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Labour Party Conference
Hello Comrades, unfortunately, you have to listen to me speak again, so let’s get it over with


Let’s talk about mental health, something that I do not believe is done enough. People don’t seem to see mental health as a priority. Did you know that 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem. And yet people don’t seem to care about it. My Dad suffered from Depression when I was younger and I have suffered with Social Anxiety so I know how important your mental health is. A lot of people don’t understand mental health and I can understand that a lot of people won’t understand what it is like dealing with mental health issues but to dismiss it as unimportant is outrageous and just shows how broken society is towards this issue.

Another fact, half of people who suffer with mental health difficulties experience symptoms by the time they are 14 but children’s mental health is dismissed as well. Suffering from mental health can lead to more problems such as alcohol abuse and drug abuse as well as much more. This can lead to higher unemployment and more people relying on benefits to live. If we invest into help people with mental health issues it can help everyone and will change lives. It will make it better for employers as more people would be joining the work force and people would be able to lead happier, healthier lives and take strain of our NHS by dealing with these issues in an earlier stage.

So I’m now glad to announce a royal commission into mental health, how mental health is dealt with in the NHS and how we can do better to help people suffering from mental health issues if we win the next election. This must become a priority as much as physical health and more must be done to help people with mental health issues.

Another issue I would like to bring to attention is child poverty in the UK. In 1968, 1.4 million children where living in poverty. 1 in 10 children, that seems like to many already to me. That figure has now shot up to around 4.3 million in 1995! That is 1 in every 3 children! That is too many children living in poverty in the United Kingdom. Yet this issue isn’t even on the radar of the British government. Do the Tories care about the less fortunate in society, or just their billionaire friends?

A Labour government will help the children most in need by offering free child care and free school meals as well as free or discounted after school clubs and free summer clubs and discounted educational school trips for low income families so that children of all situations at home get the best chance a start in life and build a great future.

A Labour government would take Britain in to the 21st century as a nation that is tackling the real issues that effect you, your friend and family and building a strong nation that will work for all.
Nathon Cowley
Labour MP for Liverpool West Derby (1992-)
Labour Chief Whip (1995-)
Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and the Environment (1995-)

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