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Press release: the freedom to shop
[Image: 19c0e58ebe13e962c997dfbd82006f5d-full.png]


Conservative MP Margo Leadbetter hosted a small gathering of retailers and shopkeepers as she announced her new legislative initiative to deregulate Sunday trading laws.
Speaking to the press, Mrs Leadbetter commented:
Not being able to pop to the supermarket on a Sunday has long been a source of annoyance for many people. Equally, there are some who would like to visit DIY stores or buy clothing on a Sunday. It is absurd that they cannot do so because the law prevents retailers from opening.
“The bill I have introduced to Parliament today seeks to change all that. It gives retailers the freedom to open, should they wish. This will allow shops to set trading patterns that best suit them and will also make our town and city centers more vibrant places on a Sunday. That should help provide at least a small boost to local economies.
In making these changes I have been conscious to protect the rights of existing employees by ensuring that no one currently employed will need to work on a Sunday if they do not wish to. However, equally, the legislation will benefit those who would like to work Sundays and earn extra for doing so.
This is a simple step that modernizes our laws and gives people and businesses more freedom to operate as they feel is best.
Mrs. Margo Leadbetter
Home Secretary and Secretary of State for DEFRA
Conservative MP for Surbiton
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