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MS: UK-Argentina Agreement
Madame Speaker,

I am pleased to announce to the House that the mission for naval escort of commercial vessels to the Falklands has been a successful one and completed. This has supported our commitment to the utilisation of the world’s natural resources for the benefit of consumers. I also stress that our nation remains committed to working in good faith with the Argentinian government despite recent obstacles and that our Foreign Secretary has worked to stress the importance of our cooperative relationship. An agreement has been made between our governments reaffirming this relationship, which in light of the completion of our naval escort mission will involve the de-escalation of tensions via naval forces in the region. The Argentinian government has agreed to withdraw the 2 destroyers shadowing our forces while we have agreed to return one naval escort vessel to the United Kingdom upon the arrival of the escorted commercial vessels and relocate the remaining two naval escort vessels to other sites in the South Atlantic. One of the remaining naval escort vessels will return to the United Kingdom no later than six months after the arrival of the escorted commercial vessels and the final naval escort no later than twelve months after. We and the Argentinian government have both agreed to take particular caution to prevent any instances of conflict or confusion and engage in communicating the whereabouts of their commercial and naval vessels at all times for no more than the next twelve months. Our two nations have also agree to a working group leading to the formation of a Commission to address the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbon and mineral resources in the South Pacific as part of enhancing the relationship between our countries.
Prime Minister John Kenneth Masters, MP for Torbay
Madam Speaker, can the Prime Minister answer two questions, very simply. Why we didn’t use resources already in the area and why we didn’t have these talks before tensions escalated?
Falkland as most of the people do not know this place as it is an Atlantic ocean that are located 300 miles away from island. Moreover study moose review tells you the occupation of the people that are living here.

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