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Press Cycle #15 - Solomon Trevitt
After such a bizarre, reprehensive set of events it should be of no surprise more and more Britons feel disaffected with politics or hold a negative view of politicians in general when individuals like Mr. Trevitt - or the Deputy Prime Minister for that matter - behave themselves in such an undignified, irresponsable and even corrupt manner, and when the Government makes such a mess of the entire situation. It is very frustrating to see people like Solomon Trevitt give politics a bad name, all for the sake of self-serving immorality. 

Aside from the many questions the current Government is yet to answer in a satisfactory manner, and what seems like the increasing lack of coherence, stability and integrity of said Government, I also feel this sort of issue necessarily requires a thoughtful debate on political standards, morality and transparency. One of the reasons why I made a point of standing for principle and reforming politics last year was because of my concern of the declining trust of the people when it comes to politics, and I strongly believe we should consider measures such as allowing the recall of MP's by their constituents. Westminster cannot get it wrong again when it comes to transparency in politics.
Rt. Hon. Edward Winter MP / Conservative and Unionist Party
Member of Parliament for Ashford (1979 - Present)

Shadow Foreign Secretary (1992 - Present)
Leader of the House of Commons (1990-1992)
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Whilst I will refrain from commenting on Solomon Trevitt's departure from the party, it is quite clear that this is a wake up call. The British public are losing faith in their politicians and so far we are doing absolutely nothing about it. It's time for change and it is time for us to take action. I am therefore personally inviting the Prime Minister Callum Finch, the Leader of the Liberal Democrats Rebecca Flair and the leaders of the regional parties in Parliament to meet with me to not only discuss this growing problem, but to agree a cross party consensus, let's put party differences aside and take action to restore the public trust in our politics.
James Allen

MP for Leeds Central

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Is it really a surprise to anybody that the out-of-touch elitists over at the Cambridge Labour Party would overlook such gross corruption in the selecting Mr. Trevit? I suppose being a teacher is good enough for the Oxbridge intelligentsia, because it's clear they had no clue what they were doing vetting this guy. Frankly I trust the voters over the politicians to do a better job at picking their party's candidates, and I'm not shocked that those same politicians are simply offering lip-service on this issue rather than talking about real, people-driven reform. I'm hoping that we can turn the bad from all these scandals into good by enacting change both in Westminster and the Labour Party, and I will be looking to play a part in that drive.
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Press cycle closed.
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Conservative: 25

A mixed bag but overall good. Some of it was a bit over the top, but you've already got that feedback. No one was seriously taking calls for an election or trying to link this to unsubstantiated claims about the former Prime Minister offering cabinet jobs. Andrew Summer's thoughts as a bit of an elder statesman were the most thoughtful of the bunch.

Labour: 13

This was... not a great topic for you at all. But there were some good contributions from the Chancellor, and from Barbara Bond (someone give her a job). A couple of own goals did not help. The damage would have been minimised had more senior members of the government been willing to stand up: as it was only the Chief Whip went out to bat and while he did it admirably it was not enough.


Andrew Summer: "It is very frustrating to see people like Solomon Trevitt give politics a bad name, all for the sake of self-serving immorality." - Andrew Summer's intervention adds a bit of class and dignity after a few slightly hysterical contributions.

Barbara Bond: "It's a shameful use of his office, and if he had any dignity left he would resign his seat in the House, and give the people of Cambridge a chance to elect a Labour Member of Parliament that they can be proud of." - Be careful what you wish for...

Solomon Trevitt: "If there was any wrong doing, which I still reject, then it was allowed by the Government and the civil service and they are complicit." - well no one will accuse you of going quietly.
Will be doing things soon
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