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Take your conscience and shove it, Saxon

Another year, and another attempt to remove another piece of homophobic filth from our statute books. And another set of pseudo-moralising from some of the MPs supposedly elected to represent us.

Speaking in Parliament on section 28 repeal, Harold Saxon told MPs that he has deigned to give his MPs a “free vote” on the issue. How charitable of him.

According to Saxon, this is an issue of conscience. And shame on the government for having it as policy to remove homophobic laws that refer to gay relationships as “pretend” from law.

“Conscience” is a funny word to have chosen. It is supposed to say what is right and wrong. But this is 2002, and there can be no objective right in legislation that effectively bans teachers from talking about homosexuality, or tackling homophobic bullying, or even teaching basic safe sex to a population at most risk of HIV.

Criticism of Saxon’s approach has elicited the classic homophobic tactic of playing the victim. How dare anyone make this a political issue or point out that the Tory party has never been a friend to the gay community? Here’s a question to the MPs hijacking a debate on equality to make their banal points: how dare you whitewash history (or the present) and hide your homophobia behind your “conscience”?

The fact is that the Conservatives owe the gay community an apology for the hurt they have caused for decades, and a genuine change of direction. Until we get that, Saxon can take his conscience and shove it.
Will be doing things soon
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He deserves your vote (and not just for those eyes)

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Politics is boring.

But it's important. And there's a lot of stake at this election. Labour haven't gone as quickly as we would have liked: but the hated section 28 is gone, burned from the statute books and not a moment too soon. We can now serve in the military and have sex (legally) at the same age as anyone else. 

Labour has promised big changes if they're elected - including civil partnerships. The Tories - well, we saw the majority of them line up again to deny us our rights at every single point they had the opportunity not to. 

Can we really trust Harold Saxon? Hell no, we can't. A vote for anyone but Harold Saxon is worth it, if only to wipe the smug grin off his homophobic face. 

But Labour has grand plans. And we have huge faith in the Home Secretary and the Foreign Secretary - both outspoken advocates of gay rights - to deliver. Lillian Nichols became the most senior politician to ever address a pride parade, and received an uproarious reception. 

They deserve the chance to deliver. We urge you to give it to them.
Will be doing things soon
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