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Rules and Announcements
1992 Wales and Scotland Devolution Referendum Rules

Campaigning will last two days: Saturday 3rd November 2018 to Sunday 4th November 2018. Each campaigning day lasts from midnight to midnight, UK time.

Campaigning will take place in Wales and Scotland concurrently. For campaigning we will be utilising the hours systems as used in Party Leadership elections.

For the campaign we have decided to run it based on two sets of hours. The first set, and the majority of the determining campaigning, will be hours for the official campaign. The second set will be individual hours for each player. For each day, the official campaign will have 10 hours to use in Scotland and 10 hours to use in Wales. Also, for each day, each player will have a personal allowance of 3 hours per day to use. These 3 personal hours can be used in one or both of the campaigns. Just to stress, the 3 personal hours are across both campaigns not 3 days for each.

We have decided on this system to ensure that both sides have an equal chance, but there is scope for all players to provide their own contributions to the campaigns. However, I must stress that the Official Campaigns will be the primary determiner of the referendum result. Use the personal allowance to expand on your own positions outside of the official campaign, if you knock it out of the park you will be able to help your side win.

Below I have set out the campaigning types and costs for each type. The PPB and HPE are only allowed to be used by the official campaign, to be posted by the Campaign Chair or a designated deputy.

If you have any questions or comments, please message me on TG or via the Forum.
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