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Tory Energy Policy Speech
Sean Kapur MP for Aldridge-Brownhills and Shadow Secretary of Energy and the Environment made the following speech to pro-nuclear and alternative energy supporters in front of the Hartepool Nuclear Power Plant.

"From 1760-1840 the world looked upon us as the leaders in energy innovation and discovery, they looked to us as coal was causing our economy to soar, and with it the industrial revolution a time in which few wanted for much and many had what they needed to survive thanks to our discovery and innovation with coal.
Today though we see a much different narrative being pushed, today we are still dependent on old and arcane energy such as coal and fossil fuels. The energy revolution which once sparked our economy has now become the stale harmful fuel which causes us to destroy our beautiful environment to gain little energy forcing us to continue to import oil and gas we should only be exporting, which is costing us hundreds of pounds a year. Coal and fossil fuels were at one-time imperative but now they are superfluous, and we must move beyond them.
And this is not just a question of protecting our environment – this is about protecting our economic security too. The world today since 9/11 has forever changed now a days people are afraid to fly or leave their homes even in some cases. Worse yet is the economic uncertainty which is beginning to make its way into the mind of our citizens and adding to the increasing lack of security felt at home. In order to reduce the amount of nervousness we need to bring economic security to our country, the only way in which we can do that is by innovating and creating new opportunities in our energy sector. Not only that but we can and will only regain economic security and satisfaction is through becoming energy independent.
We are currently in the midst of larger demands for oil than ever before, yet we do not have nearly enough in our own reserves to satisfy that need. And even the places where oil is abundant will not come anywhere near satisfying the needs of any of our major cities, such facts cause us to wonder how on earth we can become energy independent when we can barely sustain ourselves on our own oil and gas supplies. The situation is so dire we are now net importing gas for the first time in our history, and that narrative cannot remain. Which is why in order to become energy independent and save our taxpayers millions of pounds we must dumb coal and fossil fuels.
The question is what action must we take now to ensure our environmental, energy and economic security in the future?
The answer is, partly, right behind me, the Hartpoole nuclear power plant is one of 15 located around the UK providing energy to hundreds upon hundreds every single day. As a part of our 21st century energy policy we must have a greater place for nuclear energy which is cleaner and more efficient than coal. But converting to nuclear energy is a small piece of the puzzle we must also must have a coherent strategy to deliver energy security that protects both our economic interests and our environmental needs.
Which is why we have implemented a bold new strategy which, encompasses these five core aims.
First, energy independence through cleaner energy. As I stated earlier nuclear power supplies hundreds of thousands everyday polluting our airways 5 or 6 times less then coal burning power plants. It also does not give off the Smaug which causes asthma, cancer and other lung diseases like coal burning plants do. Nuclear Power Plants also last 10 years longer on average then their coal burning counterparts making them much cheaper in the long run, not only that but they also are environmentally safer, does not harm the environment, or human health. Now of course we cannot discuss nuclear energy without address the rare issue which accompanies them, nuclear meltdowns such as Chernobyl. Statistically however it is far more likely for someone to be diagnosed with asthma, cancer, lung disease, or suffocate due to pollution caused by coal burning power plants than die from radiation poisoning from a nuclear reactor meltdown. Also, we can and will make significant contributions to the science dedicated to ending nuclear meltdowns. Science which can’t be used to make coal cleaner, because no such science does or ever will exist. Nuclear energy is just the beginning however if we are to gain true energy independence and once again lead the world in energy innovation and progress we must also look to alternative sources.
Second, energy independence through new technology and renewable energy. With a Tory government we will be pushing hard for development of alternative energy such as wind powered turbines in rural areas to produce light and heat for our farmers, and a focus on solar energy in industrial and large cities to produce a cheaper and more effective energy source for our middle-class families. We will also begin the process of granting tax exceptions and subsidies to businesses who switch from coal power to nuclear or solar power to begin this change. We also plan to spend at least 35% of our energy budget to research alternative and renewable energy sources.
Third, global action in the national interest. In order to stop the march of coal and fossil fuels from continuing to keep us in the dark we must have global support in our initiative, which is why we will be discussing our reforms with our allies. We believe that countries such as France whose pollution deaths are legendary and far too common, as well as China who plays host to the world’s worst air quality in several cities, and the United States the world’s largest oil importers who lose billions every year to importing oil will all be far too eager to join us in becoming not just energy independent but environmentally sound, and having our people become healthier. Through enlisting change in these countries, we will gain momentum and create new and exciting ways for us to expand trade and commerce through the energy sectors with these countries.
Fourth, a smarter approach to energy, meaning we must encourage environmental responsibility too with new incentives in government procurement processes.
This will however all be in vain if we never change how we see coal, instead of simple a way to get a job and power our cars, seeing it for what it really is, a vicious killing machine which it is based on the thousands of deaths not just from air quality or pollution, but in the factories themselves which are poorly regulated thanks to an ever-oblivious Labour lead bureaucracy. Not only that but they kill birds, fish, and other bees throwing our environmental habitats out of whack without much benefit to us as consumers. Once we see coal and fossil fuels like this instead of the fake image broadcast by big oil we will be able to initiate change and focus our efforts on creating better cleaner and safer energy.
Many companies are now beginning to see coal and fossil fuels as the run-down accent forms of energy they are and instead are turning to renewable ways to gain energy, and while this is a start we need more. Which is why we pledge to begin as I earlier mentioned begin giving out subsidies and tax breaks to companies and individuals who switch to alternative energy for lighting and heating. Not only that we will be giving grants to car companies here to produce, innovate and improve electric cars to sell here and overseas, we will also give tax breaks to individuals who purchase and or already own electric cars.
Fifth, a clear timeline and goals. And now since we aren’t Labour and have specific timelines in mind to achieve our goals here they are, the first is to end all production of coal power plants in the UK by 2008, and consequentially begin retraining coal workers through apprenticeships and classes to work in the new nuclear and/or alternative and renewable energy fields. We will also begin gradually scaling down our imports of foreign oil and gas by 5% By 2013 it is our goal that electric and hybrid cars will outnumber gas powered cars 3 to 1, and 10 to 1 by 2018. By 2025 the UK will cease all oil and gas imports and begin exporting renewable energy. And finally, by 2028 we will have shutdown throughout the period from 2008 to 2028 all coal powered power plants and have built at least enough nuclear power plants to sustain 50% of the UK energy with the other half being supplied by renewable sources of energy.

Of course a few days ago her majesty gave the Queen’s speech which I shall briefly address. We all remember the oil shortages and riots which Labour meekly attempted to handle, their response to it again was non-existent as no mention of energy policy was laid out or hinted at in their Queens speech, and why? Because like everything else Labour has no plan to change the status quo, they’d rather leave things mediocre then try and put the UK back on top.

With these clear goals in mind and a new dawn on the horizon we will be able to once again have an energy centred industrial revolution creating jobs, protecting our environment and most importantly putting ourselves back on top of the energy innovation field. Thank you all and God save the Queen."
"the fagnoglin"  Moray Mac Gill Fhaolain MP Aberdeen North 1964-Present

1973-1974 Shadow Secretary of State for Transport
1976-1978 Secretary of State for Transport
1978-1979 Secretary of State for Scotland
1979-1987 Shadow Secretary of State for Workers and Pensions
1992-Present Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Constitutional Affairs & Devolution

fmrly Sean Kapur fmr. Shadow Minister of Environment, Housing, and Ag 
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This speech is definitely interesting...

It's always worth remembering your core base. That doesn't always stop you going against the tide (see: Blair), but it means you need to watch political framing if you don't want to push some of your voters to Labour or, more likely with this case with Southern voters, to the Liberal Democrats. The blues going green is a policy that can resonate (see: Cameron) but you need to frame these policies so that they go down well with your core base (see: Cameron on an array of issues, and Blair of course). You did some of this by floating the idea of tax breaks as the preferred solution, but more work was needed on the policy front: there were many laudable targets, but I have no idea how you're going to achieve them. 

Also, remember to do your homework: 9/11 didn't happen in this universe, the attacks happened on the 22nd of December.

Also if I didn't know you were American, I would've known you were just by reading this: Brits don't really have much time for gesture politics in the way Americans do, so we'd never end a speech with 'God Save the Queen' the way Americans would with 'God Bless America' - it would definitely come across as awkward and weird to us.
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