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Sadness Circlejerk
I want to keep this short, but thought i’d start this thread for a little sadness circlejerk where people could talk a little about what the game and the community has been to them. Also fun memories go here in the thread Ian’s started!

For me, the game has meant a lot. As a math’s quirk, i’ve been playing it for a quarter of my life. 

From a personal perspective, it’s had its ups and downs. I want to briefly apologies to those i’ve fallen out with over the last few years - whilst it’s unlikely we’ll ever see eye to eye over the details or who should take blame for what, I am truly sorry for what happened and hope that now is the time for us to unreservedly move on.

But from a more positive light, the game’s also yielded a lot of friends, and i’m ever grateful for that. It’s this that's had more of an effect than any might expect coming into this community, and the endless, detailed and rigorous political debate over the years has effectively nurtured my interest in this fascinating world - and left me in a position where i’ve found my passion and am more excited than ever to be applying to university to study it.

This community is extraordinary - thank you all, I hope the main chat never dies.

MP for Kensington

(In previous lives: violated a confidence and supply agreement, tried to fight a man on Eton's nine-hole golf course, released a leaflet torpedoing ones own party, was likened to an M&M shovelling money into a fireplace and co-founded Solidarity 2.0 ft. much anarchy)
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