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  Press cycle 6 - IRA
Posted by: Dan - 5 hours ago - Forum: Press Office - No Replies

Following the IRA Ceasefire what does this mean for Britain?

Deadline is Tuesday 24th at 11.59pm

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  Margo Leadbetter, Conservative
Posted by: Margo_Leadbetter (CON) - Yesterday, 01:39 AM - Forum: New Players - Replies (1)

[Image: eafceff32aa09d7e25e6cc32950f29d9-full.png]

Mrs Margo Leadbetter
Conservative MP, Surbiton

Name: Mrs Margo Leadbetter

Avatar: Margo Leadbetter / Penelope Keith

Date of birth: 1 October 1952 (42 years old)

Place of birth: Kingston Upon Thames

Education: Roedean School (Independent School) / Cambridge (Newnham College)

Career: Lawyer

Spouse: Married to Jerry Leadbetter, no children

Party and Ideology: Conservative Party - fiscally conservative, socially moderate conservative

Politically history: Councillor on Kingston Council

Born in the leafy suburbs of Kingston upon Thames, Margo Leadbetter was always destined to be a Conservative. Her father was a prominent lawyer and served as a local councillor for many years. He later became a judge, where he was known for firm but fair sentencing. Margo followed in his legal footsteps, obtaining a law degree from Cambridge where she also played in the lacrosse team. At university Margo honed her love of political argument on her college’s debate team. On obtaining her degree, Margo became a trainee solicitor and around ten years later opened her own firm focusing on family and estate law. Alongside her legal work, Margo was a councillor on Kingston Council for 6 years; she focused on keeping rates low and services efficient. Margo is married to Jerry; the couple have no children as they are focused on their respective careers.

Age: 42 [0 points]

Race: White/Caucasian [0 points]

Gender: Female [20 points]

Sexuality: Heterosexual [0 points]

Religion: Protestant Christian [0 points]

Family: Married with no children [8 points]

Class: Born to upper middle-class family [0 points]

Education: Private School [3 points]

Higher Education: Bachelor’s Degree [0 points]

University: Cambridge [5 points]

Played a Sport for University – Lacrosse [2 points]

Career: Lawyer [5 points]

Political background: Councillor [3 points]

Total: 46 points

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  Live Event Markings
Posted by: Benjamin - 09-19-2019, 07:34 PM - Forum: Press Office - No Replies

Live PMQs: First Graves vs Ward clash. 9th September 2019.

Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone who got involved, and particular to Recks, Ward and (late smh) Mac for making the time to be there. 

I’ll give a rundown of the clash between the PM and LotO, and then between the PM and Rebecca Flair, before summing up with the general feeling of the encounters.

After a nice, tame question to the Prime Minister by Christopher Barker about the economy, which Lewis Graves fielded well and reassured all interested that he would pay close attention to the nation’s economic performance at large, Calvin Ward opened his close examination of the PM with the particularly relevant matter of preventing further terrorist attacks on British soil. For me, this first question (and the second that was effectively the same) didn’t really see a point to it. It was, certainly, the right kind of question to deliver, but didn’t come with the punches, criticism or cheap joke that really sells it. Now admittedly, none of those would have looked good in the introduction to it, instead there was rightfully a degree of respectfulness in the air. But these elements really should have come into play when the PM’s answer didn’t satisfy Ward. Instead, Graves came away looking like he had a close eye for the details of the situation, and without an alternative plan, or at least suggestions, from Ward, the PM was allowed to look like a leader with a grasp of the situation. Make no mistake, it was not a poor start for either leader - in fact both seemed relatively in control within their own realm - but frankly it was a wasted opportunity that allowed Graves to deliver what he wanted to say on the matter. It was also slightly odd that the PM was allowed to turn the table, going after “anti-Semitism disguised as anti-Zionism”, whilst the LotO glazed over it and into his third question. No doubt, it was a good look for Graves to go on the offensive.

But where I criticise Ward for the lack of punch on the first two questions, his role clicked on the third, and delivered the excellent question, “Turning to the NHS, the Deputy Prime Minister has already taken his knife and fork out to carve up the NHS. The Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary have their plates ready as well. Can the Prime Minister guarantee that the NHS isn't for sale?”. The British public are, probably rightly, concerned about the treatment of public services under Graves’ predecessors, and so the question - backed up with a clever line that journos could easily grab onto - fell on responsive ears. Yes, the PM’s assessment that this question was, “scare mongering” is probably true, but the somewhat lukewarm, “I… am [nb: only] supportive of free-at-the-point-of-use healthcare” gives room for the possibility that the NHS is protected for now, but not necessarily indefinitely. It’s a fine dodge to say that the Health Secretary will look into it, but it doesn’t lead to massive confidence that the PM cares as much about the service as he so clearly does about the embassy bombing. Ward’s follow up ending with, “If half the Cabinet are leading one direction, and he is leading the other, who is leading the country?” hurt Graves, especially when he chose to take the throw away line as the main takeaway from the LotO’s important cross examination of NHS policy. There was a clear reminder of how the Tories have shaped health policy over the past decade, and the lack of refutation leaves Ward painted as a defender of the NHS, and Graves as PM that is yet to show interest in the subject. The only let down was the final ‘question’, which didn’t have a question at all. It is all good to use prime airtime to go after an opponent’s historical policies, but without a question it again lets the PM off the hook, and gives him space to shout about the benefits that his party has delivered. “If you want to Ward off prosperity” is a particularly good line. It doesn’t deflate Ward’s questions about the NHS though, and he comes off better on the service.

Then - after a brief interlude about anti-semitism - up came Rebecca Flair to take the PM to task with a double whammy of detail intensive economic policy questions. Graves wasn’t superb, but neither was he bad on the matter. It’s always a climb down to criticise a core tenet of policy from a government you now lead, but it was somewhat graceful, and suggests that the Prime Minister is willing to listen to facts, not to pure ideology. With the second question, Flair hammered home her point, correlating poor economic understanding amongst government ministers with the bungling of the ERM. The response was reasonable, and it did the job, though not masses more. But, frankly, it didn’t really need to. Graves set out the rhetoric stall, and his base loved it, even if the wider country is a little dissapointed there wasn't more to it.

In the minds of journalists, PMQs was probably a narrow win for Graves. That’s not to say he was without shortcomings - or that Ward lacked wins - but the fact that the PM looked Prime Ministerial, and in control of detail - other than on the NHS - made him out to be a capable, competent and hardworking leader. Having said that, I thought that when Graves and the LotO ‘clashed’ (i.e. question two, when they were in the swing of joked, put downs etc.) Ward came off stronger. I would recommend that next time the PM is not given open opportunities to talk up the record of the government (the lack of a fifth ‘question’ didn’t help). Go for a question, and back it up with a punchy line or a joke in the follow up to it. Each should be pleased with their respective performance though, and from the initial reaction both are seen as Prime Ministerial material.

Now that Mac is on the Ateam, I need not give a longform sum up of Flair’s interaction with the PM, but I thought the Lib Dem held her own and gave the PM a light bollocking - though Graves came back swinging.

A nice performance all round. I will be giving xp to Graves and Ward for a good contest, and to Max Power for a good question (and some nice heckling after it) - he is increasingly becoming a fan favourite amongst the watching public.

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  George Wilson
Posted by: George Wilson (LAB) - 09-19-2019, 02:33 PM - Forum: New Players - No Replies

George Herbert Wilson
MP for Great Grimsby (1983-Present)
Labour Party

  • Tribune (1960-1982)
  • Socialist Campaign Group (1982-Present)
41-64 [0 points]
  • Born in 1935; elected 1983 at 48 years of age; currently 59 years old.
White/Caucasian [0 points]
Male [0 points]
Heterosexual [0 points]
Catholic [5 point]
Single [5 points]
Born to working class family [0 points]
  • Father, Gordon Wilson, was a dockworker; his mother was a teacher.
--- Education ---
Secondary Education
Grammar School [3 points]
Higher Education
Bachelor’s Degree (Ba/Bsc ect) [0 points]
  • Christ Church College | Oxford | BA Classics | 1962
Master’s Degree (Ma) [4 points]
  • Christ Church College | Oxford | MA History | 1964
Doctorate (PhD) [4 points]
  • University of Leeds | PhD History | 1968
Oxford [10 points]

--- Career ---
Civilian Careers
Professor [15 points]
  • Professor of History | University of Leeds | 1966-1977
Mayor of Grimsby [5 Points]
  • Labour | 1977-1981
Journalist [5 Points]
  • Columnist for The Tribune | 1980-1982 | Left the Tribune due to "editorial differences" after the Tribune moved away from the traditional left.
Pilot Officer (2) [10 points]
  • National Service | RAF | 1953-1958
--- Political Background/Experience ---
Member of Parliament [0 points]
  • Member of Parliament for Great Grimsby | Elected in 1983 | Under the leadership of Neil Kinnock, Wilson was barred from frontbench appointments due to his membership in the Socialist Campaign Group and his close friendship with Tony Benn.
--- Honours and Bonuses ---
Author of a Book [2 points] (Detail what book is called and about)
  • Empires and Imperialism | a popular history book about, well, empires and imperialism as an ideology. The general thesis is that imperialism is what led to the two world wars and should, therefore, be avoided. Some Marxist undertones can be picked up by an astute reader, but the book is, largely, an inoffensive attempt at being informative. Published 1972 by Penguin.
Author of a Book [2 points] (Detail what book is called and about)
  • Modern Britain: A History | a popular history book about the history of Britain from Disraeli to the (then) modern day. It covers the major political and social movements and prognosticates on the future. Again, astute readers will discover a strain of Marxist thinking behind the narrative of the book (specifically in its prognostications) but it is, for the most part, an entertaining and informative read. Published in 1980 by Penguin.

70/80 Points Total

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  Philipp Albert Victor Coburg
Posted by: Philipp Coburg (CON) - 09-17-2019, 08:22 PM - Forum: New Players - Replies (4)

Name: Philipp Albert Victor Coburg
Avatar: David Niven

Date of Birth (Age as of May 1994): November 5, 1930 (64)

Place of Birth: Calcutta, British India


  • Institute Le Rosey- Rolle, Switzerland

  • Oxford University- History and Art

  • Sandhurst
Career: Royal Army

Spouse and Children:
  • Married to Victoria Elizabeth Gotha (nee Saxe)

  • 2 children, Victoria Jr and Philipp Jr.
Party and Ideology: Conservative

Political History:
  • Coburg was elected as Member of Parliament (MP) for Westminster North in 1992.
    Points:Age 64-0 pointsUpper class- 5 pointsWhite and Male- 0 pointsHeterosexual-0Anglican- 0 pointsMarried with 2 children- 0 pointsPublic School- 4 pointsBachelor degree-0Oxford- 5 pointsFinal military rank of General- 45 pointsSt George’s Cross Medal for actions during Falklands campaign- 20 points
         Total points: 79

Biography to be posted later.

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  Experience/Backbencher Support System
Posted by: Benjamin - 09-16-2019, 09:26 AM - Forum: New Players - No Replies

Can be found here.

Be warned - the formulas used are not perfect mapping tools. Things can fluctuate regularly.

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  Criminal Justice and Police Powers Act 1994
Posted by: William Croft (CON) - 09-14-2019, 06:38 PM - Forum: Second Reading - Replies (6)

Madam Speaker, 

I beg the bill be read a First Time and be printed. 

(You can find a copy of the legislation here. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IEIp...sp=sharing )

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Posted by: Benjamin - 09-14-2019, 05:39 PM - Forum: New Players - No Replies

Scandal form is now live! As a new player, you aren't obliged to fill it in, but it'll help your standing and sway with backbench MPs if you do - which can be very handy.

The higher the level of scandal, the more experience points you get!

Form here!

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  Press Cycle 5 : Israel/Jordan Peace treaty
Posted by: Dan - 09-14-2019, 01:27 PM - Forum: Tray N - Replies (8)

With the Peace treaty signed by Israel and Jordan, what does this mean for the middle east?

Deadline is Wednesday 18th at 11.59 pm

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  Press cycle 4: Helicopter Crash
Posted by: Dan - 09-13-2019, 06:00 PM - Forum: Tray N - Replies (6)

Following the helicopter crash in Scotland , what does this mean for the intelligence services?

Press cycle will close Tuesday 17th at 11.59pm

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