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General Press Cycle
I know Mr. Cobirg wants to know where all our legislative unctions are. The fact of the matter is, and I know this may be confusing, but it is the government’s job to govern. Being in Parliament l, in the debate, on what has been hailed as the “flagship” and the Prime Minister is more silent than Stonehenge
I'm sure the people of Britain will be relieved to know that even if the Labour leader has no real ability to lead, he certainly has a talent for robotically repeating the exact same line over and over again to the press. Despite all the flack Calvin Ward gives me about being to eager to speak to the press, I'd still be more than happy to provide him with a recommendation for a good media coach. 

The Labour leader's bizarre repeating talking points aside, I want to challenge the claim he's making head on. Labour says it's the job of the Government to govern, and I am happy to report that this Government is doing just that. We are strengthening the police force, cracking down on sexual assault with the toughest sentences in Britain's history, and boldly pushing back against terrorism. We are providing Britain with the leadership they deserve, and delivering on our commitment to make our country safer and fairer. 

The British people want results, not talking points. I will continue to ensure this Government forges ahead with legislation aimed at making our country stronger, more dynamic, and more equal for everyone who calls Britain home.

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