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Dr Lucy Robert
Dr Lucy Robert
[Image: L2pcYxN.jpg]
Emma Brockes
Party: Conservative
Constituency: Canterbury
Age: 42 (b. Jan 1953)
Ethnicity: White British 
Gender: Female [20p]
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Religion: Jewish [2p]
Family: Married to Samuel Zitofsky, with one daughter - Leah
Class: Middle Class
Secondary Education: Grammar School [3p]
Higher Education: BA International Relations with Economics, LSE; MA International Development, SOAS; PhD Anthropology, Sorbonne [8p]

Malian Correspondent, BBC World, 1982-1984 [5p]
West African Correspondent, BBC, 1984-1986 [5p]
CEO, West African Micro Financing Fund (WAMFF); 1985-1992 [10p]
Professor, Anthropology and Development, University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa); 1988-1991 [15p]
Member of Parliament, Canterbury constituency; 1992-Present

Total Points: 68/80
Written up bio to come.
(It's Ben, by the way)
Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!
Max Power, Labour
MP for Oxford East (1987-present)
Shadow Foreign Secretary (1994-present)

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