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Press Cycle #35 – New Tory Leader
"What challenges and opportunities face Dr Lynwood as Leader of the Opposition?"

Closes 11:59pm 16/05/18

Remember to bold your tagline.
Acting Head Admin
Speaker of the House of Commons
Advisor for the Labour Party, the Cabinet Office and the Home Office
Poll wrangler and election psephologist

I forget Andy has political opinions. I always just think of him as a Civil Servant in real life - Mac
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I welcome Evelyn as the new leader of the Conservative Party and of the Official Opposition. I look forward to seeing her hold this government to account and to pushing us in the refinement of our proposals towards the better, common good. We may not agree on what the best path forward is, but we can all agree that proposals put to the democratic test of honest deliberation and candid critique makes this country stronger. I hope to see the continuation of the fine democratic traditions of Britain in Lynwood's leadership. May she see through the strongest performance of a Labour government yet seen in history, bolstered by her contributions in the House of Commons.
Dame Beatrice Oona Millar DBE MP FRSE RSA | Labour
Secretary of State for Northern Ireland (1992- )
Member of Parliament for Glasgow Hillhead (1987- )
Member of Parliament for Edinburgh Leith (1957-1959)

Formerly: Parminder Chawla, Joshua Bertram, Lillian Nichols, Gareth Edwards, Andrew Pearson, L Chris Havilland, Mack Aldritt
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I welcome Evelyn to her new job as Leader of Her Majesty's Opposition but I do not begrudge her the role. The Conservative Party is in desperate need of vision and leadership, two things sorely lacking under the previous leadership. If she wants to be taken seriously as a leader she cannot rush off after every bandwagon she sees, she will have to present a vision for the party and for the country. The Tories have increasingly become the party of opposition for the sake of opposition recently, I pray that Evelyn has the sense to reverse this trend and engage constructively with the Government on the issues of the day.
The Rt Hon Sir Dylan Macmillan MP
MP for Bedfordshire Mid (1983-Present)

Leader of Her Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition (1992-Present)
Secretary of State for Energy 1987-1990

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I am exceptionally proud to be able to congratulate Dr. Lynwood on her ascension to the office of Conservative leader. Her vision for Britain is an extremely positive one, and her commitment to British democracy is unparalleled. It is also worth noting that the Conservative Party are now the only major party in British politics to have been led by two women. Dr. Lynwood has the vision, the tenacity, and the courage to lead this country in a positive direction and open her back up for business.
[Image: VO5PA6L.png]
R I C H A R D • D E • V I L L I E R S

Shadow SoS for Regions, Nations, & Devolution | Constitutional Affairs

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Dr. Lynwood has a solid foundation to build on from her predecessor, and it's important to note the work he did in rebuilding our party after 1997. Conservatives have a clear path forward: build on the success of the last election and continue to work hard to earn the trust of the British public. We do that with a clear, comprehensive and unapologetic conservative agenda, and I believe that is exactly what Dr. Lynwood will bring forward. 
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I would like to first of all thank my supporters during this process, their determination to ensure a new Conservative Government is elected in five years or sooner is what has put me here today and i couldn't be more honoured to have their support. I want to pay tribute to Harold Saxon, his dedication and his success in delivering positive results for the party over the last two years - i hope that i can further build on his legacy and ideas. To that effect I look forward to building a broad Conservative shadow cabinet which will be announced later today in full, each and every member dedicated to kicking out this cumbersome and ineffective Labour Government and bringing real positive change to this country. There is much work to be done, and i look forward to demonstrating to the country why this renewed, reformist and responsible Conservative party is ready to lead this country into a better future.
Dr. Evelyn Lynwood
Leader of Her Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition (Oct 2002-????)
Conservative Member for Altrincham and Sale West
Shadow Secretary of State for Transport & Infrastructure (2002-2002)
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I do want to congratulate Dr Evelyn for receiving the leadership of the Conservative Party. As a woman, she now has a duty to clean up the Conservatives' doubtful record on gender equalities and be a guardian for women's rights in her party. She has a responsibility to women and to all British people to show no tolerance to some of her party who would rather not take gender equality as seriously as it should be taken. I wish her well in doing so.
The Rt Hon Angela Harvey MP | Labour Party, Socialist Campaign Group

Deputy Prime Minister & Deputy Leader of the Labour Party (1992 - Incumbent)
Member of Parliament for Dover (1992 - Incumbent)

Previously: "A nobody backbencher", "Backbench Spokesperson for Everything"

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An effective opposition is vital to the democratic process in this country. I congratulate Dr. Lynwood on becoming leader of the opposition and hope to see this era mark the beginning of strong and united leadership in the Conservative party. When it comes to forming a government in waiting, Dr. Lynwood understands there is no time like the present. We are all excited and ready to take the Conservative party's values to the country under Dr. Lynwood's leadership/
Richard Ross
Conservative MP for Christchurch (1997-)
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Since the election, the Conservative Party laid the groundwork for holding a Government that is out of ideas, out of steam, and out of will to account. We have begun to thoroughly examine the inadequacies of Labour's plans for a "Senate", their lack of an economic plan, and their policy on gender equality that can charitably be described as "doing as little as possible while claiming that they're doing the most." Dr Lynwood, as leader of the Conservative Party, will continue to lead us forward in these directions. With Dr Lynwood at the helm, the Conservatives will lay out an agenda for a bold, prosperous, aspirational Britain that replaces the tired, bleak vision put forward by this Labour government.
The Hon Lady Eleanor Grosvenor MP
Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer
MP for Sevenoaks | Conservative Party
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It is clear that Britain needs a strong and effective opposition leader to hold this minority Government to account over its increasingly misguided policies, and at the same time present a compelling, optimistic vision of what Britain can be under the Conservatives. Suffice to say, Dr. Lynwood offers both on account of her bold, determined and visionary platform and her strong resolve, qualities that will allow her not only to be a stellar leader for the Conservative Party, but an effective Prime Minister as well once the time comes. If you want true, responsible and effective leadership for Britain, look no further than Evelyn Lynwood.
Rt. Hon. Edward Winter MP / Conservative and Unionist Party
Member of Parliament for Ashford (1979 - Present)

Shadow Foreign Secretary (1992 - Present)
Leader of the House of Commons (1990-1992)
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One can draw no other conclusion from the recent general election that this is a government which is on the ropes and on its way out. I look forward for Dr. Lynwood to take the Labour government to task on their record of mismanagement and misdirection, and showcase a better alternative for Britain. she has my upmost confidence and I will look to support her leadership in whatever way I can.
Terry Roberts, MP for Southampton Test
Deputy Leader of the Labour Party
Shadow Foreign Minister

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Press cycle closed.
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Issue profile: moderate - 30 momentum points

Labour: 13

A nice mix of welcomes and "do betters". It would have been nice of the PM to pop by and welcome his opposite number.
Conservatives: 17
A good display of unity around a new leader which acts as a nice contrast to the displays on election 
Influence Points:

Evelyn Lynwood: "There is much work to be done, and i look forward to demonstrating to the country why this renewed, reformist and responsible Conservative party is ready to lead this country into a better future." - pls capitalise your 'I's

Emily Kennedy: "As a woman, she now has a duty to clean up the Conservatives' doubtful record on gender equalities and be a guardian for women's rights in her party."
Will be doing things soon
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