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The closing rally was addressed by campaign co-chair, Janet Marshall, and Prime Minister Agnes Hamstead.

Janet Marshall
Quote:Hello ladies and gentlemen! It is wonderful to be here today and speaking directly to you. Because that is what this referendum is all about - it is about starting a conversation with you, the people of Wales. It's a conversation about how you want your future to look and if you want it to be shaped in a different way to how things have been done in the past. It's vital that this is a conversation with you because for too long matters related to Wales have not been a conversation including the Welsh people, merely a conversation about the Welsh people. These have been debates held hundreds of miles away, in Westminster, where a chamber of mostly English MPs have tried to decide what the best decisions are for the future of Wales. Something about that whole process seems lacking - it seems like we must be able to do better. This referendum is our chance to do better and do right by the people of this proud nation.

Democracy is at its best when it is brought closer to the people who are impacted by the decisions which are made by governments every day. These are real decisions, which will change your towns, cities and country in ways you can see and measure. In this referendum, you have the chance to bring that power here to Wales where it belongs. With your vote on November 5th, you can take power currently sitting in Westminster and instead place it in a new Welsh Assembly - a decision-making body devoted to doing its best for Welsh people and nobody else. These representatives would not only be dedicated to serving the people of Wales but accountable only to you too. Devolution would see power being truly put into your hands.

There are some people who want to claim this is somehow the end of the United Kingdom. Of course, it isn't. In fact, devolution would be the start of an even stronger, more united United Kingdom. With power coming closer to the people impacted comes better decisions, which means a brighter future. When the nations that make up this United Kingdom are stronger, we all benefit together. The only thing which would drive us apart would be to ignore the needs of each of our individual nations, to silence their voices and to fail to give each constituent part of our country the power to shape its own destiny. Only by making that mistake would we leave ourselves open to fracturing. The right path is clear: devolving power strengthens our nations, strengthens our union and creates a better future for us all.

Ladies and gentlemen, more than anything, I believe we need to trust people in this country to know what they need to make their lives better. Devolution is about giving you that trust, without thinking you need nannying from Westminster. In this referendum, you have the power and you have the final say. You can choose for things to stay the same, or you can elect to move into a new era where Welsh decisions are made by Welsh people - where your interests are put first.

On November 5th, choose devolution and put Wales first.

Agnes Hamstead
Quote:"Good afternoon!

It is great to be back in Wales! And today, I'm here for an absolutely important cause - to ask you to vote for devolution and taxation powers.

When our government was elected, we ran on a clear manifesto - to devolve power to Wales with the people's consent. And let's take a step back and think about that proposal for a second. It is very rare for a government to campaign on giving power away. But we know why this is important - devolution will put power back in your hands and bring decision making closer to home. It means that decisions for Wales are being made in Wales, not by me and not by any future Westminster government. It also means that your services will be more flexible. Decisions about healthcare in Wales will be made in the best interests of the Welsh. Decisions about community safety, again, will be made here at home.

And what is the argument on the other side? It's non-sensical. Those opposed to these proposals couldn't even bring themselves to have a proper debate about the bill setting the referendum that we're having soon. The then Leader of the Opposition was so mad that we would take decisions about Wales to the people of Wales that he walked out of the debate. Then, failing to understand that devolution has yet to happen, they turned their tactics to try to paint the process as unorganised, despite the fact that we laid out a clear plan on what powers will be devolved. And the opposing campaign, what is their plan? What would they do to hand more power back to you? The answer, of course, is nothing.

Devolution will strengthen the Union. It will ensure the United Kingdom stays united but it also respects you, the people of Wales. Voting for devolution puts more power in your hands. Voting for taxation powers will ensure that devolved services are funded in a way that works for you. No more will Wales be at the whims of Westminster when it comes to many matters. A vote for devolution and taxation powers insulates you from future governments that don't make decisions with the best interests of Wales at heart; it insulates you from the guise of right-wing austerity measures. It ensures that you are closer to your decision makers and gives you a voice. A vote for devolution and taxation empowers you.

When this promise was made in our electoral manifesto, I supported it. When I became Prime Minister it was important for me to deliver on our promise of this referendum. That is why it was in our first Queen's Speech. It is why setting the referendum was one of the first bills we brought forward. For years and years, successive governments have promised to respect Wales and the voice of Wales. Our government is the one delivering on those words. I am proud of our commitment to this matter. But the decision is with you: you can choose devolution and taxation powers, and move forward with a brighter future for Wales. Or, you can keep the status quo and risk a future under a Prime Minister Edward Addie - or whomever the Tories have cycled through for their leader by the time of the next election - where cuts will abound. A vote for devolution and accompanying tax powers is an insulating tool against reckless decisions by a future government that does not have the best interests of Wales at heart.

On November 5, you can choose a better future for Wales. Vote for devolution. Vote for taxation powers. It is the right choice for Wales.
Janet Marshall
Secretary of State for Public Services
Labour MP for Nottingham North
Former Shadow Secretary of State for Social Security (1992)
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