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High Profile Event
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The event will be held in conjunction with a barbecue- all sorts of goodies available for people to eat as they mingle about. There will be music as well- everything having a very festive atmosphere. Conservative volunteers will be there to meet with voters, all going from similar talking points and passing out literature with points against devolution- the increased bureaucracy to get things done, the questions of authority, and the difficulty in having a Welsh legislature that is still under control from English lawmakers at any and every opportunity. The volunteers will all be trained to answer questions and should be drawn from the local communities as much as possible to give a strong sense of connection to the voters. Finally, once everyone has had their fill of delicious desserts from local vendors, Leader of the Opposition Edward Addie will come up and speak.

"Thank you all for coming out here today! I hope you've enjoyed the food and out fine, talented entertainment. I sure have... but now it's time to hear from a stuffed-shirt. We're all here today because we want to know- what's the deal with this devolution campaign? I know that so much of this campaign is going to talk about bring local control to Wales based on various issues. The Labour Party has come through here, telling you that a vote FOR devolution means taking control in setting taxes. They've said that it means making decisions around education, the NHS, transport, and housing. They've said that it means the power to tax and set a course forward for yourselves. 

"And you know what? Labour is right on all of that. It's exactly what devolution means. And while they present a socialist case for devolution- whatever that means- I want to make sure you know full well what devolution will entail.

"Because the point of devolution, as Labour has sold it through their canvassing, their speeches, their broadcasts, isn't just to grant power to the local authorities in Wales. The point is to offload responsibility and hope that you'll be the ones to pay for it.

"Britain has some of the best healthcare in the world. Is it perfect? No. Are there ways to improve it? Absolutely. But is the answer to offload the administration and the cost of health in Wales to the people who live here, when there's more financing available from Westminster and London? Labour's not being honest when they tell you that you'll get all the control without any of the aches and pains. Because I want you to imagine what it means when you take control of the NHS here for instance. It means you'll have to pay for it. Maybe that will mean higher taxes. Maybe that will mean- and I pray not- the cutting of basic and guaranteed services. Maybe it'll mean fees when you have to go make an appointment to see a doctor. It will mean that NHS Wales may have to see its position slip a bit when you compare it to NHS England where there are more people, more businesses, more tax revenues to be gained and put towards the health of everyone in Britain. And the same will go for transit, for education, for all those policies that Labour wants you to believe you will be able to do better on your own.

"I think there are plenty of ways to make our government in Westminster more accountable to the regions and the people that it serves, absolutely. We can do that- bringing on more local voices in administration and management and in Parliament- while also making sure that Wales has the resources it needs to be successful. Devolution certainly helps with administration, but it puts a lot of that finance at risk. 

"That's why Labour has tried to make a point- not ONLY will you vote on an assembly locally, but you'll ALSO get tax-levying powers! Because you will need those taxes when Labour decides that it's time to make Wales responsible for its own schools, its own roads, it's own NHS. And the wealthy folks in the South of England with their large estates will be the ones who get a tax cut when they don't have to pay for what's needed and necessary here in Wales anymore. It's the wealthy of England that will get the most benefits from devolution, not from trying to find effective and meaningful ways to increase the say of the people of Wales. Heck, I'll be the one that gets the most benefit- so maybe it would behoove me to just stand back and let this referendum win. Let Labour give you a Welsh Assembly and then watch as they hand over responsibility after responsibility- without making sure that you can afford it. And while that doesn't fit in the socialist argument for devolution, it's very much the truth.

"But there is a way forward here that will benefit Wales- and that's a no vote. Vote no on devolution, and certainly vote no when it comes to the tax-varying powers. You'll send a message not that you want to just sit back and let London do all the thinking, but that the proposed solution from Labour needs more time, more thought, and more inclusion to be effective. That's what I'll take from a no vote, and that's what I'll be fighting for. A stronger union with more inclusion- and with enough funding to make sure that the NHS, that schools, and roads here in Wales get what they deserve... and not just what Labour decides to let you have. Vote no- and truly take control when it comes time for decisions to be made."
Edward Addie MP
City of London and Westminster South | Conservative Party | Conservative Way Forward

Telegram: @AddieUSG
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