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The End
Well it's very sad to see the end of the last forum based British polsim. Rule Britannia went, and now so has PolUK. I have to say feels like a friend leaving forever. I've had some brilliant times on these forums, and I'll never forget some of the rounds I've played and people I've met.

I know I shouldn't advertise, but if anyone is looking for a politics community to join in like this, I'd recommend Reddit's Model House of Commons. They sim the British Parliament as well as the legislatures. There is also versions for Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and more. I'm already over there leading a Socialist group - hopefully more of you will come on over! Come to think of it Teddy who played PolUK years ago is over there too.
Malcolm Keane MP
Member of Parliament for Glasgow Govan (February 1974 - Present)

Under-Secretary of State for Industry (November 1978 - May 1979)
Shadow Under-Secretary of State for Industry (May 1979 - November 1980)
Shadow Minister for Industry (November 1980 - October 1983)
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