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MoD Press Release: Pacific War Games

Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States are together participating in a series of naval manoeuvres in the Pacific Ocean.

The 'war games,' to which Britain is committing HMS Illustrious and a number of frigates and destroyers, will take place over the course of the next three weeks, and mark the most significant joint military operation between the AUSCANZUKUS allies in recent years.

The United States have committed a carrier battle group to the exercises led by USS Theodore Roosevelt. Australia, Canada and New Zealand have committed smaller strategic assets.

HMS Illustrious and her escorts, HMS Boxer, Beaver, Battleaxe, Gloucester and York, complimented by a Sea Harrier Jump Jets, will participate in a series of drills aimed at testing the alliance's interoperability and operational readiness.

The Defence Secretary, Harriet Jones, said: 'In Europe and the North Atlantic, we have an established presence in NATO; in the pacific and particularly the South Pacific, there is a growing strategic interest with - as yet - no similar common defensive structure.'

'This exercise is aimed at increasing the bounds of AUSCANZUKUS military cooperation, and testing our ability to rapidly deploy in unison.;'
Not much to say here, it's a nice little feelgood story and people like to see Ministers doing their jobs. Not sure it's really XP worthy though and it probably should have merited a Ministerial Statement on balance.

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