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Party Political Broadcast
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Quote:The ad opens up on a field with a farmer, surrounded by assistants both male and female, surrounded by sheep. There's the sound of clippers being worked as everyone sort of watches closely. One of the first assistants- a young girl- turns to the camera and speaks, clearly in a Welsh accent.

GIRL: They told us that when we voted for devolution that we'd get more power or something here in Wales... to better respond to my needs in education. I was so excited to go to school in a system designed by Wales- for the people of Wales! 

Mother turns and completes the thought. 

MOTHER: Sure, I had hopes too... though Emma's class now has fifty kids in it, and there may be more. Sure, we voted in some powers to tax, but that just gave London all the power here. They cut what they were sending to Wales... and so here we are, trying to figure out how to pay the price.

She turns to the girl.

MOTHER: No go on and see if your father needs anything.

The girl goes to the man who's bent at the sheep, then starts running off- presumably to a house somewhere. A young man turns around instead. 

BOY: And when we got our Welsh Assembly, they said we were going to be able to focus on the care that I would need. See, I got a little silly and needed to go to the hospital... and they told me I could maybe get an X-ray in a couple weeks. Something about funding?

The Mother sighs and embraces the boy.

MOTHER: And there it was again. Sure, we had the power, but we didn't get the money. England was keeping our NHS funds for their own use... and so we had to suffer. It's like all that London wanted to do was to take the responsibility and give it to us... selling us this referendum and then not giving us any tools to solve our problems. To meet our needs.

One of the other assistants stands up.

ASSISTANT #1: They said devolution would make sure we were heard! 

Another one joins him.

ASSISTANT #2: They said that we'd have all the power to make things meet OUR needs!

The father turns around.

FATHER: And when it came down to it, London gave us the power alright... and left us to foot the bill. I wish I could go back and vote no. Wales doesn't need an assembly; it needs active participation in Parliament. It needs tools to ensure that we're represented in committees and in offices designed to meet our needs. Labour's not giving us that- they're giving us a bill. And it's not one that we can afford.

The father and the rest of the team stand aside- the girl comes back with a glass of water- and the young boy limps over to one side. 

TOGETHER: We don't want to be told we have to pay for things ourselves- and see our strongest tools taken away. We don't want this false devolution! 

As they move away, you'll see the sheep- with "VOTE NO" sheared into the side of it. The sheep baas as the screen goes to black.
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