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  Press Cycle 27 - Teachers’ Strike
Posted by: Kandler - 5 hours ago - Forum: Press Office - Replies (4)

Diligent public servants or socialist stooges?

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  Party Conferences
Posted by: Kandler - Today, 12:44 AM - Forum: The Tannoy - Replies (1)

Ladies and Gentlemen it is that time of year, the time when Westminster travels to the seaside for a fun day out filled with vacuous nonsense from the UK's political class. Conferences will take place in the four irl days that will make up October, to reflect the late notice September is being extended to allow you guys to cope. October shall therefore begin in earnest at 00:01 on the 20th of November irl.

Party Leaders will be able to choose how many days they want conference to be, this must be communicated to the A-Team by no later than 11:59pm on the 19th, ie the day before Conferences begin. Conference may last for no more than 4 irl days and each irl day may have between 2 and 4 submissions/speeches. Surrogate speeches are allowed (think Guy Verhofstadt at this year's Lib Dem conference) but the speaker and the speech must be signed off by an admin before you can use them. 

Forums and threads will be going live soon so look out for them, in the meantime have fun and happy planning!

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  Press Cycle 26 - Russia / Chechnya
Posted by: Kandler - Yesterday, 08:35 PM - Forum: Press Office - Replies (2)

Is what it says on the tin.

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  Sir Duncan "Dunk" McMahon
Posted by: General Goose (LD) - 11-15-2019, 10:48 PM - Forum: New Players - Replies (1)

Name: Sir Lachlan Domnhall Coinneach Duncan "Dunk" MacMahon
Avatar: John Thurso
Place of birth: Huntly
Date of birth: December 9 1931
Education: University of Edinburgh, BA and MA, Political Studies
Career: Royal Navy
Spouse and children: Wife Mary, son Arran, daughter Isla

Party and ideology: Liberal Democrat, moderate social liberal 
Political History: From a well-known (and formerly rather wealthy) family of Scottish Conservative patrons, Dunk caused a stir by announcing he was to stand as a Liberal in 1980. He secured the nomination for his home seat of Gordon, where he has served ever since. 

Born: December 9 1931 (64) [0 points]
Race: White [0 points]
Gender: Male [0]
Sexuality: Heterosexual [0]
Religion: Protestant Christian [0]
Family status: Married with 2 children, Arran and Isla [0]
Class: Upper class [10; 70]
Education: Private School; MA [9; 61]
Professional Life: 
Royal Navy - reached Sub-Lieutenant - 1953-1968; Special Boat Service [25; 36]
Farmer and non-profit worker - 1968-1983 - returned to the family estate, and maintained an active life travelling and working for NGOs [8; 28]
Intelligence Officer - 1968-1978 [10; 18]
MP for Gordon (1983-present) 
Other attributes: 
Member of influential political family - [15] - the MacMahons have been prominent Scottish Tories for centuries, back in more prosperous and wealthier times for the family, so MacMahon’s declaration of support for the Liberals in 1980 attracted considerable attention 

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  MS 8: Al-Muharirun
Posted by: Margo_Leadbetter (CON) - 11-15-2019, 05:40 PM - Forum: Ministerial Statements - Replies (2)

Madam Speaker

Like many nations, this country observed the recent terrorist attack in Russia with great horror. No matter what veneer of justification is provided, there is never any excuse for terrorism. Our sympathy goes to Russia and our full condemnation is issued to those who initiated this act of barbarism. 

This country has always taken a strong line against terrorism and those who support its perpetration and aims.

For this reason, and after consideration of the organization, I am today listing Al-Muharirun as a Proscribed Terrorist Organization.

This assignment brings into force a range of sanctions, including making membership and active support an arrestable offense. The police and authorities will not hesitate to act against anyone who breaches the restrictions.

The government remains vigilant to the threat of terrorism in all its forms and is closely reviewing our security requirements in light of the Russian indecent.

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  Dan Watson
Posted by: Dan Watson (CON) - 11-14-2019, 08:48 PM - Forum: New Players - Replies (2)

Constituency: Maidstone 

Avatar Rupert Penry-Jones
Age: 42 (b. Feb 1952)
Ethnicity: White British 
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Religion: Agnostic [1]
Family: Married to Gemma Strangford with one son ALEX
Class: Middle Class
Secondary Education: Grammar School [3p]
Higher Education: Criminology with Law BSC, MSc Criminology [4]

Lawyer Welling Hampton Solicitors
Member of Parliament, Canterbury constituency; 1992-Present
Non Westminster
Cllr for Allington Ward Maidstone Borough Council 1984-1991

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  REIGATE, Adelaide
Posted by: Adelaide Reigate (CON) - 11-14-2019, 03:27 PM - Forum: New Players - Replies (2)

41-64 [0 points]

White/Caucasian [0 points]

Female [20 points]

Heterosexual [0 Points]

Protestant Christian [0 points]

Other Personal Traits

Divorced/ Widowed with or w/o children [5 Points]

Born to upper middle class family [0 points]

--- Education ---
Secondary Education
Private School [3 points]

Higher Education
Bachelor’s Degree (Ba/Bsc ect) [0 points]

Cambridge/Oxford (Oxbridge) or LSE [5 points]


--- Career ---
Civilian Careers
Political Activist/ Community Organizer/ Nonprofit Worker [5 points]

Political Careers


--- Political Background/Experience ---
Member of Parliament [0 points]


--- Honours and Bonuses ---
Member of influential political family [15 points]
Married to a famous spouse [7 points] (Requires Admin Approval for Spouse)


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  Katie Law - Maiden Speech (1992)
Posted by: Katie Law (LAB) - 11-14-2019, 01:00 PM - Forum: Maiden Speeches - No Replies

Madam Speaker, 

As this is my first speech in this House, I'd like to take the opportunity to congratulate you on your elevation to the high office of Speaker of the House of Commons. I am sure you will meet the high standards which come with the office.

Madam Speaker,

It is a great honour to be standing in this House giving my Maiden Speech as the Member for Newcastle Upon Tyne East. I'd like to pay tribute to my predecessor Nick Brown who not only served my constituency with distinction, but was also a valued mentor of mine in the years leading up to my election to this House. I wish him well in what ever may come next for him.

Madam Speaker,

If you looked at my start in life on a sheet of paper and the economic conditions with which I was born into back in 1956, you would not predict that I would end up in this House. I was born to a coal miner as an only child and my family lived in a 2 bedroom apartment. After all the essentials were paid for, my family had hardly enough left over to put away for a rainy day. I went to the local State school, where my parents picked up all my supplies second hand. In 1971, my father died while working in the pits after the mine he was working in collapsed. It was later found that the owner of the mine was negligent in safety procedures. 

It was this tragedy Madam Speaker that stirred in me a passion to stand up for workers like my Dad. From that point on, my goal was to become a workplace relations lawyer to ensure workers were protected from shonky employers. In 1974, I applied for a scholarship to Newcastle University to study a combined Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts (Majoring in Politics) and I commenced studying in 1975. During my first year of the Politics side of my degree, I was lucky enough to spend 6 months in Australia and gain experience in the Labor Member for Robertson Mr. Barry Cohen's office in the Australian Parliament. It was a humbling experience witnessing such a tumultuous time in Australian history at the coal face, and an event which probably won't be seen again. For those members who are unaware of the event to which I refer, I am referring to the Australian Constitutional Crisis of 1975 which ended with the dismissal of the Prime Minister Edward 'Gough' Whitlam by the Queen's representative in Australia the Governor General Sir John Kerr. This event stirred in me a passion for politics, and set me on a course to eventually end up in this place in some capacity.

After the 6 months in Australia in 1975 studying my degree at the University of Newcastle in New South Wales, I returned to Newcastle Upon Tyne and resumed my studies at Newcastle University. I completed both my BA and Bachelor of Laws in 1978 and immediately began practising in workplace relations law taking on the cases of many mine workers who had reported negligence by their employer similar to the negligence which led to my father's death. During this time, I was working closely with unions representing all different industries. I was also working closely with the Member for Bolsover, given his former life as a miner, to secure reforms to improve safety of mining sites. During this time, the Member for Bolsover became a close mentor of mine and a friend and I look forward to continuing to work closely with him in this House.

Madam Speaker,

While practising, upon graduating I immediately undertook my Master's of Law from 1979-1981 and given my high achievement in my Bachelor's degree, I was given a scholarship for the Master's. In 1982, upon attaining my Master's, I became a Barrister specialising in Workplace Relations which increased the closeness of the working relationship which I had with various unions. During this time, I tried numerous high profile cases of exploitation and negligence cases and in 1990, I came to this place and became a Policy Advisor to Neil Kinnock on Industrial Relations until my election to the House of Commons this year.

Madam Speaker,

With all due respect to you, I made the decision to stand for Parliament because after being back home in Newcastle and coming here to Westminster, I felt like that I had entered parallel universes . The people making decisions in this place have absolutely no connection with the people out there in the working class towns like Newcastle. It is because the people who are in this place are of a different class and have no idea of the struggles that the working class have out there. 

Madam Speaker,

That's why I came to parliament. To stand up for the working class which has been my aim since I was 15. I say this to my constituents, and to all MPs in this place. I will endeavour to represent everyone, but when I'm faced with the choice of standing up for those on the lower rungs of the economic ladder or those on the higher end of the economic ladder, I will always stand up for those lower on the economic ladder. Because that's who is currently voiceless.

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  Katie Law
Posted by: Katie Law (LAB) - 11-14-2019, 02:26 AM - Forum: New Players - Replies (4)

Name: Katie Law (nee Thompson)
Avatar: Emma Watson
Constituency: Newcastle Upon Tyne East (Since 1992)
Age: 14th August 1956 (36) [5 points]
Race/Ethnicity: White/Caucasian [0 points]
Sexuality: Hetrosexual [0 points]
Religion: Protestant [5 points]

Family: Married to William Law (M:1977) with 3 Children (Harriet b. 1979, James b. 1982 and Lily b. 1984) [0 points]
Class: Born to working class family. [0 points]

Secondary Education: State School/Comprehensive [0 points]
Higher Education: Master's Degree [4 points]
University: Newcastle University - BA (Politics) (1975-1978), Bachelors of Laws (LLB) (1975-1978), Master's of Law (LLM) (1979-1981) - [0 points]

Civilian Career:

Barrister specialising in Workplace Relations (1982-1989) [5 points]
Policy Advisor to Neil Kinnock on Industrial Relations (1990-1992) [15 points]

Political Background:

Member of Parliament for Newcastle Upon Tyne East - 1992-Present. [0 points]

Non-Military Honours:

Leading Barrister in Newcastle Upon Tyne East area having appear in multiple high profile local cases. 

Party: Labour.
Ideology: Ideology informed by her working class background. Very much in the mould of Dennis Skinner. Believes in representing the lower end of society.

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  The Harassment Protection Act 1995
Posted by: Margo_Leadbetter (CON) - 11-13-2019, 12:31 AM - Forum: First Reading - Replies (2)

The Harassment Protection Act 1995

An act to tackle harassment in all its forms

BE IT ENACTED by the Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Temporal and Spiritual, and Commons, in the present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

Section 1: offenses

1. A person commits an offense if:

  • They knowingly engage in stalking activities such as continually following or snooping on another person for no good reason
  • They engage in minor harassment of a person such as repeatedly making unwanted phone calls, repeatedly sending unwanted messages, or make repeated unwanted comments directly to another person with the intention of causing distress
  • They make obscene phone calls to another person with the intention of causing distress
  • They write obscene letters or messages to another person with the intention of causing distress
2. The above offenses are for general low-level harassment; abuse, sexual violence and more serious crimes such as libel and slander are covered by other relevant acts of law.

3. In proceedings for an offense under part 1 of this section, it is a defense for the accused to show that the course of behavior was reasonable in the circumstances. This could include self-defense, genuine arguments or conflicts between parties, and actions being infrequent by their nature. 

4. An offense is not committed if the actions in 1.1 were conducted:
  • For the purpose of preventing or detecting crime
  • Under any enactment or rule of law or to comply with any condition or requirement imposed by any person under any enactment
  • Under circumstances where the course of conduct was reasonable

Section 2: penalty for an offense

1. A person who commits an offense under section 1 and is convicted by a court of law is liable to:

a. First offense: mandatory rehabilitation of duration and type to determine by the courts and a fine not exceeding the statutory maximum; the court may, at its discretion, levy the cost of the rehabilitation to the convicted offender

b. Second offense: imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or a fine not exceeding the statutory maximum (or both)

c. Third or greater offense: imprisonment for a term not exceeding 24 months or a fine (or both)

Section 3: short title and commencement

1. This Act may be cited as the “Harassment Act 1995”
2. This Act shall enter into force on the 1 January 1996
3. This Act shall be applied throughout the United Kingdom

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