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The Return
Welcome back to PolUK.

I’m sure it is no surprise to anyone that we’ve decided that, after a break, it’s time to bring the game back - bigger, better, and with even more fresh ideas than before.

Based on the experience of the last few years, we’ve made some big changes, working with a number of members of the community (thank you to them for their input). This is still the same game. We have the same ethos, the same mission, and the same idea: you are an MP and you can basically do whatever you want with that.

But times have changed, and so has the world. When PolUK started the smartphone was a glint in Steve Jobs’ eye, and politics was consensual and well tempered. With that in mind, we are making the following changes.

First, the game will transition to a more mobile-friendly and on the go platform and model. This will mean more things that you can follow and play on the go, as well as more live events you can plan around your life. To help this we will have:
  • New forums better suited to the mobile experience, with thanks to Marty, Dan and Ed for working on it and on earlier concepts.
  • A new focus - in addition to the existing Parliament and press systems - on micro-activities (such as mini-interviews on college green) and live events (such as PMQs).
  • To facilitate this, a wholesale move over to Discord as an essential part of the game, with clear rules on how it will be used to ensure the game remains inclusive to its players. Links to new chats will be live this weekend.

Second, we will increase the focus on individual character development, giving you benefits to investing in and growing a character - whether as a team player or not. The core of this will be a new character experience system, where by participating in the game and offering quality parliamentary, legislative, and media input will grow a character’s influence and give the player extra benefits. This will replace party momentum, which will be replaced by qualitative feedback and regular opinion polling.

Finally, we will look to simplify some of the trickier and earliest elements of the game. We will have a new Google Form for legislation and character creation; and a clear and defined pathway for new players to get involved, linked to making early progress for your character through the character experience system. And we will be starting with a vanilla scenario - no alt-history this time.

This will still look, feel, and play like PoliticsUK. We are evolving the game, rather than replacing it. We’re excited for what the new round will bring, and we hope that you will all join us in this new adventure.

And no, we’re not going to tell you what the round is. Yet.

The A Team
Nathan, Steve, Sinan, Marty
Will be doing things soon

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