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Press Cycle #28 - Afghanistan
"How should the government respond to the situation in Afghanistan?"

Press cycle closes at 11:59 on 16/04/18

Remember to bolden your tagline.
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In simple terms, by taking further action to ensure the capture of Bin Laden, the dismantling of Al Qaeda and the end of the reckless, unstable and dangerous Taliban regime. Lest we forgot, NATO has invoked collective defence, the UN Security Council has authorized military action in Afghanistan as well, and our allies France and the United States are both already taking action to ensure Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda are brought to justice for their crimes. It is not only logistical support that should be provided for our allies, but direct military action as well. The time is now for the Government to prove they are not a "hesitant ally" and for Britain to do the right thing. 
Rt. Hon. Edward Winter MP / Conservative and Unionist Party
Member of Parliament for Ashford (1979 - Present)

Shadow Foreign Secretary (1992 - Present)
Leader of the House of Commons (1990-1992)
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Military action is never desirable but simply condemning the violence is not addressing the root cause. We must meet the forces of evil without mercy as our shores may be the next target. When faced with the brutality of terrorism, we must stamp it out. Victory is the only acceptable outcome. Then we must ensure our domestic security surveillance networks are working effectively to capture those who are already planning to do us harm.
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Military Action should be, and with this Government is, the last resort of any Prime Minister. I would like to personally commend Callum Axon on the dignity he has shown during this incredibly trying period for the free people of the World. It was Callum Axon, the Prime Minister, who insisted that the British people will not be dragged to war without a concrete UN Security Council Resolution supporting military action in Afghanistan. This simple move ensures that we are operating within not just the spirit of international law but the letter. Now that we have the legal go-ahead to bring an end to this murderous regime and capture an international terrorist for trial I completely support any decision to make such a move.
The Rt Hon Sir Dylan Macmillan MP
MP for Bedfordshire Mid (1983-Present)

Leader of Her Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition (1992-Present)
Secretary of State for Energy 1987-1990

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Now is the time to step up. Extremists threaten our very way of life, our safety, and our civilization. I stand in full support of Presidents Powell and Chirac. The time for pointless negotiations are over. It is time to hold the criminals responsible for the 12/22 crimes against the world. The voices of the slain cry for justice. It is time this Government steps up from hesitant hedging to full throated support and cooperation in hunting down the heinous perpetrators of these crimes. 
Philip Porter
MP for Orkney and Shetlands (1983-Present)
Leader of the Liberal Democrats (1992-Present)
Liberal Democrats Spokesman for the Treasury (1992)

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I am happy to see comprehensive, multilateral action on the international threat posed by al Qaeda, the Taliban, and associated groups. I anticipate British forces to participate fully within military operations in Afghanistan to bring order and peace back to that region. I disagree with the assessment that we are hesitant allies for having principles. We built these international laws and institutions so that we might bring a measure of order and dialogue into the world stage. The rule of law is not optional and we cannot wantonly commit violence: that's what defines us from them. Any government of which I am a part of will uphold those values in principle and in practice.
Dame Beatrice Oona Millar DBE MP FRSE RSA | Labour
Secretary of State for Northern Ireland (1992- )
Member of Parliament for Glasgow Hillhead (1987- )
Member of Parliament for Edinburgh Leith (1957-1959)

Formerly: Parminder Chawla, Joshua Bertram, Lillian Nichols, Gareth Edwards, Andrew Pearson, L Chris Havilland, Mack Aldritt
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These terrorists are evil people with no respect for human life - they cannot be dealt with in any other manner. Violence is the only thing they understand - so we must be violent to them - we need to bomb the hell out of them.
MP For Hexham 1987 -
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We must always seek out and eliminate Britain's enemies wherever they are found. In this case, this quite simply means obliterating the threat of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and restoring peace and stability to the region.

Democracy, the rule of law and individual liberty is under attack: we must fight back and we must win at all costs. Hope must always trump fear, and indeed I have no doubt that it shall. This is not about Labour or the Conservatives. This is not about petty party political mud slinging. This is about Britain. Britain is ours to defend, and defend it we must.
David Crawford MP 

MP for Reading West 1997 -
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Press Cycle closed.
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Labour: 25
A tie. You made poignant points, but neither you nor your opposition did anything to outmanoeuvre each other, mainly by choosing not to make the issue party political (which may be better for you both in the long term). Where the Opposition did seem to go into critique, you did well to justify your actions.
Conservatives: 25
Read Labour’s summary, it fits you guys too. You could have been more vicious if you wanted to one up them – but it may have been wise and better for your image that you chose not to. Where you did experiment with criticising the government, you didn’t address their rebuttal, though, which means they largely get away with it.
Influence Points Awarded to:
Andrew Summer – “The time now is for the government to prove they are not a “hesitant ally” and for Britain to do the right thing.” A good critique of the government that still has a mature and statesmanlike face.
Alwyn Thomas – “Now that we have the legal go-ahead to bring the end to a murderous regime and capture an international terrorist for trial I completely support any decision to make such a move.” Thomas’ statement is one dovish and hawkish political leaners could probably both agree with to some extend, so overall a very good political balancing act.
Lillian Nichols – “The rule of law is not optional and we cannot wantonly commit violence: that’s what defines us from them.” Very strong sentiment that even more hawkish or conservative leaning people might subconsciously nod their heads along to. Nichols has become somewhat of a liberal hero – she defends even the most unpopular liberal values and principles in the strong face of opposition, and makes her arguments practically as much as passionately.
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