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Resignation Speech
It has been the pleasure of my life to serve both in the military and now in public service as a member of parliament. Throughout my life I have been inspired by those who have voluntarily taken and worn the uniform of our country and the commitment it represents to our values of freedom and our western way of life. The attack on our home office was an attack on our sovereignty, our right to a safe life and most importantly our values of freedom and democracy. You see I fundamentally believe that our nation must show strength continually whether it be protecting the lives of those living abroad or those who seek to live safely at home. This government unfortunately does not share the same commitment in protecting the public at all costs or at the very least the same vision. The job of Prime Minister is significantly difficult and requires a tremendous time commitment something that should be taken seriously. Unfortunately I have begun to see backbench concerns about the activity of both prime minister and deputy prime minister validated. But this pales to the lack of trust the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister have for cabinet ministers and their ability to perform their duties. The second glance policy requiring the sign off of all orders to personnel under a portfolio hampered our response to the home office attacks and directly affected the way in which the military was able to respond in the immediate aftermath. This government must come to the point in which it can trust the individuals they have placed into positions of authority, if trust cannot be given than individuals should be removed from their post rather than continuing on almost as an empty suit. 

Our nation deserves our best. But to accomplish our best our Prime Minister must be present and active on a daily basis and must trust the decision making abilities of each member under the obligations of collective responsibility. But most of all we must show greater trust in the brave individuals who make up our Armed Forces. Our decision to send vessels to the Falklands to ensure the security of the commercial vessels operating there was the correct decision because of the way in which Argentina aggressively disputes the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands. Yet the decision of the Prime Minister to allow negotiations to use our military as bargaining chips to appease the anger of the Argentines was the wrong decision. Our military serve to protect our safety and our sovereignty. Standing down in the Falklands and sending our vessels to other locations was the wrong move and the wrong decision. Our vessels should have remained in place until the end of commercial exploration operations and should have remained as a symbol of our commitment to sovereignty and protection of our vital national interests.

Moreover in the aftermath of our decision to dither in the aftermath of the home office attacks rather than allowing the military in Northern Ireland to increase security around vital public areas projected a message of weakness. Just as the government’s decision to go to peace talks as a default position in the aftermath of attacks also projects weakness. I was born in a different era when the sun was only starting to set on our British empire. But I was raised with the knowledge that we in government have a responsibility to secure the peace. Thatcher did not use talks alone but instead used a mixed approach of strong tactics against the IRA in addition to peace talks.

 Our response should be to see a dismantlement of the military wing of the IRA as a prerequisite to any resumption of talks. Our commitment to peace in this instance must be underlined by our commitment to law and order and our commitment to the security of our nation. During my time as a general in Her Majestys Army I can tell you we did not engage in shameful dithering during the Falklands Conflict nor did we do such behaviour during any other conflict. We must fall back on strength when we are attacked! We must be engaged and ready to move forwards with the optimism tempered by the reality of what we face. The IRA in deposing the leadership interested in peace demonstrated their commitment to violence. 

It is my hope this government will change course but unfortunately at this time it is not possible for me to continue in any capacity in government service so long as the policy of this government remains to be inactivity and frankly a dithering caution that has potential to cause a tremendous cost in future loss of life and personal freedoms enjoyed in this country.

May God Save the Queen, our troops and this country.
Defence, Energy, Trade Secretary 1994-
 Westminster North
OOC: you need permission to post a speech from the a team first and an audience, unless you are talking to a brick wall
Ooc: Wrong.
Defence, Energy, Trade Secretary 1994-
 Westminster North
OOC: if you say so
(10-16-2019, 02:36 PM)Philipp Coburg Wrote: Ooc: Wrong.

Actually Dan is very much right, you do need permission to post a speech.
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