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Party Political Broadcast
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A montage of iconic Welsh landmarks and landscapes fills the screen. A narrator with a gentle Welsh accent speaks over the images.

"We are all proud to call Wales our home. This is, and has always been, a proud nation with a strong heritage and a drive to secure a brighter future for ourselves and for our children. On November 5th, we are being given a choice to decide how that future will look - and most importantly, who will have the power to shape it."

Cut to footage inside a busy hospital. The footage is time-lapse footage of a ward with doctors, nurses and patients moving around rapidly.

"When it comes to the future of our National Health Service, who do we want to be making the decisions? The parliament in Westminster, or decision-makers here in Wales?"

Similar time-lapse footage plays inside a classroom. Childrens' hands go up and down and the teacher works at the whiteboard.

"For the education system and our childrens' futures, who knows best? Those in London, or those people in our communities?"

A final time-lapse piece of footage at a busy junction, with cars and buses flowing through. A train line runs next to the junction and the odd train flies by.

"Who are the best people to decide about our transport system? Representatives from all over the place, or people specifically accountable only to you - the people of Wales?"

Cut to a split-screen, with Westminster on one side and different shots of Welsh people - teachers, nurses, families - on the other side.

"What this referendum is really about is whether to keep all of the power down in Westminster, or whether Wales' future can be brighter if we take back power and have decisions being made in a Welsh assembly, by Welsh representatives, accountable to you - the people of Wales."

Cut to a blue background with white text: Decisions about Wales, Made in Wales. Vote for devolution on November 5

"Decisions about Wales are best made in Wales. Give Wales a clear voice on our future and vote for devolution on November 5th"
Janet Marshall
Secretary of State for Public Services
Labour MP for Nottingham North
Former Shadow Secretary of State for Social Security (1992)
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