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Press Cycle 21: The Chancellor's Debate
If the chancellor’s debate shows anything, it shows that the Labour Party is the only party that can be trusted with the UK economy. Labours plans showed that we are the party that doesn’t spend over the top and spends smartly where needed.

The Labour representative in the debate (Diana Edwards) behaved with maturity and, rather than go and attack the other parties’ budget constantly, explained why Labours budget was superior with well reasoned arguments as well as bringing up weak points in the others.

Overall Labour showed why we are the mature party to take this country into the future with sensible spending a chancellor that could be trusted with the nations money and invest sensibly for the national interest unlike the governing Tories and the LibDems.
Nathon Cowley
Labour MP for Liverpool West Derby (1992-)
Labour Chief Whip (1995-)
Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and the Environment (1995-)
Diane was Consistently strong across a range of issues, unruffled by opposition's attacks,she spoke eloquently about our shared vision for the future , She was more emotionally authentic and accessible than any other Person. She gets to the heart of things, She addressed all the concerns shown towards her  and   further  proved that a Labour  government  would be fiscally responsible and not send our country down a recession like  conservatives have done in the past, she did an Amazing job during  the chancellors debate which in my opinion indicates her professionalism and competence.
I think this debate wasn't just about who you could trust on the economy - it was about who you could trust full stop. I know for a fact I was the only one on the debating stage being honest and forthright about what Labour's plans would entail: the Conservatives outright lied about Labour's plans for road taxes, and the Liberals wanted to avoid what their plans would to the nation's deficit. I was not going to take the British people for fools - and to that end I was honest about what Labour's plans meant for the public and what sacrifices were going to have to be made.

The Conservatives talked about 'holes' in Labour's plan... but what they're referring to is an honest analysis of what sacrifices will have to be made for the long term health of our economy and public services. I made it clear both of the other parties' plans were holes in themselves - black holes of debt, inflation and boom and bust economics the British public have grown weary of.
Labour - Liverpool Riverside.
Shadow Chancellor
Diane was absolutely fabulous. She kept her head up, stayed above the fray while the other two parties sniped at each other. She was truly the soaring eagle on stage and I wouldn't want anyone else highlighting Labour's policy
What disheartened me throughout the debate was the immaturity of the two other parties. Both parties were consistently squabbling with each other over inconsequential issues and trying to push each other to different extremes. 

Only I can be trusted to present a grown up, sensible and nuanced politics: while the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats squabble over the benefits of punishment and rehabilitation I'll make it clear both have a place in our justice system. While the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats argue over whether we need a cruel welfare system or a complacent one I'll make it clear we need to be hard on welfare and on its causes too. While the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats argue over whether we have a lot of debt or mountains of debt I'll make it clear we have to make sensible decisions with taxing and spending to go into the millennium clearing our debts. That is the essence of Labour's economic vision.
Labour - Liverpool Riverside.
Shadow Chancellor
Through this debate I made it clear that I understood the desperation so many people watching felt. But I am not going to do a disservice for the most vulnerable by giving them cheap tricks that will burn them down the road.

Only Labour is offering a sustainable budget which clears the deficit, cuts taxes for the majority of working people and invests sustainably in public services. That ensures we build hospitals today, but have the fiscal room to do it in five years too. Short term solutions help nobody - and it's the most vulnerable who will suffer first.
Labour - Liverpool Riverside.
Shadow Chancellor
If there is one thing I disapprove of more than spamming it is a late "just before the deadline" spam, it is poor form of the highest order and whilst I won't punish it this marking you have all been put on notice.

Where are my Lib Dems at? The Tories laid into you from the right in this cycle and you offered nothing in response, you are going to start seriously haemorrhaging from the right flank if you don't start to get out in front on some of these issues.

Now that that's out of the way I'm going to give this a slight Tory win rating because I think some of their criticisms worked better and because the Labour message got a little bit jumbled at one point. Message discipline is key people. There were good interjections from people like Sackville-Bagg, Highland, and of course Leadbetter on the Tory side whilst Amelia Lockhart spoke well in defence of Edwards. Ward clearly missed the memo on being the grown-ups in the room with a small quip which just detracted from the overall efficacy of the message a touch giving the Tories the space to pull out a slight win but the Edwards race to the line, poor form as it was, was effective in a World where I am not yet punishing such tactics. Labour are building her up as something special and the party, public, and media are buying what you're selling. Edwards is one of the most popular politicians in the country and seen by many as leader-in-waiting.

XP for Lockhart
XP for Sackville-Bagg
XP for Leadbetter

No XP for Edwards because I have to find some way to disincentivise late races to the line if I'm not going to hurt the party just yet.

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