brow tabloid newspaper. The Star tends to take populist and reactionary positions, but rarely makes political endorsements.

1997 election endorsement: N/A.

2002 election endorsement: N/A
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If you thought Westminster of recent couldn't get anymore scandalous, with the old Deputy Prime Ministers' adulterous ways with another Tory MP revealed, with an old cabinet Ministers' corruption exposed and then the Shadow Foreign Secretary caught red handed as a homosexual, boy, you're wrong!

The Daily Star can reveal that the Member of Parliament for Grantham and Stamford, Isaac MacNeis, who made a splash for himself after trying and failing to pioneer a bill that banned abortion in the United Kingdom, has been up to some pretty sleazy goings on!

And it's potentially the juiciest gossip yet! The Daily Star has found evidence that reveals that was well as having multiple physical encounters with men he meets anonymously, the MP's tastes are certainly unconventional! We obtained revealing eye witnesses and even photographic evidence that MacNeis himself enjoys to dabble in BDSM and other sordid goings on including a taste for leather and bondage. Phwoar!

Many of you would likely be wondering what this could mean for poor old Sir Harry and his staunch defence of Section 28 after this huge scandal as well as his Shadow Foreign Secretary being outed as a gay man. But we're certainly excited to see what scandals Westminster has in store for us next!
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