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Press Cycle #31 - General Election
The only party obsessed with the election results is the Labour Party; and we know why: it's because they're so desperate to claim all is well after losing over thirty seats. So while rookie MP Emily Kennedy and others go on and on about winning, Conservatives are working to hold this weak government to account. If Labour wants to re-hash the campaign, perhaps Mr. Finch ought to visit Her Majesty and ask if we can do it all again.
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Labour believes they won the election yet if the Prime Minister could barely convince the people he represents to elect him, why should we think he is fit to lead? Not only that but Labour lost 36 seats this cycle and their minions the Liberal Democrats lost 12 so really the question is if the public dislikes Labour so much, what makes them think they have the mandate to lead?
"the fagnoglin"  Moray Mac Gill Fhaolain MP Aberdeen North 1964-Present

1973-1974 Shadow Secretary of State for Transport
1976-1978 Secretary of State for Transport
1978-1979 Secretary of State for Scotland
1979-1987 Shadow Secretary of State for Workers and Pensions
1992-Present Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Constitutional Affairs & Devolution

fmrly Sean Kapur fmr. Shadow Minister of Environment, Housing, and Ag 
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Let's be clear here, it was the Conservatives that gained seats at the election, not the labour party. Callum Finch is the only Prime Minister in the last 25 years to lose his own majority at a general election, that is a record that people will remember. The Conservatives will continue to hold this weak and vulnerable government to account and ensure this Government doesn't rip off the British public.
James Allen

MP for Leeds Central

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The Conservatives may look like they're all singing off of the same hymn sheet but it is interesting to note that the supposed rebels have been conspicuous by their absence from this whole press back and forth. Where is the Shadow Chancellor? Is the Leader of the Opposition so weak that not only does he have to fire and then rehire his detractors, but he then has to silence them to prevent them from spoiling his parade? The Tories like to speak of Labour as divided because we choose to use different words to describe the same future, the Tories have taken division to a whole new level in the aftermath of this General Election. They are weak and their leader stands atop a crumbling empire with his authority shattered.

Obviously this election could have gone better for Labour, if we haven't won all the seats available it could always have gone better for us after all, but this election is nothing but an endorsement of the Labour position, our manifesto and our Leader Mr Callum Finch. The Tories claim that they have won, why is Mr Saxon not in Number 10? Why is he crippled by a potential coup? Why is he not at liberty to appoint his own Shadow Cabinet anymore? The Labour Party are united by a clear, singular vision that deals with the inequities and inequalities of life in this country, we will deal with tax evasion, the gender pay gap and rights for sexual minorities like the homosexual community. Our's is a government that can and will get things done, there's is an opposition that can't even decide which of their array they want to front with.
The Rt Hon Sir Dylan Macmillan MP
MP for Bedfordshire Mid (1983-Present)

Leader of Her Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition (1992-Present)
Secretary of State for Energy 1987-1990

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Press Cycle closed.
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Labour: 26.5

Less sometimes is more, and your contributions tended not to get bogged down in anything superfluous (Mack - yours was a little too short.) The better contributions here picked on Saxon's difficulties more subtly while emphasising that you won the election and will get on with the job. You could have done better had you shown a little more acknowledgement that you did take a bit of a thumping.
Conservatives: 23.5
Some of your initial contributions fell a bit flatter than they could have because Labour did win the election. Those famous clips of Brown in '92 saying the Tories had lost the election; or Balls in 2015 saying the Government had lost its majority? They are famous for a reason. The best contributions were the ones that said Labour had to govern more collaberatively and learn lessons rather than ones that suggested that Labour had lost all authority to govern - because they certainly have more authority than you do.

A theme that emerged a bit about Labour now being in hock to radicals on its backbenches was much better and there was more mileage in that than some of your other lines.
Influence Points:

Elizabeth Atwood: "Labour is talking about getting back to basics, but we have seen what that means under this Labour leadership - higher taxes, attacks on business and a divided country." - your contributions were generally great and emphasised that you want to now get on with holding Labour to account on its message.

Emily Kennedy: "The election? 328 Labour victories and 1 Tory win. Her name is Elizabeth Atwood, the only man in charge of the Tory Party." - the middle class press that you call your own winces at the sexism, but the tabloids love this little turn of phrase as they gleefully cover the Tory leadership woes.

Alwyn Thomas: "The Tories claim that they have won, why is Mr Saxon not in Number 10? Why is he crippled by a potential coup? Why is he not at liberty to appoint his own Shadow Cabinet anymore?" - that sticks the knife in, and then stabs again, and then looks Elizabeth Atwood right in the eye as it stabs again.
Will be doing things soon
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