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Press Cycle 18 - The IRA
What do you make of all the crazy developments? What should be done?

Deadline is 23:59 on the 20th of October.
I utterly condemn this barbaric attack on innocent men and women – people who were working in the service of their country. My immediate thoughts are with those who are injured, and my deepest sympathies go out to all those who have lost loved ones.

There is never any excuse for terrorism. Differences should always be settled by debate and the ballot box, not by the detonation of a bomb.

As has been made clear to the IRA time and time again, terrorism does not pay. It will not force any government into making concessions and it does nothing to further their cause.

In the immediate aftermath of this atrocity, security at government buildings must be stepped up as a matter of urgency. There must also be a full investigation into how this device was exploded so close to a sensitive location.

However, for the moment, my support goes to the emergency services dealing with this event; I thank them for their service and bravery.
Mrs. Margo Leadbetter
Home Secretary and Secretary of State for DEFRA
Conservative MP for Surbiton
The attacks that have occurred are a tragic affront to the desire for peace that many have across this country and indeed Northern Ireland as well. The failed attack coupled with the barbarism of the attack on the Home Office show the determination of a foe which has turned away from peace and instead has turned to the kind of failed tactics of the last period of troubles. Make no mistake our military is vigilant as are our emergency services and they stand at the ready to defend this country just as they did when we faced the threats of the Second World War. The people of this country will not be held hostage by the tactics of the IRA. News reports have confirmed that I am headed to Northern  Ireland. These reports are true. During the Falklands conflict I served as a general in Her Majesty’s Army. And now as Minister of Defence I stand in solidarity with the troops deployed throughout Northern Ireland. God save the Queen, our troops and our country.
Defence, Energy, Trade Secretary 1994-
 Westminster North
Today is not the day for politics or pandering. Today is a day of grief and unity. What ever differences we may have, there are moments and instances beyond Tory and Labour. There are moments beyond left and right. As I said when I became Leader, we seek for a lasting peace in Northern Ireland. We will never achieve this through violence or terrorism. Violence will always conceive violence. My prayers are with families of the slain, and certainly with the Home Secretary at this time
I am absolutely horrified by today's events. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this senseless and brutal attack, and the emergency services who are facing so much on our behalf in the line of duty. And yet, I find myself wishing and praying for more. I pray that across Britain and Ireland, we will find the courage, conviction and perseverance not to allow the IRA to undermine the opportunity we have for peace and set the clock back to the Troubles. That should be our main aim in the days to come: to keep going on the road to peace and to turn this black page in our history once and for all.
Emily Greenwood MP | Labour MP for Workington (1992-present)
Shadow SoS for Education and Employment, Health and Social Security (1994-present)
This is a senseless attack on our country and I condemn it in strongest terms, I wish those who injured my best wishes. Today, in London we have felt a bit of what has been going on in Northern Ireland for decades and it reminds us that why we should strive for peace and stability. We call for caution and cold headedness for the path forward, people of Northern Ireland have felt this violence every single day of their lives and they continue to live through it. We can not and must not act with haste and anger because it will only make the situation worse for everyone involved, especially those who have to suffer the consequences in Northern Ireland, every single day, people of Northern Ireland, our security and emergency services. We must not use heated rhetoric in times like this where it will make the situation worse. Maturity, caution, and stability those are what we should strive for and do.
Noémie Suchet MP

Member of Parliament for Bath

LibDem Leader
Clutching very unsteady to a crutches, bruised and battered, the Home Secretary made this announcement to the press.

I would like to thank all of those who have wished me well, in what has been a rather terrifying time for myself personally. I most likely will bear the scars of today for a very long time, if not for the rest of my life. I would like to offer my thoughts and prayers to all those effected who are either fighting for their lives, or recovering, and I would like to offer my condolences to all those who have lost loved ones today.

This is not a political issue, but it is a very serious issue, which if handled incorrectly, could derail the possibility of peace. This wasn't just another IRA bomb, this was an attack by the IRA after a change in leadership, when a ceasefire should have been in place, as we were about to hold talks with various parties on the issue of peace. 

This is very serious indeed, and to avoid this happening again, perhaps on a larger scale, we need to be level-headed and united. We must not go down the road of knee-jerk reactions or nationalistic flag waving - the peace talks must go ahead in a diplomatic manner.

We cannot allow our emotions to run high, and I am certainly not going to do so, either as Home Secretary or personally.

Personally, I forgive those who have tried to kill me today, as a Christian, I am not going to allow myself to be angry, or hateful - as I have said we must be level-headed, because if we are not, more and more people can die.
The Home Secretary shows great generosity of spirit in forgiving those who caused him harm.

That someone who been exposed to so much pain and hurt can absolve those who sinned against him is an example to us all. It is exactly the attitude which will allow peace talks and the peace process to proceed among all those of goodwill.
Mrs. Margo Leadbetter
Home Secretary and Secretary of State for DEFRA
Conservative MP for Surbiton
I would like to pay tribute to the strength of the Home Secretary, remaining calm, brave and strong. The embodiment of how Britain as a whole must behave. I utterly Condemn the awful attack and my thoughts are with the affected people and their families.

These terrorist cause  senseless acts of violence but we must follow suit of the Home Secretary and remain strong. He has been a role model with his behaviour and we must use the same demeanour and unite and show that no matter what these terrorists do, the can never destroy our spirit.

Now what we must do is investigate and bring the wrongdoers to justice. But we must still deliver on their right to a fair trial. If the Home Secretary can forgive them then so can we. But they must also face punishment for the atrocity they committed.
I am shocked and sickened at today's events, and at the loss of 12 innocent lives in a barbaric attack not just on our institutions, but the dedicated ministers, aides and civil servants who came to work today to do their duty, free from harm. I pay tribute especially to my friend the Home Secretary, who, coming to speak to the press after being involved in today's attacks, expressed nothing less than utmost courage. The sentiment that he shared is one that I believe in too: we must not give in to hate, we must not give in to anger; we must now continue in the way of peace and diplomacy. Violence and anger only begets violence and anger, we must not allow these to compromise our mission of peace.

I do, however, have a message for those who seek to divide us and bring terror to our shores: we will not be cowed. We will not let you divide us, we will continue to work towards peace in Northern Ireland, and I am confident that we will prevail. The old saying is wrong: political power does not come from the barrel of a gun, rather it comes from the people, who are appalled at what has happened here today. We will not be intimidated, and we will continue to govern.
A.W. Dayton Highland
Secretary of State for Education and Future Skills
Member of Parliament for Ayr (1992 - present)

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