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RE: Press Cycle 27 - Teachers’ Strike - Dayton Highland - 11-20-2019

Well we now have it from the horse's mouth, Mr McAvoy letting slip the worst kept secret since: Labour and Calvin Ward support these strikers "100%" This just proves that, despite their mealy-mouthed excuses, and statements in which they expressed how "disheartened" they were, whilst all the time they've been hand in hand with the NUT, wreaking havoc in the lives of ordinary families, who will be the ones to suffer under this strike. They can try and deflect the blame on to the government all they like, as I'm sure that they will, but the real agitators behind this strike are them. And of course, Calvin Ward is in the middle of all of this. Depending on who you ask, we have two different men here: either a man who stands idly by and offers excuses for union bosses who insult hard-working parents, or a man who is agitating and supporting these strikers for his own political gain. Is he supine, or just selfish?

RE: Press Cycle 27 - Teachers’ Strike - cward - 11-21-2019

*walking into meeting with NUT*

I’m incredibly frustrated with the actions of the Government today. You can’t bring modernisation without education. Education without educators just won’t work. The Prime Minister says we all need to work together. Then he should be working. Its two to quango takes three for quality- government, parents, and educators. I believe teachers should be teaching. If the government won’t work, Labour will. Don’t ask me why I’m here. Ask Harold Saxon why he isn’t.

RE: Press Cycle 27 - Teachers’ Strike - Emily Greenwood - 11-21-2019

I was flabbergasted to hear the government has apparently decided that they can treat the teachers like they treated both Houses of Parliament, giving them the silent treatment. Even if that means parents are left with a bad deal, even if that means three days without teaching in our schools. A strike is in nobody's interest so if the government aren't going to fix this, it's our duty as public servants on both sides of this table to see if we can. And rest assured, if the government won't try to see a compromise that fixes this bill through Parliament, we will.

RE: Press Cycle 27 - Teachers’ Strike - Emily Greenwood - 11-21-2019

(Above quote given upon entering meeting with the NUT alongside Calvin Ward)

RE: Press Cycle 27 - Teachers’ Strike - Mac - 11-23-2019

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