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Press Cycle 14 - Shadow Budget
What do you think of the Shadow Budget(s)?

Closes at 11:59pm on the 13th of October
If we had a labour government and this budget was delivered we would have the beginning of an ill-fated program of reckless spending and economic mismanagement. Homeowners would be suffering the strain, the emergency services would be understaffed and Labour would be taking more money in fuel duty from your pocket.  The last time they were in charge of the economy they had to resort to an IMF bailout.

The British people and the country, would be Worse off with ward
Hearing the Chancellor's critique of our budget I'd be mistaken for thinking he was reading his own. Labour doesn't throw 100 million or 300million at prisons and roads that didn't even request that funding - and as a result spending as a percentage of GDP goes down while we still invest in crucial public services. 

Labour has kept its values at heart, promoting social justice and investment in public services. But we do so while proving we'll support investment, enterprise, sustainability and fiscal responsibility in this budget. The Chancellor could learn a thing or two.
Labour - Liverpool Riverside.
Shadow Chancellor
Labour's proposed budget is unashamedly pro business, setting forward a path for businesses and enterprises to grow and prosper. We cut corporation tax for small businesses at double the rate of the Conservative Party and crucially start the process of lowering national insurance for employers, giving all businesses a tax cut and encouraging businesses to hire more workers and get unemployment down.

We don't just reduce the tax burden for businesses and give them room to grow: we ensure that this change will benefit those who need a strong, enterprise friendly job market the most - working Britons. I'm extremely proud of the alternative we have set forward.
Labour - Liverpool Riverside.
Shadow Chancellor
The Liberal Democrats have criticised the government for raising interest rates, despite this government consulting with the Bank of England. The Leader of the Liberal Democrats has indicated that she is more qualified to make interest rate decisions than the Bank of England. This self-righteous belief is why they cannot be allowed anywhere near Government.
Of all the budget proposals presented, Labour's shadow budget promises the lowest tax alternative - a contrast from the Tories who have slapped around £1000 per person in taxes since 1992. We are the only party who have outlined how we would affordably cut VAT, making goods cheaper for every Briton and encouraging sustainable growth in the process. Only Labour are offering an economically sustainable budget that keeps goods cheap for every Briton, lets you keep more of your pay packet and invests in public services while reducing the deficit.
Labour - Liverpool Riverside.
Shadow Chancellor
The Labour party budgets lowers the overall tax burden for those who need the money the most. The Labour party now has a sensible economic plan to go along with it's social justice message. The Labour party's budget cuts the regressive VAT, as promised. Only Labour can be trusted to keeps it's economic promises. The Conservative Party has shown time and time again they will betray the voters when it comes time for the voters. The Labour party is now the party of fiscal responsibility while still maintaining it's traditions of helping out the everyday Briton.
MP from Aberavon (1992-Present)
The Liberal Democrat shadow budget is an exercise in profligacy. In monetary terms, it adds to the deficit, pushes up the national debt more than other parties are proposing and consequently results in much higher interest payments. 

The Liberal Democrats have shown themselves to be a party incapable of producing a balanced budget. Their proposals simply result in more and more of taxpayers' money being spent on debt servicing. That's not a sustainable plan for Britain. It is not a wise way to spend our hard-earned cash. 

This is a bad budget proposal from an economically illiterate party.
Mrs. Margo Leadbetter
Home Secretary and Secretary of State for DEFRA
Conservative MP for Surbiton
In this Shadow Budget we've made it absolutely clear that we're prepared to make tough choices and clear the deficit today so we can properly invest in public services tomorrow. 

But while we've made tough choices, we're also confident we've made the right choices. The Prime Minister happily defends investing hundreds of millions in his office, his old office in the Foreign Office and in the Chancellor's office. He's avoided having to make tough choices and cutting back in Whitehall and has passed that decision onto pensioners in the form of VAT hikes. It's immoral and unfair, and Labour have made it clear that tightening the belt starts at home in this budget.
Labour - Liverpool Riverside.
Shadow Chancellor
Liberal Democrats offer the most pro business and pro people budget of all. We are cutting corporation tax by 4 percent which is double of Labour's tax cut and quadruple of the Tory tax cut. We are investing 1 billion pounds extra into small business finance loans so that we can create and foster an environment of prosperity and entrepreneurship. We also recognise that with our slow recovery is in a delicate balance, the Tory budget with it's lack of investment, interest rate hike, disinterest in our small businesses endanger our slow recovery and take us back to the recession that they have created. As Liberal Democrats, we will jump start our country with investment and lead the path to prosperity with smart investments and budgeting. 

As Liberal Democrats, we are the only party that is offering across board pay, benefit and pension increases and we offer these increases at the same amount, 2.5 percent. Investing in our country means that investing in its people and help them when they are in need of help. Tories disingenuously gut our unemployment benefits in real terms and with so much unemployment in our country, that is just a cruel move, Tories play games with our pensions and public worker wages, pitting them against each other and weaken it. When our benefit seekers, pensioners and public workers are united we rise as a country and when we are divided we fall together as a country. Only Liberal Democrats offer real increases to our pensioners, public workers and benefit seekers, and only Liberal Democrats offer solidarity and togetherness within.
Noémie Suchet MP

Member of Parliament for Bath

LibDem Leader

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