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Press Cycle: Child Poverty
What more should be done to reduce child poverty?

Closes 31 May at 23:59
Will be doing things soon
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The Government's commitment to cut child poverty by 50% in 10 years (now 7) was admirable but we need to do a lot more to make it achievable. In the short term we can solve many of these problems by simply expanding our social security net. Income Support, Unemployment Benefit, and Child Credit all help to alleviate the situation of child poverty so under the Liberal Democrats they would all see significant increases in funding. In our next Shadow Budget we will propose doubling the Child Credit payment along with an inflation +3% boost to all welfare payments. This plan will give our poverty stricken families, young people, and individuals the money they need to afford the base necessities for life. In the long term we need to get people working and we need to get them advancing their careers, this is where our Personal Training Credits come in, providing £4bn in funding for individuals who earn little money or who are unemployed so that they can acquire new skills to get back in the jobs hunt and climbing the ladder of employment.

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After defeating fascism, my parents’ generation set out to defeat the evils of want, disease, ignorance, squalor and idleness. Society was transformed as governments expanded the Welfare State, made healthcare free at the point of access, and ensured high quality jobs for all. They moved our country forward so far, but the recent statistics on child poverty show that we have so much more to do. I came into politics to eliminate the scourge of child poverty, inequality, and homelessness. As Chancellor, in the final act of my political career, I intend to take every action, exert every effort, and provoke every politician into action. Inspired by the example of our parents’ and grandparents’ generation – the greatest generation – we must commit ourselves to a national crusade against child poverty. Over the next few weeks, including in the Budget, this Government will set out its plan to eliminate child poverty, and give every child a chance to succeed.
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The Chancellor promises to exert every effort to combat child poverty in this country, but these sound more like empty words than a real statement of intention. Since taking office, this Labour government have been masters of spin; they have set pledges reminiscent of Soviet-era five-year plans but have failed to back it up with clear and concise policies. While I am sure everyone in this country finds commendable the idea that child poverty must be eliminated, the Labour Government's track record on action indicates that they are not the ones to do it.
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Mr Stonehouse talks of track records, but fails to recognise that child poverty is down under Labour with the Social Mobility Commission Chair stating “government policy has significantly reduced child poverty over the past few years”. This compares to child poverty reaching record highs under the last Conservative Government. And we’ve seen zero evidence that the Shadow Chancellor has learnt the lessons of the past. Under Labour child poverty goes down while under the Conservatives more children than ever before would be condemned to live in squalor. That’s the difference Labour Governments make.
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Child poverty or any type of poverty is deeply saddening in one of the world's most powerful and growing economies. But how we eliminate it is not a matter of arbitrary deadlines as labour would have you believe, but through actually legislating, like extending mortgages, and extending for working-class, and struggling families dealing with skyrocketing housing costs, and making housing more affordable so that families can live in them and not have to worry about their children starving or not having a roof over there heads. Under a Tory government, we will provide swift sound action, not just nice sounding flakey words.
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Press Cycle closed
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