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M1 - Motion of No Confidence
Madame Speaker,

This government has been shameless in its responses, unscrupulous in its actions and unaccountable in its foundation. We have a Prime Minister elected by an electorate of 332. This is in comparison, I’m sorry I have to read this number from my notes because it’s so ridiculous, approximately 0.001 percent of the electorate that chose to vote in the last election. This is not even the first time that this has happened in this parliament. These Prime Minister departures happened, not because of some illness, death or major scandal. These departures happened because the Tory Party can not get itself together. They are permanently divided, bickering and fighting each other. Their ambitions for themselves is much more important than the future of this country. The Honourable Member for Oxford East nailed it (nods to Shadow Foreign Secretary) when he said “if it comes down to getting ahead in their careers, the Tory benches will sacrifice anything, even the national interest, to get there.“ Madame Speaker, this government and this Tory Party does not deserve to rule this country, not with how they have been behaving. Cabinet secretaries refuse to answer any questions and when they are challenged on that, they resort to personal attacks on my heritage and background, instead of answering the questions we have asked. 

Madame Speaker, sadly, it is all too easy to understand how the government has reached this sorry point: they have run out of ideas and steam, they don’t have a vision for Britain, how it should proceed to the new millennium or how it should be ruled. Under this Tory government, we have seen double digit unemployment, a major recession, ballooning deficit, promises broken on tax hikes and an incompetence unmatched by any government of the past. They will change Prime Ministers like used toilet papers but they won’t change their course because they do not know where to go, they absolutely have no idea what to do with the country and the mess they made. They just only know not to stop grasping the levers of power, not at any cost, even if that will be very costly to the British people. Reckless, unscrupulous and incompetent, that is what government is in its core and Madame Speaker that is a dangerous combination for anything, especially when our country and her national interests are at stake. 

Madame Speaker, it would be wrong to criticise this government without criticising its biggest enablers, the official opposition. Madame Speaker, Labour benches are all about let’s get an election all the time but when push comes to shove they are not there. They could have filed this motion of no confidence but they chose not to because they are afraid it will spook the electorate. This Labour Party is the party that lost to this government and I can see why they are scared frankly, their brand is so toxic that they have lost to this incompetence, reckless and useless government. We have had two unelected Prime Ministers in succession within a couple of months and Labour hasn’t even tried to call a no confidence motion, instead they chose to table motions full of errors and illegality in them, so I think it might have been better for our country that we, the Liberal Democrats, file this motion and not Labour. Who knows what they would have filed if they intended to.  This country has been run by this duopoly for far too long and we are seeing its effects so well. We have an incompetent government that can get re-elected because the other option is seen as worse by majority of the country. Madame Speaker, we need a new vision in this country, one that is not run out of steam or so toxic that it can lose to this Tory government over and over again. This country needs an election and an alternative, today Madame Speaker, we, the Liberal Democrats are ready to provide both for our country and that is why Madame Speaker, I move that this House has no confidence in Her Majesty’s Government. 
Noémie Suchet MP

Member of Parliament for Bath

LibDem Leader
ORDER! As this is an Opposition Day Motion time is hereby allocated for debate and division on this matter.
Madam Speaker, I rise in opposition to this motion. As the Right Honourable lady, the Leader of the Liberal Democrats will be aware, this government holds a majority of seats in the House. Indeed, at the general election in 1992, the government won 336 seats. The Liberal Democrats, on the other hand, won 20. Madam Speaker, it is clear which party holds the confidence of this house, and it's certainly not the party in double figures of seats. Of course, they say that times have changed. Indeed, we have changed leader two times. If I may take this opportunity to remind the Right Honourable lady of her own party's history, the Liberal Party changed leaders many times between elections. Indeed, David Lloyd George was nominated as Prime Minister in 1918 despite only having 127 seats out of over 700. We live in a parliamentary democracy - voters vote for MP's, not the Prime Minister, a fact that I am sure the Right Honourable lady is well aware and choosing to ignore for party political reasons.

We are still over two years from the next election, the government still has the support of the majority of the house, the Liberal Democrats are still as irrelevant in the grand scheme of things as they were in 1992. These are simple facts. And, in closing, Madam Speaker, I must add one final thing. The Liberal Democrats could have used their opposition day to propose something tangible, something that would have a direct effect on the people of this country and potentially improve their lives. Instead of fighting for the change they claim to believe in, they have put forward a motion they know will not pass, just to score political points. It's frankly shameful. Whilst they play political games, we'll get on with running the country.
A.W. Dayton Highland
Secretary of State for Education and Future Skills
Member of Parliament for Ayr (1992 - present)
Madam Speaker

For all of its verbosity, the Honorable Lady’s stated justification for bringing this motion before the House is exceedingly vague. In the ultimate, her rationale boils down to the fact that she doesn’t like the way the government is running the country. Given that she sits on the opposite benches, that is hardly a surprise; however, it does not represent reasonable grounds for a substantive and meaningful motion of no confidence.

As my Right Honorable Friend, the Member for Ayr, has stated, the present administration was elected with a majority, which it has retained to this day. It is patently obvious that the government continues to enjoy the support of this House - but the Honorable Lady is nevertheless determined to test its views. That is her right. However, her motives should be questioned.

In reality this motion is little more than an act of political grandstanding: the latest in a long line from a party desperately seeking the limelight. And in having made this House her stage for a short interval of time the Honorable Lady has launched into a histrionic performance spewing forth a veritable cacophony of negative adjectives about both the government and the official opposition.

While the dramatics are entertaining, they are not constructive. The Honorable Lady is merely wasting the time of this House on motions she knows will not pass. She is proving that the Liberal Democrats are not to be taken seriously.
Mrs. Margo Leadbetter
Home Secretary and Secretary of State for DEFRA
Conservative MP for Surbiton
Madam Speaker,

This motion is a complete and utter waste of the time of this House. 

The reasoning that the member has bought this motion of no confidence in the government forward - because “Cabinet Secretaries” refuse to answer questions. I mean naturally Madam Speaker, if the Liberal Democrats are asking the Cabinet Secretary questions I highly doubt the civil service would answer them.

So put that to one side for a moment because Cabinet Ministers are answering questions, it’s just the member doesn’t like the answers!. She says that the Conservatives have absolutely no idea what to do with the country, yet we have put almost 40% increase in spending into our transport infrastructure, building roads and highways and providing more trains and we have also invested a significant amount into our NHS and into our emergency services. This Conservative Government is acting responsibly and we are also investing in our future. A vote for this no confidence in the government would mean the British People would lose out on this budget, a budget which has seen markets rally and has been popular with the British people. 

This Liberal Democrat motion is an absolute utter farce, it’s a complete waste of time and I haven’t heard a single member support it yet with the exception of the member who lives in a bubble.
Madam Speaker,

Though we have little faith in this motion passing, and motions that have no chance of passing do ultimately amount to a waste of this House's time, this government's recent budget exposes a government not at all committed to fiscal responsibility or sustainability. The Prime Minister and Chancellor have had their first major test, and they've failed.

To that extent, we will be supporting this motion today. Should it fail, we'll be making sure to be building bridges instead of playing games - attempting to pass policies we believe can improve the lives of Britons and maintain the support of the House. We encourage the same from the Liberal Democrats.
Labour - Liverpool Riverside.
Shadow Chancellor
Madam Speaker,

I rise to support the remarks just delivered by my Right Honorable Friend. Certainly, this motion is more theatrical than practical. But since the question is staring me in the face, what alternative do I have but to vote in favor? The party opposite displayed a miserly attitude towards the truth in its last election campaign, and in all of the discussions around the Value Added Tax. When it comes to tax, over and over again this Government choose to burden the least well off and try to hide their actions by rhetorical tricks and allowing inflation to push people into higher tax payments. They do not know whether they are coming or going concerning a minimum wage. They have certainly been more occupied with silly little intrigues among its front bench members than in running the country.

Finally, the Government's conduct of foreign policy has been erratic, and deceptive when called to account. They have embarassed this country and have harmed her standing in the world. It is certainly time for them to go. So I will vote Aye on this motion.
Max Power, Labour
MP for Oxford East (1987-present)
Shadow Foreign Secretary (1994-present)
Madam Speaker,

I rise today to personally speak to the motion before us. First let me say to the right honourable lady, the Leader of the Liberal Democrats: there are certainly bigger priorities that we could be addressing. We could be fighting for a minimum wage for all workers. We could be working for a freedom of information act, to the hold the government to account. We could be working on education reform, raising standards to build future success. I am realistic. I do not expect the government to lose this vote. Nor do I believe that mid parliament leadership changes should always have a new election. This body has never done that. For over one hundred years, our country has been led by either Labour, Liberals, or Conservatives. We have all benefited from that practice. I do not think it is right to fight over the confidence of this house based on that reasoning.

However, that does not mean that I have confidence in this government. If I may be so bold, I respected the former Prime Minister, now the Foreign Secretary. He and I disagree on most policies. We would do things differently. That does not make him a bad man. In fact, when he was serving as Prime Minister, and the nation was under a clear threat; he did the honourable thing and kept me informed. Not because he had to. Not because he believed that we were going to attack him, but because there are times that the good of the country means working together.

But we do not have him anymore. Instead what we have is double speak and hypocrisy. What we have now is secrecy. I have asked Conservative front benchers
countless times if there was a credible threat prior to us sending naval forces, we can't get a straight answer. We asked why there was no use of the forces at Mt. Pleasant, can't get a straight answer. Stonewalling isn't leadership. It's not courageous conservatism; it's cowardly conservatism.

Regardless if it's a naval stunt without a threat or doubling road maintenance, this government doesn't have policies. They are reacting, not leading. There is no vision left in Government. They speak more of the past, we hear it all the time. "Sixteen years! Sixteen years!" They are so busy looking backward to the past, they are passing up their ability to lead into the future. They speak of their long record. We know this motion won't go through. But they should have the confidence to call a general election. If the people support them, they have nothing to fear and nothing to lose. This government is in it's infancy and are showing clearly that their focus is on surviving an election, not leading. The Prime Minister in his budget response is focused on an election, not leading. If they are so focused on one, call one. Be a man, not a mouse. They are distracted Madam Speaker. They aren't leading, they're reacting. For those reasons, I have no confidence in this government.
Madam Speaker,

I rise again to dispute the account of the woeful leader of the opposition.

He talks about stonewalling yet the government has been answering questions, he just doesn’t like the answers. This is a man who is so incompetent he made up his budget response as he went along, without even bothering to mention what labour would do until his shadow chancellor had to tell him.

This is a government that is setting the agenda, ensuring Britons have more in their pocket and we have a country that has real investment, not 200 firefighters who are expected to support the fire service. 

This government is the only option to ensure sustainable economic growth and prosperity, a vote for  this vote of no confidence would deny the people the real investment this country needs and the support they need
Madam Speaker,

I responded to the budget that was up for debate because that was what was being debated. I know focus is hard for the government, but the Chancellor can do better than that

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