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Press release: striking the right note - Margo_Leadbetter - 10-08-2019

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Speaking at a dinner for her constituency party in Surbiton, Margo Leadbetter, has called on the Conservative Party to renew its sense of purpose.
In unscripted remarks, Mrs Leadbetter commented:
“There is no doubt in my mind that the Conservative Party saved this country from economic and social ruin in 1979. However, that is now the distant past. No party has a right to lead unless it can set out a compelling vision for the days ahead. And on that front, I am afraid that the present government is falling short.
“I do not doubt that the cabinet is composed of good and honest people. But they all too often give the impression of being bland administrators rather than bold architects creating a bright future for Britain. It is almost as if they have run out of ideas.
It is now time to up the game. Time to get back to proper Conservative principles of reducing taxes, allowing individuals to aspire and succeed, stimulating businesses and encouraging entrepreneurship. These are the foundations for a prosperous economy – and for all investment in our public services.
“As much as anything else, it is government’s job to set the tone. And that tone should be a vibrant and energetic one. At present too many people are simply hearing a dull note that doesn’t resonate.”

RE: Press release: striking the right note - Mac - 10-08-2019

Hi there, we don't really do press releases anymore, at least in the old sense. We use press cycles now instead, I think this would be better served in a press cycle since here it is not going to be marked.

RE: Press release: striking the right note - Margo_Leadbetter - 10-08-2019

Thanks. I will replicate this in the press thread!