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Press Cycle 22: Independent Inquiry
Does there need to be an independent inquiry? If yes how broad an inquiry is required?

Answers on a postcard by 23:59 on the 1st of November (Time extended by A-Team)
The sad story of Philipp Coburg makes it absolutely clear why we need a strong Opposition scrutinising the government and its actions. We now know for certain that without any advice prior and without consulting with any of our allies, he wasted millions of pounds in taxpayers money, almost sparked another conflict and reduced Britain's global standing.

That is bad enough - what is worse is that this government defended him and stonewalled reasonable questions from the Opposition at every step. We need to know for sure if they misled the House and we need to get to the bottom of what Coburg had done in government and the damage it has caused. That is the least the British public deserve.
Labour - Liverpool Riverside.
Shadow Chancellor
By hiding from an inquiry, the Prime Minister is showing that he can by no means be trusted. He has even come so low to say that questions about his transparency are above his pay grade. The people of this country deserve answers and a government that is accountable to the electorate, not afraid of them. If he has nothing to hide, an inquiry will only confirm it.
Almost every single Minister has been questioned about an independent inquiry and have stonewalled opposition members scrutinising the government on their constituent's behalf in the process. Where they once defended Coburg, they now want to avoid the subject altogether. The government has finally admitted that it was acting with no advice or clear rationale - but that no wrongdoing had been conducted and we should trust them just because.

If the government is so confident in its own actions, it would be open to scrutiny an inquiry would bring, but we know that Ministers are running scared.
Labour - Liverpool Riverside.
Shadow Chancellor
The government has been entirely clear from the start, there is absolutely no need for an independent inquiry when the government has already provided details through questions in the house and ministerial statements. An independent inquiry would bring nothing to the table. 

Whilst the opposition cry foul , this government will continue to deliver on its ambitious agenda , an opportunity for all. The opposition are quite happy to stand in the way and deny the people of this country strong public services and a strong economy. 
Sir Harold Saxon MP

Acting Prime Minister

Chancellor of the Exchequer (1994 - )
MP for Aylesbury
The Prime Minister has shown time and again that his party cannot be trusted to be honest with the electorate. He is shirking transparency. He is a Conservative coward, not a capable leader.
I am, quite frankly, angry at the Prime Minister, whose response so far has been to tell Parliament and the people to "move along, nothing to see here". The reliability and integrity of the government is a sacred trust that is compromised by the questions raised. We were told there were reasons to send troops to the Falklands. People could have died! So here's the question the Prime Minister needs to answer: how can people still trust you if your government has lied to the house about matters of war? If he has any moral decency, then he will reassure people instead of sacrificing the trust of people in politics as a whole to try and avoid scrutiny of his party's machinations in government.
Emily Greenwood MP | Labour MP for Workington (1992-present)
Shadow SoS for Education and Employment, Health and Social Security (1994-present)
The Prime Minister with his most disingenuous lines and answers deflects our questions just like he and his then boss did when we questioned them about Falklands operation and what was the initial threat that led to it. We have found out that there was no threat at all. Just a guy who gained power first time in his life and wanting use it. Philip Coburg led this country on brink of war and this happened because of his whims and then Prime Minister Masters, Chancellor and Deputy Prime Minister Saxon allowed him to do this, instead of firing him on the spot. They covered up his mess and attacked the opposition and questioned our patriotism. Now that the cat is out of the bag they choose to cover up the cover up and adopt disingenuous lines. Once again this government has proven that they shouldn’t be trusted. That is why we need to have an independent inquiry because British taxpayers deserves to know the truth.
Noémie Suchet MP

Member of Parliament for Bath

LibDem Leader
The Prime Minister shouldn’t be scared of transparency as he is responsible for the country and is in the public eye constantly, yet he doesn’t want an Inquiry to prove if there was anything wrong. If it was fine then why avoid it. Surely something must have gone on that the Prime Minister doesn’t want us to know. But it might not be a direct link to the subject of the inquiry, we need a broad inquiry to find anything the government may be trying to hide. The Prime Minister cannot be trusted unless he lets an inquiry take place. A Labour government would want to be scrutinised because we wouldn’t do anything wrong  but the PM has refused to be held accountable to anyone. I’m sure the Tories will be regretting it in the next election when a Labour government that works for the people is elected to fight for the people’s rights and take this country in the right direction.
Nathon Cowley
Labour MP for Liverpool West Derby (1992-)
Labour Chief Whip (1995-)
Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and the Environment (1995-)
Given the number of substantive contributions to this presser from all parties after the previously announced closing time, the a-team have agreed to extend the deadline for submissions to November 1st at 11:59 GMT.

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