Full Version: Press Cycle 23: Nuclear Testing
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What do you make of France's nuclear testing in the Pacific? What, if anything, should be done about it?

Cycle closes at 23:59 on the 30th of October.

Please remember to bold your taglines. One-liners are discouraged.
I am concerned by reports of a nuclear test by the French Republic in the south pacific, particularly as the British Ministry of Defence was not made aware in advance of the test that it was to be carried out. I will be talking to colleagues within the South Pacific Forum and the Commonwealth, and the government will continue its efforts to engage international partners in pursuit of a comprehensive ban on nuclear testing.
^oops sorry, that was as Harriet Jones
Well, the lack of posts surely means that this press cycle bombed. Fortunately however, there isn't any fallout from the lack of any pacific interest so I shant go nuclear on y'all while I'm testing your patience with lame puns.

In any event, the statement by the Minister of Defense is the sort of bland, reassuring statement that helps communicate simultaneously that the Government is aware and taking action on something but that one shouldn't be too worried about it--which is great, but doesn't give a lot of attention and therefore no one gets anything except for my lame puns on this one. I will, however, provide Ms. Jones with one rotten mushroom to throw in my general direction. I'd give her more, but I wouldn't want a mushroom cloud to form.