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James Black [Con]
Avatar: Steve Coogan
Constituency: Great Yarmouth

Age: 46 [0 points]
Race/Ethnicity: White/Caucasian [0 points]
GenderMale [0 points]
Sexuality: Heterosexual [0 points]
Religion: Agnostic/non-practicing Anglican [1 points]
Family: Married with ≤3 children [0 points]
Class: Born to upper class family [5 points]
Secondary Education: Private School [3 points]
Higher Education: Bachelor’s Degree (Ba/Bsc ect) [0 points]
Master’s Degree (Ma) [4 points] (Requires Bachelor’s)
University: Cambridge/Oxford (Oxbridge) or LSE [5 points]
Civilian Careers: Lawyer [5 points]
Westminster: Member of Parliament [0 points] 
Millionaire [20 points]
43 points used.

James Black was born 26 July 1948 to Commodore Richard and Mrs. Lisa Black in Blackpool. He graduated from the boys school in 1966 and then went on to attend Cambridge where he studied law. He graduated with an LLM from Faculty of Law at Cambridge in 1971. After graduation, he was hired by Linklaters in London where he practiced corporate law. In 1986 when he was inspired to stand for Parliament being inspired after meeting with Mrs. Thatcher at a Conservative Party fundraiser. He was elected to be the MP for Great Yarmouth in the 1987 election. He is married to his wife Carol and they have two children, Robert and Mark.
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